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Yesterday I went to Six Flags New England for the first time. I live in New York City and the natural inclination is to go to Great Adventure, but I really just wasn't in the mood. I only enjoy SFGA when I'm on a coaster, because the park is just not my favorite. It's not a dump, but everything always looks like it could just use a new coat of paint or something. And I don't like the way SFGA coasters just sit there in a knot instead of interacting with their surroundings in anyway...though I guess this isn't exclusively a problem at SFGA.

But this is about SFNE. I went with my brother for Sunset Savings, because we had never been and didn't know what to expect, and weren't in the mood to get up early. So we got there exactly at 4:00 (thanks to my lead foot) and had 5 hours in the park. Not the biggest park, fortunately. Sadly, it was more crowded than we expected. Part of our last minute decision to go was reasoning that it's early in the season and that the forecast was gloomy, so we figured the crowds would be thin. Well, it was moderately crowded on what turned out to be a beautiful day.

My first impression about the park is how gorgeous it is. Unlike SFGA, SFNE is themed throughout, in every inch. I looked new, clean, and beautiful. As for themeing, I especially liked the New England Seaport feel in the North End near Shipwreck Falls.

Sadly, in five hours, we only got on six rides. This is where I must go off on how and why Six Flags ruins my life. (I you're tired of people who hate Six Flags and have heard it all, skip to next paragraph.) They just seem to care so little about whether their patrons enjoy themselves. Okay, at least SFNE was pretty and clean. However, I was on five coasters, and three of them were only running ONE TRAIN. Whatever the reason for this, it is unacceptable. Especially on Superman! The most popular ride in New Endland HAD ONE TRAIN RUNNING!!!. That means (I timed it SOOOOO many times in my boredom!) that every 4 minutes and 5 seconds or so, the line moved ahead another 32 people (yes, the train hold 36, but there were always at least 4 empty seats). I spend 2/5 of my day at SFNE in line for one ride, one time...that's two hours. Mind Eraser had one train running. Thunderbolt had one train running. I would really like to know why they feel it's acceptable to operate a park under these conditions, taunting and antagonizing their patrons by wasting so much of their time in lines that could move twice as quickly. Am I wrong, or wasn't their some pledge from Six Flags to polish their poorly-rated customer service this year?

Okay, enough of that. Superman was amazing. One of the only well-themed coasters between SFGA and SFNE. I LOVED the mist-tunnels! I loved everything about the ride...but surely I can't add anything new to the endless praises, so I'll go on.

Batman was a nice surprise. It looked like it would be similar to Medusa, but the track layout was so different that it offered a much more intense experience (though still smooth). Personally, I'm a bigger fan of majestic sweeps on a coaster than tight knots, so I'll still take Medusa anyday. But imagine taking Batman from SFGA and rebuilding it as a B&M floorless and you have Batman at SFNE...a similar layout of twists and turns.

The two woodies here are pleasant and old-fashioned enough. I liked the Cyclone a lot, but it never jolted me into ecstacy, and I missed the lack of a satisfying drop, but it was a nice thrill anyway. Thunderbolt was more disappointing. I'm a fan of Hershey's Comet, and I love old woodies, but Thunderbolt was a bit too tame, just a pleasant nostalgia trip.

Mind Eraser was a nice surprise. My ears hurt, but other than that, it wasn't as jerky as I expected. It was a great example of one of those rides who's sole aim seems to be to disorient you completely, and it was fun in that...you never knew which end was up. (Again, one train, at 20 people per train, makes even a short line a long one!)

Finally, Nightwing was a unique thrill ride for me, and a nice way to cap off the day.

I think if they improve customer service BIG TIME and add maybe one more first-class coaster, this park will become a regular destination for me. I look forward to returning and having a chance to ride some non-coasters as well!

Yeah I know what you mean, SFMW feels this way a lot!


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