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Tuesday, August 7, 2001 10:03 PM
After getting back from an awesome vacation to DCA, DL, and the beach lucky me was off to SFMW! Had a real bad accoident, one of the draw bridges were drawn, it prevented us from accually getting in the park gates untill 10:45. We noticed Roar was not running yet so we went to Kong:

Kong: 2 laps, 2 train wait

This was my first ever roller coaster that was not a Disney or kiddie ride, which I rode last year. The ride's new color scehme looks great and the ride very enjoyible. I rode in the front row to aviod some roughness and noticed the ride just doesn't go as fast and really loses it's speed after the first 2 inversions. During the first element, the heartshaped inversion, I blacked then grayed out very breifly, I will never know why becuase I felt no g's. The second lap was in row four and wasn't rougher and still deliverd a good ride. I don't know why people compalin about how rough these are, there are much more Arrows worse than this and though beutiful pads on the OTSR'S make it nice and comfy!

Roar(2 laps)
The ride opened at about 12 with the vanuted Six Flags tradition, ONE TRAIN OPERATION! Dah! about a 35 minute wait for the first lap and it was in the very last seat to hopefully get huge air! I got just as much maybe a little more than Cali Screamin'. Awesome ride! The floater air was really floating were you floated for a good while! The ride has some rough spots that let you know the ride is boss. The next lap had a 2 trains! Yahoo! The cool thing was the wait was rtight up to the station for reason's I will explain later. 2nd ride was in the middle of the train same air same awesome ride, got the photo.

Boomerang (2 laps)
Had a very short wait and one of the funniest best crews out there! It was amazing the impressions, and one liners the main op would do, and the restraint cheker was like his assitant, good stuff! So was the ride! My first ever standard Boomerang was very good! I had a very time getting comfy on the first lift, some good fear factoring there, the ride felt just like an Invertigo though! Which is good! I don't know why fellow coasater enthisiastes dislike these rides, I hear this is one of the smoothest, well this is not even close to being smooth so maybe that is why people are turned off by them, it also had a 2 train wait so that helps anything but the back words trip is just bizzare! It defently added to my Deja Vu apitite!

Now I will go over some no coaster stuff.

Shark Experience
I am very happy to see Six Flags put money back into this ride. There are a good ammount of sharks but the fish outnumber the sharks at least 5 to 1! Much aircondishioned indoor fun!

Walrus experience: We were the only ones in the exhibit and soon figured out the Walruses were not currently in the main tank. There was an employee there who looked boerd and about to go to sleep but I couldn't blame her there was like no one in this corner of the park. For some reason I didn't ask where the Walruss's were.

Seal Cove: This was an absoulte joy to watch the the seals of all different tpyes play and get fed, it only costs 3 bucks to feed them to but I don't think you get much to feed to them.

"Captain Cannonball and His Belly Flooping Buccaner's!" This is the brand new diving show that replaced the whale show. Not a bad show at all! The show can get a bit corny and stupid to some and you might want to leave but DO NOT you will not want to miss the great finale! Its incredible!(no Joke)

Tazmainian Devil(Huss Fribie)
This ride is one of the most cool looking rides there are! Too bad it doesn't look to much themed to Taz. This ride was just INSANE! It gave me a nice headace preventing me from riding anymore of SFMW flats that day but, I dont know If I would of any way! Its the Swinging ship meets the round up!

Medusa! (4 laps)
I rode this the second ride if the day and the line was preety long. It was about 45 minutes with 2 train wait for second row. Then when the heat came and crowds left it was front row time! The ride had a wait to the station only a few train wait for the front but the worst thing ever invented struck, FASTLANE! My gotch the park does this Horrible for Medusa! All the fastlane people do is go right to the front row! It happend like 5 times in a row untill me and another fellow teen but a trashcan in the path of the fastlane to stop people from coming in and it worked! The real thing was that no one else came up. It really pissed me off! It looked as there would be no way for us to ride! But the guests finally subisded and I got my front row wait away from my group filling a seat on a train ahead of us. Now the Floorless asspect makes perfect scence! Just incrdible! You not only feel like your feet are going to hit the track but, you feel like you have ultimate freedom, its just a real cool experienced not to be missed on a floorless near you. My dad and my sister rode on the train I got off but there was 2 empty seats in the row I was just in and I wasn't going anywere! The ops didn't care eithier and I got back to back front seat rides! You really feel the speed of the first drop and the whole ride in the front row, just awesome! Later in the day got one other ride in the middle still a great ride.

Vertical Velocity
The ride only had a wait to the station and is accually tough to find so granted you get the awesomeness of a short wait. It was a 6 train wait for the front and I was all over that! The anticipation is killer and even though the loud brakes relaseing are a dea give away, the laucnh is still suprizing! The tiwsted spike it awesome up front, it feels as if you will be riped right off the track and fly to your firery death but you some how keep spinning and go saftly back through the station. It's unfortinate the rides brake still isnn't working on the back spike its still a ride I think might even been better than Medusa. I rode once agian in the middle, almost as good a ride also this time got a good feel of the back spike.
The day was awesome and SFMW is really a treat to go to! They have a bunch of room but it's unfortinally mostly water so we will see what they do in the future, the fairgrouns is accross the street so I think that will be a Hurricane Harbor if it is bought. All in all a great day and PGA and this park are exaclty a dead tie in my book!

Steel top 5
4. Riddler's Revenge
5. Goliath

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