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Tuesday, May 21, 2002 7:13 AM

I went to SFNE for the first time this past weekend and was blown away! The cold rain kept the crowds away, even after the rain stopped around noon. The place was empty!

Superman was awesome! They only had one train running so that did have a wait of about 20 minutes - not bad. Compared to MForce this was a lot more fun - I even bought the $12 picture. I rode Superman 5 times.

Batman Dark Knight was okay. The zero gravity roll was awesome. The colors: dark purple and blue look great. The ride itself is somewhat similar to Bat Man at SFWA in Ohio and Medusa at SFGA.

I must say though that SFNE is a gorgeous park, with landscaping and theming throughout that make this park one of the best I have been to recently.

I also rode the Cyclone which basically scared the hell out of me! This is one tough coaster. You can see where the original drop used to be before the new re-profiling and all I can say because I have never been on it before is I cannot imagine how much worse it could be. This coaster rocks! And there was absolutely no line.

Other walk-ons were Poison Ivy, Thunderbolt, Flashback and yes I rode The Great Chase - why not?

Great park and great coasters at SFNE go now before the crowds get there.

Tuesday, May 21, 2002 11:21 AM

I was there Saturday as well. I was disappointed in the fact that they were only running one train on Batman. It was a consistent 20+min. wait. As long as a train wouldn't go out half-full, run two trains. This is a brand new ride, and people that braved the nasty weather should be rewarded for showing up. If you have the ability to run two trains, do it.

When did you ride the Great Chase? I went by about 5:30 and they were welding something on the lifthill. My daughter was unable to ride it on Saturday.

Jim Hansen
Number of coasters ridden: 138

Tuesday, May 28, 2002 12:06 PM

I rode Great Chase around 1 pm. My friend and I were the only ones on it and the ride operator could care less that we weren't 6 years old and/or had kids of our own. I was doing this strictly for science!

As for Batman I was there right when it opened so there wasn't a line, but running one train is ridiculous. That is why I like Cedar Point, they have all their trains running all the time.


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