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Sunday, October 7, 2001 5:53 PM
I visited Six Flags Magic Mountain on Saturday, October 6th, 2001. Here is my trip report:
2 times
Great ride as usual, and even a little bit smoother than usual! I also have never seen Viper's station so empty when I rode Viper at around 7:30. The crew was dispatching trains at an incredible rate with no waits for any of the rows except the front! I rode Viper in the dark, but with all the lights from the road and X, it was not too dark.
Deja Vu
1 time (2 hour wait)
Personally, I was very disapointed with Deja Vu. It is fun to ride a couple of times, but it is definitely not a top ten coaster (or even close). It is definitely an inprovement over the other Vekoma boomerang and Invertigo coasters. Deja Vu really needs to get the face-off trains, those V shaped trains really suck!
Riddler's Revenge
1 time
Great ride as usual. Riddler's Revenge was running very soothly and the brakes were barely on.
Batman: The Ride
2 times
Ultra intense, but the lights were on at night!!!
Colossus Backwards
1 time
Colossus Backwards was good but I thought I remembered the ride being better last time I rode it backwards. I also forgot how hard the restraints are.
1 time
I like Flashback and I enjoyed the ride. Flashback seemed smoother than usual, though!
The Revolution
1 time
This was the only ride that was truly in the dark (but it is all the time at night). There were no brakes until right before the loop when the train came to a COMPLETE stop. That ruined the speed a lot.
1 time
I saved Goliath for the dark hoping it would be in the dark, but of course, it was not. Incredible airtime and the brakes were barely on!!!
Gold Rusher
2 times
This coaster is always fun for a mine ride. It is also the only coaster at SFMM that goes underwater twice and you don't even get wet.
Thrill Shot
3 rides (for the price of 1)
I rode number 3, but as it came down, the ride broke (my seat never went back to upright position). I came back later and rode 3 and 4 and it was really fun. Number 4 was the better of the two with airtime at the top! I would probably not ride Thrill Shot again, but it was definitely worth the money.
Other park news:
X's logo has been created outside the zigzags at the entrance. It is basically a 10 foot X on top of some 5 foot tall space figure thingie. Also, both trains were off the track with the seats of one of the cars disassembled on the side.
Fright Fest:
I did not do any of the mazes, but I did go through the scare zones. The only two scare zones were Gotham City and Samuri Summit (no Cyclone Bay or Rapids Crossing, like the website said). The scary monsters only go to girls, so no one came up to me!!! They were very good at their scares, though.
The Strongest Link was much better than I expected. Good job Six Flags Magic Mountain! [warning, sum spoilers up ahead]. Anne Robinson was convincing with good comments, but all the other characters looked nothing like they do in real life (especially Rosie O'Donnald). Martha Stewart was thrown in a blender and Brittany Speares was shot, which entertained me a lot. I won't reveal who wins the show, but it is a surprise.
I had a fun time and hope to go again during Fright Fest!

Six Flags Magic Mountain Xtreme Guide

Friday, October 12, 2001 3:30 PM
Prety tight.  Great Tr.
I'd like a #4 king size with a Dr. Pepper to go please!!!!!!!!
Saturday, October 13, 2001 8:21 PM
GoldRusher going underwater? When did it start doing that? ;)

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