SFMM X ... ??? ...

Hiyas fellow coaster nerds!

Son hasn't been on X at SFMM.

Official web info "suggests" X is up and running again for the season. I didn't see any posts here on CB that confirm the new status of X.

Anyone here have an idea when it can actually be ridden in the next 2 weeks?

Thanks Buzzers!


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After being closed for what?...5 months?...it opened in the afternoon on Super Bowl Sunday, according to a friend of mine who went. Crowds were virtually nonexistant. Despite the lack of crowds my friend waited about 90 mins. In that time the ride shut down twice for about 10-15 mins.

I'm sure the park has every intention of operating the ride as often as they can, especially considering it's only open weekends and holidays right now. But I wouldn't plan a trip with the sole purpose of riding X. The ride has a history of downtime and is maintenance-heavy.

As with ANY ride at ANY park there is never, ever a guarantee that it will be in operation the day you visit.

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