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Hey everyone-

I went with two friends and we arrived at the park around 9:30. We walked right in due to the fact that we had discounted tickets. The park was decorated with the usual cobwebs and spiders and cornstalks, nothing spectacular. The real decorations come out at night .The park was really empty when we first came in and we decided to go to Medusa first.

Medusa- 4 laps

As we approached Medusa's station, we noticed the wait to be around 5 minutes. We chose the front seat and it didn't let us down. The speed, the speed! Hehe. Medusa does seem to be running REALLY fast though. I wasn't really prepared for the zero-g roll and it caught me totally off guard. I wasn't aware how fast you spin during this inversion. Crazy stuff. Medusa, night time, and the front seat = good times. If you thought Medusa was fast during the day, then prepared to be blown away during the night. We were HURLED through every inversion and thrown onto the brake run. I can never really get tired of this coaster, it just seems to impress me more and more each time I ride it.

After a dizzying ride on Dusa, we walked on over to V2 and Roar. This was my first time on the new "Vertical" Velocity, and I was VERY excited. My friend told me it was much better than the original and expect to be blown away.

Vertical Velocity- 4 "laps"

We were expecting a long wait, but were very happy to find that most rows were completely empty. We chose a row and secured ourselves. I could hardly sit still as the thought of spinning around that tower went flowing through my mind. Suddenly, we were launched. Wow! V2's launch pales in comparision to Xcel's launch, but it was still powerful. The first rotation was small and we went flying backwards back into the station and went up the back vertical tower. The second rotation was amazing and we flipped upside down. This IMO is the best part of the ride. When it was all over, I had a big smile on my face. It was truly an unique experience.

We rode it once more after that(still no wait) and then walked the short distance over to Roar. Once again, NO WAIT. We walked right onto the train and secured ourselves.

Roar- 2 laps

Wild, fast, crazy, loud, and intense are all adjectives you could use to describe Roar, but wild is probably the best. If you sit near the back, you FLY over the first drop and your stomach is dragged out of you. It was amazing. Roar is actually a lot longer than it looks, and it packs so much intensity into that little footprint of land. I had a great time on this coaster, and it remains as one of my favorites. We rode it again at night and that was even better. Watch out for the tunnel !

We got something to eat and then walked towards the back of the park. We hit some of the flat rides and rode Boomerang. The back of the park is really well themed and it makes up partly for the front. We walked around some more and saw some of the butterfly and shark viewing areas. It was getting to be around 4:30, and so we decided to buy our wristbands for the haunted houses.

We bought the $10 dollar wristbands and got in line for "Nightmares" which was the closest haunted house in relation to where we were. After waiting about 20 minutes, they let us in. I was expecting SO much more out of this. It was short and didn't really feature anything really scary except for Pinhead...*shudder*. I saw the exit and said "is that it?"

We then walked over to Brutal Planet which was located in the plaza area by Roar and V2. We waited about 20 minutes for this one as well. Finally, a good haunted house! This one had a few moments that REALLY made me scream...I was clinging onto one of my friends. Creepy stuff. It was actually pretty long too, and that made me like it more. This one featured more gory and disturbing scenes, which really freaked people out.

We only had one more haunted house left, Carnival of Doom. We found the entrance and waited about 30 minutes. This one was horrible. Nothing too scary and had a few moments where it wasn't even dark and you would just walk around with nothing to scare you. Yawn.

We decided to go ride Kong since we hadn't done so earlier in the day. The wait was around 20 minutes and it was a pretty good ride. Not too rough and the red gravel underneath it makes it look much better.

We rode Medusa and Roar once more(in the dark) and walked around a little more. There was crazy amounts of fog during the night and it looked great. They had bright green laser lights in the main entrance that looked really cool. There were also lots of creepy "monsters" roaming around the park and scaring guests. We got a few pictures with some of them, and that was interesting.

By this time, it was 9:00 and we decided to go home. Overall, I had a great time. The staff was really friendly(except for the Hammerhead operator) and the park was very clean. I wasn't expecting much from Fright Fest, but it turned out to be much better than I thought.
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Good TR. Its nice to see some west coast TR's on here because most buzzers seem to be on the east. You are also the 1st I know of to ride the new V2. Its pretty interesting.
Nice TR- SFMW looks like it has a well rounded selection of coasters. About Medusa, I had the same feeling on Kumba at BGT when I went fro Howl o Scream: relentless speed! It doesn't seem to be going that first during the day. Hmmm...

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