SFNE 10/17...Some new things around the park!

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Well, the day was brisk but quite enjoyable. Spent a total of $40, and that includes a gold Q-bot along with 3 other friends. Got their @ 12 and left around 8:20ish.

First off new things and ride updates....

Chaos and Mind Eraser (teal train operating) were both open finally, SFNE brings the two rides back for the last 2 weeks, Good job!

And also the rumored new location for a ride near houdini, the que building was filled with holloween stuff and had its que rails removed so could be a new ride next year after all. Also some of the things from the haunted trail from last year that they dont have anymore is being used in the area 51 infront of Twister...awsome tunnel, very disorienting.

Also @ Big Bens they had a huge projection screen the size of the restaurant floor to ceiling playing the patriots game then other games.

Food: Ate @ Big Bens and awsome as always 9/10, it was awsome and filled with people watching the game.

Also got Kettle Korn and it was much better then i'd ever imagine, it was really awsome, gettin it everytime i go to the park for now on and its cheap!

STaff: EVeryone I encountered was nice and polite and very helpful when I asked questions 9/10

Haunted house/mazes

My favorite is probably going to have to be Terror vision with the haunted trail in a very near second followed by the HH trail, forget the name. Terrorvision with the 3D glasses was awsome, very scary and confusing with all the colors everywere and the clowns coming at you, very fun and lots of workers.
The Haunted trail had like a 2 hour wait but we had a Q-bot so we went right through and i give it an 8/10, could of used much more people but was very fun and great theming, and this is my first time to the picnic grove and WOW they have endless amount of space down there...can they build rides there???

And finally Nightmare Island, 8/10, the theming for the ride was amazing and i loved how they transformed everything...but they really lacked staff to scare you, but still it was really fun but kinda boring as it wasnt scary and we got right on but the line was massive.

Onto the park rides,

S:RoS 9.5/10 5 rides total including a back seat and a front row in the dark, which was my final ride for 2004, and what a way to end the year!! The station looked quite nice, seemed like it may have been painted, all my rides were on the red train oddly enough. Running great though and the ride was awsome, only complaint is no mist in tunnels, but then again it was brisk so I see why it was like that. The wait times ranged from 30 mins to only 10 later on, as everyone was @ the haunted houses.

Scream - First ride of the day and ridden when it was dark. 9/10, Very fun rides and upto 7 two towers running Combo mode and then went down to one tower and the line was very short, hence the one tower op.

Thunderbolt - rode twice, dark and day and the ride still has lots of air especially on the last hill and the line ranged from 5-15 minutes throughout the day. Love this ride! 8/10

Cyclone - Twice, and didnt even get hurt but it was VERY rough 8/10, really enjoyed the ride especially at night it was flying through the course with the first trim not engaging alot but the second one was rough, practically stopping the train, one train op by the way but after 6 it was a walk on and before 6 10 minutes tops.

Very impressed to see all the rides open (except water rides) Very happy with SFNE this year, great job in that department.

TiMe WaRp - Second time on the ride ever and still very fun 7/10, too bad it doesnt go longer, only went around like twice, still fun though but takes long to load. walk on all day

Open but didnt ride, route 66 (only ride i've never been on), Chaos, Double Trouble, Scrambler, Wave Swinger, Spyder, Kontiki, Buzzsaw, Bumper Cars, and Nightwing.

Collosus - 5 min wait and we ate our kettle korn while watching over the park, very cold 150 feet in the air though.

B:DK - Rode once, front row and very fun but rough in corkscrews 8/10. 15 min wait tops. Front row is great and very fast and that Zero G is awsome!!!

Mind Eraser - While on my first S:RoS ride i noticed Mind Eraser was open with like 20 people in line and i was suprised to see it open after hearing its been closed for a while. The teal train was operating and i used my little method and didnt hit my head once, very fun ride! 8/10 but the line was huge, over an hour long, i would never wait that long for the ride, i felt kinda bad going right ahead of all those people, but hey i paid for it!

I'm pretty sure thats it. I loved the parks theming for this time of the year and a huge chunk of the warehouse must be saved for all of these things because there is so much of it! The park was thriving with buisness and it was really fun. The shows looked cool and i watched the hypnotist show which was an hour long and it was very funny.

Well, thats my final trip to a theme park for the year and it couldnt of ended better, with an awsome ride on Superman, well thanks for reading and feel free to ask questions...


#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! M/M's top 10 coasters: 1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Boulder Dash 3. Montu 4. Yankee Cannonball 5. Kumba 6. Gwazi 7. Mind Eraser 8. Thunderbolt (SFNE) 9. Cyclone (SFNE) 10. B:DK

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