SFMM trip coming up—help?

I'm going to six flags magic mountain on Saturday from 10:30 to about 4:00 and I need help making a plan that includes Full Throttle, x2, Tatsu, Superman, Riddlers Revenge, Scream, and Twisted Colossus. Any ideas on what order to do them in so that I can do them all in one day? Is it even possible? Also I don't have the money to spend on a flash pass so don't suggest that.

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X2, Tatsu, Full Throttle, Supes, Twisted Colossus, Scream, Riddler.

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Man I need to get back to the left coast. SFMM and KBF were both amazing when we went back in 2003 and they both have so much new stuff since we were there. Not to mention DW, SFDK, and CGA...

But then again, what do I know?

X2, Full Throttle, Twisted Colossus. Anything after that will probably be a bonus with your limited time frame.

Your list seems a little odd compared to what I would do. You include Full Throttle, but leave out Goliath and Revolution.

You must get there early to even think of having a chance with X2 on your list. If you are not among the first in line, I don't think your list will be possible.

The run to X2 will take you up quite a bit of the mountain. Tatsu next then takes you further up the mountain.

Not on your list is Ninja. Does not hurt to walk by and check IF the line is short. For some reason this coaster attracts a longer line then I think it should.

Superman is at the top of the mountain. If there is any bit of a line it is likely going to be a wait. If you have already ridden this backwards before then I'd skip it if it's not a walk-on by the time you get there.

Also not on your list is Gold Rusher. Last couple of years I went to SFMM it was a walk-on both times. Take a look at the crowds and your schedule and think about taking a quick lap.

How bad do you want to ride Riddler's Revenge? The line for this one can be also be painfully long. In my opinion this one is the most difficult decision to make. It is worth riding to miss out on others, such as Scream. I think that you are going to have to check your watch at the time to make the call for this one.

You did not mention Batman, but I really enjoy how fast paced the elements are on this. It would be hard for me to just walk past.

Twisted Colossus next. I've only ridden on the opening weekend, so I have no clue what the lines/capacity are currently for this ride. As with Otto, it makes it onto my short "must-do" list, with everything extra just a bonus.

Scream next if time is on your side at this point. However, this one I personally could do without if it meant missing a lap on the remaining list.

If time is still on your side, Goliath would be next. This normally has fairly good capacity so even a moderate line won't be much of a wait.

Full Throttle is your last coaster on your list. If it is only running one train, it is another painfully long wait for even short lines. Since I have already ridden Full Throttle, I'd head over to Revolution to ride that instead (without the horse collars!)

Super Time Saving Tip: DO NOT EAT AT JOHNNY ROCKETS. We have eaten at JB's BBQ the last two trips instead.

My list attempts to work around the wandering paths without much backtracking, no going up and down and up and down the mountain. If you are young and spryly this won't be as important to you.

To throw a wrench into the works, be aware that there is the "Helpful Honda Express", I don't remember the original name. If it is operating, with a short line, then one could take this down the mountain to Full Throttle... Goliath, Twisted, (Batman), and Riddler's.

Hope this helps!

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A few of my own thoughts... Scream is a clone, or near clone, of so many other B+M loopers. If you've ridden any of the others, all the way back to Kumba, it should be the first sacrifice if you run into a time crunch. Riddler's OTOH, is a fantastic, one of a kind Stand-up, and in my opinion, the best of the bunch. It has a great custom layout and is not uncomfortable like others.

While I see where Sprig is coming from, even walk-ons can suck up more time than you would think. Goldrusher is an Arrow Mine Train. I'll let you make up your own mind on that.

If you find yourself with *extra* time, however, one ride you didn't mention is the drop ride built onto the tower of Superman. (unless of course you're going for coaster credits, then forget it.) The entrance is located between TC and Goliath, nowhere near the entrance for Superman. Given that it's nearly double the height of many drop towers, the sensation is unique in that you just keep falling long after you'd expect the brake to kick on. Quite a thrill.

I'm in the minority here, but I absolutely cannot stand X. I'd sooner stick my head in a paint shaker at Home Depot. But I understand the want to ride such a unique ride, and others appear to have had less painful rides than me, so don't skip it on my account. Try to sit in an inside seat, I guess.

Most importantly, whatever you decide, have a great trip!

