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Monday, June 18, 2001 2:51 PM
I randomly decided to go because I had no work for the day,(I am a computer programmer) and at first I thought I was just going to ride a few rides and leave, since it was on the way home, and how much fun could you have in a park by yourself? Wouldn't the lines be miserable? Since it was before 10am, I could park and avoid the $10 parking fee. Isn't that higher than most other six flags parks?(besides sfmm, which was $12 last time I was there. sheesh!)

But it was great! There were almost no lines, and by 1:00pm, there was no line on Medusa! I went 8 times in a row! Thats my new record, and my old record was 3 that I managed to squeeze in in the morning before the lines got too long. Please remember that they didn't let me stay on, but they did let me use the stairs near the exit to run back up quickly without having to go through the whole queue. I finally stopped because I had to wait for the next train, plus I was starting to get dizzy.

On Vertical Velocity, there was very short waits each time, and I managed to ride it 6 times today, although only twice in a row in the one of the middle seats. The middle seats suck, I highly reccomend the front or back. The front twists you a whole lot, but the back just whips you up that back tower! If you are one of the people who don't like the longer waits, remember that the second to front and second to back seats are very similar to the very front and back, because the actual car on the track contains 4 seats each. The head RO was ridiculous. He was making all sorts of sound effects like that guy from Police Academy. Sometimes he would countdown, sometimes he would just say, "Bye" and launch you. One time, he started counting down from 10 and launched us on 5. That totally caught me by suprise!

Kong actually had a wait, so I didn't go on it this time, but Boomerang had no wait, so I randonly went on it a few times (really to get out of the sun!)

Roar also had a very small wait for the front and back, and sometimes no wait for the middle. I ended up riding 6 times, 3 of the times in a row without getting off from a middle car. Thanks, extra nice RO's!(who I was flirting with, perhaps that's the key to staying on folks)

And for the the first time that I've been to Marine World, all the rides were working. So I got to go on Hammerhead (Zamperla Hawk 48), Tasmanian Devil (Huss Frisbee) and Voodoo (Huss Top Spin) tons of times. When I was first on Voodoo, I was on it all by myself, and it would only flip one time! I never realized how much the weight of the riders meant to this ride. I was just yelling at the RO, "TRY THE OTHER BUTTONS! HIT ANY BUTTON! MAKE IT DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT! PLEASE!" After about 4 rides, it started to fill up, and by my 8th ride it was full. I was so dizzy by this point I almost left my necklace and keys in the cubby (I totally forgot to keep an eye on them bye the 3rd ride!) I even went back on later to ride two more times after lunch!

The weirdest part was, the line for parking at 10am went way out onto the street, and the lot was almost full. I was worried at first! But there were hardly any school buses, and that was probably the main reason for the empty park. I am already back at 3pm and I rode almost every thrill ride multiple times. I still can't get over the empty loading booth for Medusa at 1pm. I thought I was hallucinating from the heat!

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Monday, June 18, 2001 7:33 PM
i wish cedar point was like that!
Monday, June 18, 2001 7:36 PM
My record at Cedar point was on Raptor during momeorial day. 7 times in a row!
Tuesday, June 19, 2001 10:05 PM
$12 parking at SFMM? It's been 7 for a long time. When did you go with parking this expensive?

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