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I'm so happy because now my step-mom has figured out if we get there on time we don't park 1.3 miles away from the entrance, so we got there @ 10 mins. past 10:00AM and we got to park on the paved section of the lot! It was such a short walk! Of course, since it was early there was a long entrance gate line. But it moved pretty quickly.

Once I got in the park, I bolted to S:RoS and came to see a wait that was not outside of the shaded queue section. That was a great sight. I quickly got in line and waited the front row. I decided not to take on-rides on it yet, because then I wouldn't get to put my hands up and experience ejector air. So, when I was next to get on the blue train flys into the brakes and the chain immediately shuts down. "Folks, Superman: Ride of Steel is currently down due to technical difficulties." He said it over and over... It was more annoying than the brake down because he just had one of those voices. Meanwhile, they had to open the lapbars and gates to let the ppl in the red train get out. About 2 mins. later, maitnence flew up in their 1987 Toyota Camry. Something strange to point out, two of the workers that showed up were still wearing Riverside shirts. Brought me back to the good ol' days of good capacity and no auto-spiels. Must've been laundry day. They went into the PLC shed and immediately figured out the problem and got it up again. But of course, they had to test each train once and we resumed as we were 10 mins. afore.

I got on the blue train (I was hoping for red cuz it is much faster) and we were off. I had a ****-load of room in between my lap and the lap bar. I actually found it less painful to staple your self. Here's why: the side friction wheels springs seem to be loose and the train shuffles a lot now. So if you don't staple yourself your butt is gonna be flyin' back in forth in the seat if you're skinny like me, and my legs were banging on either side bar. Along with Intamin's track transitioned designed to give you a little lateral feeling if the trains are on snug, since they weren't I was really feeling the lat's on all of my 7 rides that day. But it was ok, because S:RoS is my baby and she may just be punishing me for the whole month that I didn't ride her because of long lines.

After that I headed over the north side of the park and got on Flashback. I took on-ride photos and endored the headbanging. The line was on the stairs. I could've gotten right on but I waiting a ride to get the front row for the pics. After that I went on Cyclone. For about 2 mins., I was the only person in the station, waiting for the front row. In a little while enough ppl came in the station to fill up the train. It was very fun. I took tons of pics and as I'm writing this I have a soar neck because I couldn't brace myself cuz I was taking pics. I got off Cyclone in pain as usual.

Next up was Tomahawk, I love that ride. It gives you so much airtime. Next up was Mind Eraser. Took some more on-ride pics, almost snapped my neck in the process. I couldn't bear that B: DK line when I had waited on the stairs for almost all of my rides before it. I skipped it and headed back to S:RoS and found a line that was only in one half of the covered queue. So, I got in line and waited a very short wait, about 20 mins. for the second row, I was practically ectstatic.

After that I went to take some good pics for my site for an upcoming section of the site.... After that, I walked back to S:RoS to see the line ON THE STAIRS. I was in that line in a flash. Throughout that last hour and a half the line fluctuated from the bottom of the stairs to no line on the stairs! I managed to get 5 rides in and every one was great.

I got my 2002 count up to 13 yesterday and my all-time total up to 53. What a great trip. I may never get an opportunity like that again this year. It was now 2:05 and I had to leave, I am happy to announce that next time I will get to stay an hour longer because my sisters actually didn't want to leave because they finally discovered the water park. I can't wait til next Monday. I'll have another TR then and I will probably go on a photo taking frenzy for another 70 pic update. Oh yea, you can also see a Fastlane update on my site in the park news section of the main page. Enjoy!

~Alex- Webmaster/ http://www.sfne.zzn.com ; home of the biggest Six Flags New England Photo Gallery on the net!!!

7 rides on S:RoS before 2:05! OMG you are so lucky! I hope the lines are that short when I go next week.


S:RoS ( SFNE ) is #1!

Cool TR! Glad SROS's lines are down now.


When i went two weeks ago, there were walk-ons for every ride except S:ROS, and that only had a 15 min. wait. It was the first time ever when i could have gone on S:ROS again, but didn't because i was physically worn out from riding so much. =). They've really worked out some capacity issues this year it seems.

I'm glad to see they're making up for lost time earlier in the season when i had to wait over an hour for B:TDK! If they keep it up, it may even be the best season so far at SFNE, a traditionally horribly run park.

Good job to anyone who works there this year!

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I wouldn't say it was traditionally horribly run. In fact, for the vast majority of last season, I was pleased with the park. However, the first part of this season was horrible. Breakdowns and single train operation on their two signature rides is just inexcusable. However, it is great to see that things are slowly working themselves back into reasonable condition.

A rollercoaster? What's that?

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SFNE's biggest problem is break downs. They happen so often!!!!!!!!!!


S:RoS ( SFNE ) is #1!

i made my first trip to sfne a few weeks ago. It was actually the first day of the two train op on sros. THe park was basically empty on a saturday and i had an awesome time. Anybody who says that sfne is a horribly run park with bad lines and dirtyness problems are horrid liars. SROS is awesome and tied with nitro as my baby.

I'm hoping the park will be empty tommorrow when I go. I've went to SFNE many times and it's always packed. I haven't been this year so maybe that's why.


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