Tommytheduck said:

...While I see where Sprig is coming from, even walk-ons can suck up more time than you would think. Goldrusher is an Arrow Mine Train. I'll let you make up your own mind on that.

If you find yourself with *extra* time, however, one ride you didn't mention is the drop ride built onto the tower of Superman. (unless of course you're going for coaster credits, then forget it.)...

Thanks for the comment; I did FAIL to mention that I'd only add 1 or 2 walk-ons in total. And that is ONLY depending upon all the different variables for any given trip. As I tried to state, and reply in agreement with Otto, probably over half the coasters in the park are going to have to be skipped; as well as a few on the OP's list.

>>> I like Goldrusher for as good as it is for as simple as it is. It is just an ORIGINAL classic that still gives some great basic coaster thrills; if a person is expecting more then that they may well be disappointed. It is also located on an original pathway so no extra time spent walking a block back and forth from the que to the main walkway. <<<

The OP was not clear on what experience he planned. Leaving out Revolution, and adding Scream and Superman, left me wondering. And, he put Full Throttle first on his list... and Twisted Colossus last. I like X2, but in agreeing with your opinion, Twisted Colossus would be my GO TO FIRST coaster the next time I visit; maybe the Revolution, because I rode it the first year it opened, but I can no longer remember riding it without the horse collars.

I'm fairly confident that my opinion of smart planning out an efficient walking route on the pathways up and down the mountain will give him the best chance to make the most of the time allotted. It is called Magic MOUNTAIN, not Magic hill, for a reason... LOL

Another Agreement, Lex Luthor's Drop of Doom is AMAZING. Last time I rode it there was a slight wind in the valley and the tower was swaying. It made the experience slightly creepy for me, but sorta cool as being that high up, I could mentally accept the wind moving things around a bit. Pure FREE-FALL with mag brakes at the end. I am actually LESS terrified of this then the Supreme Scream at KBF.

All I can say is that the mechanicals are different enough that SS at KBF actually scares me and I end up with sweaty palms before the ride. LLDOD is just different enough mechanically that I am not as afraid of it. HOWEVER, I'm generally not afraid of just HEIGHTS.

Without paying the extra money, getting in everything in the OP's list is going to be a challenge.

Thanks all for the advice! I had a great time today at Magic Mountain despite a little bit of rain. Sadly, when I got to the park, I saw that Full Throttle was closed, but the other rides I got on quickly made up for that. As you all suggested, I ran straight to x2 when I got there and was on the second train of the day. This was an amazing ride. It was so intense and might just be the only coaster that's actually scared me before, as I'm not really afraid of heights. Then, I moved up the mountain to Tatsu, which surprisingly had only about a 20 minute wait, and was much better than other flying coasters I've been on before, probably because of that crazy pretzel loop. After, I went over to superman, but it was closed, so I walked on Ninja, to see how it was. The ride was actually pretty cool, despite not being one of the very high thrill coasters in the park. Then, I moved down to Riddler's Revenge, which was really fun, except for that it started raining halfway through the ride. After that, I checked on superman again, but it was still closed. However, after coming back down, I saw that Lex Luthor had a short line, so I headed on it. Now the rain apparently picked up as I waited in line inside, and the temperature decreased about ten degrees to 50 so when I got to the top of the 400 foot tower, it was cold. If I wasn't shivering my butt off, I probably would have enjoyed the ride much more, but I still had fun taking the plunge back down to earth. I headed over to Scream after, and it was pretty fun, but still really cold. It stopped raining then, so for my last ride of the day, I went to Twisted Colossus, and I have to tell you, this ride is soooo much better when the trains are racing. On the blue track, we were not fast enough getting on to race , but on the green, we did. It added so much more to the roller coaster when they ran together. Also, the top gun stall or whatever they call it was crazy, just hanging upside down for a good three seconds until proceeding through the end of the ride. I would probably rate this as 2nd on my list of hybrid coasters that I've ridden, after Iron Rattler (but I live in San Antonio so I might be a little biased) and ahead of New Texas Giant and The Joker. Overall, just a really fun day despite the cold and rain at Six Flags Magic Mountain.

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Glad you had a nice time. Hate that you missed Full Throttle but great that you got TC, X2, and Tatsu.

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