SFNE - Evening of 8/15/03

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With the lights out in NYC, we packed our bags and headed north on Friday morning. We dropped our bags at a Marriott in Windsor, CT, and headed for SFNE.

This was my third trip to SFNE. My plan was to enjoy a leisurely evening enjoying a few coasters - no rush - no schedule - no requirement to get on EVERYTHING. The heat was sweltering, which meant the day trippers were worn out - hooray. Although I think this is one of Six Flags better parks, I was disappointed by what I viewed as understaffing at rides, the usual habit of not running rides at capacity (one-train on most), and a higher incidence of general apathy amongst staff.

The park looked good overall and our high spirits were buoyed by the fact that our late arrival allowed us to find a parking spot close to the main gate. The park was very clean and all the concessions were open. Most, if not all, flat rides were running and the crowd was family-oriented, courteous, and manageable.

Cyclone (5/10)
We immediately went to Cyclone, which proved to be rough and disappointing. My last visit to the park had been in near freezing weather, so I'm guessing the extra clothing provided some padding. Wearing shorts & a t-shirt, I found this ride just brutal. First drop GREAT, but some reall kidney punches around the track. I had been on this before the reprofiling and it keeps falling further from my favor each successive year.

Thunderbolt (8/10)
Thunderbolt was riding great. I'm not sure if the seat padding was new, but this ride was zippy and smooth, delivering the classic ride I've come to love and expect.

Batman Dark Knight (10/10)
I didn't love this ride last year, but the moon and stars conspired on this night to provide a wonderfully thrilling ride with a nice combination of inversions. I particularly like the heartline rolls into direction reversals. Where Cyclone is falling from favor, this one gains.

Superman: ROS (10/10)
This ride has not diminished in thrill, intensity or pure enjoyment over the years it has been running. I can't think of a single feature that needs improvement. The first two hills are great and the red mist filled tunnel of the first drop is a nice added touch. Unlike most other hypers that generate the greatest thrills in the first half, this ride kicks into a hole new stratum in the second half. The second bunny hil after the turnaround literally propels the train over the queue and into the best, bar none, endings in in steel coaster creation. A great, great ride - I can think of nothing like it (the closest being Phantom's Revenge).


You're right about Cyclone. Mega-bumpy. I prayed it wouldn't cause any damage to my insides.
Great trip report. I as well rode SFNE (Riverside) Cyclone before the reprofiling and the ride has been ruined ever since. It runs slow, no sudden stop at the end anymore, and not to mention it is falling apart! It needs a complete restoration. When I rode Cyclone a few weeks ago I heard someone in line say "no one looks happy getting off." Thats because they aren't!! The ride isn't fun anymore. Superman, on the other hand, still receives applause from riders every time!! It really is one of the best steel coasters.
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man, cyclone is a shame. i have never seen a coaster that was more run down than it. i was wondering when it was built and when i found out it was in the 80s i was shocked. you can just see how nice this coaster once was, but now its ruined by beat up trains, bad tracking and trims. TRIMS EVERYWHERE.

thunderbolt isnt much better, they are both poorly maintained. its a shame, they are both nice layouts.

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If SFNE would just paint all the boards that they replaced on Cyclone then it wouldn't look that ugly.

Trims everywhere? There are 2 trims on Cyclone and on some days you can catch a trimless ride.

1-S:RoS @ SFNE
2-Boulder Dash
3-Yankee Cannonball

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either way, cyclone crawls through most of its turns and hills and when it does get any speed up a hill you get slammed to the side of the car. its like the whole train is jumping.

on the day i was there trims were on, one train was running and it was a terrible ride.

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