SFMM TR(9-30-00 Pre-Fright Fest)

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Sunday, October 1, 2000 2:01 PM
We had friends visiting from Virginia who have PKD and SFA as their home parks. So we decided to take them to a REAL Six Flags park.

Goliath-They loved it, and the crew was really moving. As soon as one train would hit the mid course another train would be on the lift.

Batman-Short wait, and still as intense as ever.

Riddler-Fast crew without stacking. What a suprise.

Viper-Smoother than the last time I rode it.

Psyclone-Skipped it.

Colossus-Nice nighttime ride. They Psyclone trains are sitting on the transfer track all waiting for fright fest.

Superman-One side as usual with an hour wait. Normally I would've skipped it but I had out of towners with me and I couldn't let them miss out. It was making a really loud screaching noise yesterday.

Ninja-Skipped it.

Revolution-Should've skipped it.

Jet Stream-Short wait.

Log jammer-Short wait.

Our friends LOVED the park and want to go again on their next visit to So-Cal. While going up the lift hill on Viper I was surveying the land for the new coaster. And I can already can tell that MM is going to do one of their infamous coaster squeezes. Which means Viper will be upstaged just like Goliath upstaged Colossus.

Monday, October 2, 2000 6:05 PM
I was there on 9-30 and it sucked. As my home park, I never recognized how stupid SFMM has gotten. First, checked out Goliath. Long line so then we got a soda ($2.50, a rip off), then got a COLD pretzel. Piece of crap. Then went on Orient Express to go to S:TE (long line), then ate dinner. Went on RR, awesone ride as usual. That queue line goes pretty fast. Went on Goliath around 9:00. It was awesome at night!!! The zig-zag queues werent open so it was a fast line. Great airtime on the first drop, (sat in the back) and +g's o the helix.

I only was there for 5 hours because I only live 3 miles away!

"There's another monster on the drawing boards!"

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