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Well just got back from SFNE..

First off bad stuff first.. let me tell you that Cyclone delivered what has to be the WORST ride Cyclone has EVER given since I first rode it in 1998..

Usually the trims don't ruin the coaster that badly..but SF turned them up so high today..that after the second one, (which almost made the train come to a complete stop) the train barely made it back to the station, Im not joking..it just crawled into the final dip with no punch left whatsoever, and without the harsh throws to the left.

On top of that, I have to say this is the roughest it has ever been in awhile, very tough to enjoy (and I usually love it's roughness..but this was too much), is there really a reason the first turnaroud with the small hills is so rough!? GEEZ, re track the freakin thing!

its like sqaure wheels are on the trains especially the section after the 4th and 5th drops.. *bouncBOUNCEN0UNCEBABABAOUNCE!!* I just sat there confused, since not only were we on straight track..but new track.

the trim before the half helix thing after the 4th drop made the train crawl over it, and that trim is usually hardly noticeable..very sad..

On the other hand..Superman was just a 5 minute wait most of the day, as was Batman, ThunderBolt (which today, provided a much MUCH better ride than Cyclone), Flashback, and Mind raser.

But thanks to Cyclones God awful fast past system a 5 minute wait turned into 15+.

Oh, Is it just me or is 3 dollars for a bottle of water ******* RIDICOULUS!?!


Anyway...ranting aside it was a pretty nice day with good weather and good crowds, but Cyclone really depressed me. No Punch, no Speed no nothing. It ran so much better last year (which was also kinda bad)..it's just getting worse instead of better.

to qoute Matrix Reloaded:

"We are getting aggrivated.. yes we are.."

About Hurricaine harbor, that Tornado waterslide looks insane, can't wait to try it.

As of now, everything looks nice, the wavepool is a great addition as our the new slides..and hey..it looks like they added a SUBWAY (Eat Fresh) Can't go wrong there.

Got my season pass card..I'll return when the rest of the waterpark opens..and hopefully..just hopefuly, Cyclone will be rideable...(keep dreamin Paul..)

Is S:RoS operating with 2 trains? And was everything else running, and what were the train number amount on the coasters...

#1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!! My top 7 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Montu 3. Yankee Cannonball 4. Kumba 5. Gwazi 6. Cyclone (SFNE) 7. B:DK

I was at the park Tuesday June 10, my first visit.

I entered the park at 11:30am and got in line for Superman. Big mistake as it was 1 train only at this point. While waiting they would switch to 2 trains and for the rest of the day after the 2 trains were going the ride was nearly a walkon. But my first ride was a one hour wait plus an extra 20 minutes for the front.

But it was worth it. You all are right, it's a really great coaster and later in the day I rode it a few more times and got to experience how great the back cars were. I definitely prefer back seat to the front seat, though I think everyone has to ride the front seat once to get the experience of seeing the drop going into that tunnel.

I loved Thunderbolt, but then again I love old violent wooden coasters. I rode the back seat 3x and loved it every time. There was maybe a 5 minute line every time.

The Flashback was a walkon all day. Violent crazy fun. I smashed my knee the second time on it in the backseat; ow. I limped off. Still, I think the back is more fun then the front on these type rides because the scariest part is that first slow lift up; and the back takes you the highest during that part.

I really enjoyed the Cyclone. It was about a 10 minute wait (with 1 train operating) the first time I rode it then a walkon later in the afternoon (still 1 train). I got a bit distracted my first ride as my seat belt came off while I was fiddling with it going up the lift hill. I was in the back seat and that is a MEAN ride. I held on that time; hehe.

The second time (with my seatbelt on) was much more enjoyable (again in the back seat; is there any other seat in a wood coaster?). It's a bummer to hear they reduced the first drop a few years ago, but I thought it was a really fun coaster. The brake the above poster mentions IS very noticeable, but it's at the very tail of the ride. I rode Boulder Dash at Lake Compounce the next day and 2 out of 3 rides it had a really strong brake on the turn before it goes into that final series of hills. That's like 30% of the ride that goes much slower. The Cyclone the brake only happened for (from what I remember) 1 turn and one small hill before it was over. After the Boulder Dash brakes it was like riding an old persons scenic ride on the second half. I'm just saying the Cyclone was pretty fun, especially as a first time rider.

Mind Eraser was running one train and was pretty much a 30-45 minute wait all day, even though the sign said 15. They were running one train and it was a bit frustrating waiting in line watching them sloowwwly load and unload that one train. I rode only once, checking the line all day to ride again but it stayed solid all day. A fairly disappointing ride considering the length I had to wait. I'm just not a fan of waiting 40 minutes for a 30 second ride (no, you won't see me on line for TTD when I'm at CP this summer!). It's a great looking ride though; and I enjoyed watching and photographing it all day.

Batman The Dark Night was about a 20-30 minute wait when I rode it later in the day. It was just a bit too quick for me as a floorless coaster, and I much preferred Medusa at SFGadv. There's just not much TOO either this one or Mind Eraser. You'll probably think I'm crazy but I actually prefer Flashback to Mind Eraser or Batman The Dark Night. I certainly preferred the 2 wood coasters to all 3 of those.

Scream was fun. They only operated one tower for most of the day, but I had learnt my lesson after Superman and kept my eye out for a second tower running before I would get in line. By later afternoon (3 or 4pm) they had a second tower running and I got on a 10 minute line. It was absolutely worth the 10 minute wait and I much prefer the experience of this ride compared to Cedar Point's Power Tower (the other tower ride like this I've ridden on).

It was a really fun day and I liked the park and will definitely return next year (on another day when I hope it's empty like this one). I can't imagine paying all that money for an busy day where you have to wait in line any longer though. But for me the parks' entrance fee was worth riding the thunderbolt, superman and cyclone multiple times.
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