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Me and my best friend Derek got to the park around 9:30, which is exactly what I had planned, so I was quite pleased. Left the house around 7:30, hit a little traffic in Providence but besides that it was all good, 5 above speed limit whole way. The lot had like 3 rows of cars so I got a really good spot, and I saw AT LEAST 12 parking attendants, very well staffed. Very good sign already, we took the tram up and no lines at all to get in and we got all the way to the plaza near gazebo when Derek reminded me about the coupon books, so back up we went to get the booklets.

Rope dropping was around 10:03 and they said don’t run but everyone booked it in all directions. Closed rides on the list in the entrance area were Mind Eraser, CATAPULT ("NEW" RIDE), and Twister I think, I’m not sure, but twister was open....

Anyway so we went down to the DC entrance where we were escorted by the justice league down to Superman, which opened with only the red train running, with the last car closed off and Blue train was on the transfer track all day, untouched.

We rode Superman a total of 3 times today, one in last seat, second seat, and the front seat was our last of the day around 5ish and we waited around 40 minutes. Average wait was around 25 minutes, with only the section under the tarp (which was missing) that’s connected to the station. At times the line extended under the newer canopy. First ride of the day, (third for guests) Was a bit slow, but the ride really picked up the other two times! 9.5/10....Also seems that anything dark blue, railings and walls on outside of station look to be repainted for this season. Didn’t see any breakdown on S:RoS today either...

After that we went to Scream, which had a 10 minute wait max all day, was running two towers (not hellovator), in combo mode! Line attendant kept yelling for no one to duck under, everyone had to go all the way through the line.... Ride was very fun though! 9/10

Next was Thunderbolt which we only went on once because my friend doesn’t like the ride operator because he looks like a Creepy Michael Moore, (Worked on T-bolt last year too). Anyway ride really needs some paint but was really fun and filled with air time! 8.5/10!

We then went to the South End and went on Batman, which we rode a total of two times today, both were 5 minute waits, line picked up to about 10-15 minutes max later on, which was very good, ran two trains all day with no problems. Seemed a little rough throughout but still fun as always!

Double Trouble seemed to break during the day both times I went to B:DK.

Colossus’s sign was being painted over today by some maintenance man. My friend yelled "I can still see it!" which was funny. The big patch of dirt looks really good.... not...

Now to one of two "new" rides, Splash Water Falls, Was open all day with no problems and we went on it twice, first time was early on and just the two of us and we didn’t get a drop on us, which is good as he didn’t want to get wet, we nearly walked on. Second time had a 20 minute wait which my neck was baking in the sun, that queue needs a cover. We rode with four other people and it barely spun and we got soaked on the bottom. First time with just me and him we spun like crazy and didn’t get a drop...But awesome ride and it looks great as does the whole area, which was repaved and landscaped nicely! With the Wheel gone, there is tons of room for several new rides... Ride itself is a great replacement for the, I hate to say boring log flume. I think every park should have one but Poland Springs Plunge was a bit dull... SWF Gets a 8.5/10

Rode Buzzsaw with its nice new paint, It must be hard to paint the whole ride to look like wood, looks great though, 7/10!

Twister, which had 4 lights in a row out on the back row, was running a pretty bad program, very boring....4/10.

Then we went to Crack Axle Canyon, Rode the Houdini which was finally OPEN!!! Very fun as always, and seems to have a few new things in the first room, a water tank that lights up and has special effects, and next to it a figure in a cage like structure. 8/10

Bumper Cars was next, Shortish cycle though, waited two cycles to ride, pretty fun though. 7/10

Flashback at times had a good 15 minute wait, and other times was a walk on.

Didn’t ride Tomahawk because my friend couldn’t stomach it today, but it with rodeo had a 1-2 cycle wait all day.... We went on the Skyride which was pretty fun, around 10 minute wait, 7/10.

The Cyclones line is awesome, with all the Six Flags woodies signs, I was so happily surprised by that, what a great touch! All the new paint has speckled the new fences in the queue. The painted station looks awesome, and now you can wait for what row you want, with a long line for the front! Ride itself was still rough, GP was amazed at how the track swayed a lot at one point of the ride. Trim Brakes weren’t really noticeable though, which is awesome! 8.5/10

Pandemonium had a huge line all day which I had no interest in waiting in so we skipped, as we did with Blizzard River which didn’t have much of a line all day but I’m pretty sure was open.

So I think that it for the rides we went on...Not all that many breakdowns today that I noticed. Park looks very clean and all employees were very friendly. They all kept saying happy 45th anniversary which was getting very annoying after a while.


Well got a "super slice" of Papa Johns pizza and it was pretty gross and over priced, Got it at the Riverboat café, and I have no intentions on getting pizza there again. Friend for a burger and said it was mediocre and over priced.

I told him we should have gotten the best deal in the park, turkey legs!!!

Also got a Gelati which is delicious, and not all that expensive at $5. Friend got some really good fried dough near Buzzsaw, and I got two bags of medium Kettle Corn, last two of the day! And they had no more large, but the two mediums are a lot of corn for me.

Issue with security, Morning Superman had a guard but he left shortly after, and my third ride this group of 5 teenagers were running through the line and one jumped a rail and bumped into a little kid and his father looked pretty upset and the teen apologized but then called his friend a "gay *****" right next to several little kids, and then they proceeded to smoke in the line. NOT FAMILY FRIENDLY...

Well all in all had a very fun day, four months without coasters was pretty bad. We both had a good time and hopefully the park can get Catapult open, had mechanics all around it today and even raised into the air but never actually ran, and they need to get that open, You can’t advertise a NEW RIDE if its always broken.

Well thanks for Reading my Trip Report!

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I was there today too. The Cyclone ran better than I can ever remember it running.

I was with a group of 12 today and we all had the comment of how annoying it was when the ride operators kept saying happy 45th anniversary. I found it particulary annoying on the Batman where it was said everytime a train entered or left the station. *** Edited 4/18/2006 1:45:25 AM UTC by GIGAFORCE01***

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MikeMir87 said:

The Cyclones line is awesome, with all the Six Flags woodies signs, I was so happily surprised by that, what a great touch!

Signs of other SF woodies? Do they have the stats and a brief description of the ride accompanied by a pic of the ride? Sounds like what they added to Wild One at SFA last year. If it's similar, than ya, I'll agree, it is a nice touch. (BTW, in the station for Wild One at SFA, they have a sign for Thunderbolt at SFNE... gives me lots of fond memories of my SFNE trip last year).

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