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Tuesday, June 12, 2001 4:58 PM
Since most of the trip reports are from the Midwest-South-East Coast area, I am glad to report a trip from Northern California.

I haven't had a chance to get out and ride Superman:Ultimate Escape yet, so V2:Vertical Velocity was my first ride on one of these new Intamin rides, and it was awesome! The line was ridiculously short, at noon, I was able to go twice without getting off, then I was able to run around for some short waits and ride a couple more times. I rode from the front, back, and most places in the middle and it is quite a rush. A great new compact shuttle I must say. Going up the twisting spike in the front seat gives totally new sensation I don't think I've felt on any ride yet. The brake on the rear tower grabs you for a full second, the RO's were bragging that this was the longest grab of any of these, is this true? It certainly grabs you for a full second.

Medusa is great as usual, the line was also ridiculously short and I rode 3 times before I began to get dizzy from too much yelling through too many inversions. The side-seats in the front through the zero-g roll is the best, if your hands are up you will completely come out of your seat and get thrown into the restraint. Great fun.

Roar is still one of my favorite wooden twisters. It is totally relentless, which I think is necessary for a good wooden coaster. No chance to catch your breath! I still think Beast is my favorite Woodie, altough I haven't been on Raven, Legend, Shivering Timbers, or Son of Beast yet. Still Roar reminds me of Giant Dipper and Cyclone, which I totally love.

They also got Kong, a Vekoma SLC and a Vekoma Boomerang. You know what those are all about. Kong goes extremely slow, way slower than Serial Thriller of T2, but I haven't been on those 2 in years, so maybe they slowed them all down to reduce the bumpiness. But the train almost comes to a stop through the first three inversions of Kong, if you are in the middle you will certainly come out of your seat!

If you are into flat rides, they have a Huss Top Scan, and a Frisbee(is that also Huss) and one of the new Kamikaze-style hammer-heads. The Top Scan is always good for some dizziness, as is the Frisbee. I have always loved Hammerheads since I rode a loop-a-plane as a little kid, and I think the new Kamikaze-style (sits 3 across, with no cabin, and your feet dangling like an inverted coaster) hammerheads are great! what a rush!

As for water rides, they have one of those raft-splash down rides, I think Arrow or somebody makes them, the ones with the exit line over the splash area? This one is probably as tall as the one at SFMM. They also have a rapids ride, which is one of the 6-man raft types which goes through waterfalls. Don't go on if the water is smelling weird....

overall it looks like SFMW is shaping up to better compete with PGA. I'll check out Bonfante Gardens next week...
Wednesday, June 13, 2001 8:52 PM
SFMW is sweet on the weekdays there are like no crowds!

Steel top 5
4. Riddler's Revenge
5. Goliath
Wednesday, June 13, 2001 9:29 PM
I'm glad you liked the Intamin Impulse. They are awesome.

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