SFMM to close Colossus after 36 years on August 16th

New banners are spottet all over the park confirming the closure of Colossus on August 16th(National Roller Coaster Day)


Let's see what RMC can do with this classic coaster...

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it seems that any racing or dueling roller coaster stops racing some point in there lifespan (Gwazi, Dueling Dragons, Rebel Yell, And even Gemini on some days) the only racing coaster i can count on racing is the Racer at Kennywood. (I said race alot)

I don't think RMC would make a racing coaster, they would just throw in some steel track, inversions, and over banked turns. I atleast hope they will paint the coaster white and try to make it look like the wooden coaster it is now.

RMC needs to do something other then over banked turns, barrel rolls and random wood supports.


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I'm pretty sure they'll do whatever a park pays for.

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koasterkitty said:

RMC needs to do something other then over banked turns, barrel rolls and random wood supports.

Like twist and dives (Golitah GAm.)! Or crazy upside down hills (Goliath GAm.)! Or reverse banked turns (Iron Rattler)! Or reverse banked weirdo hill thingies (Outlaw Run)! Oh wait...

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Random wood supports? Like, they just throw some extra wood in there just for show that has no bearing on structural rigidity?

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If they needed extra wooden supports, they'd have built them already.

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Kitty, have you been in a RMC coaster?

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

ignoring kitty and the ravings....

1) Are we sure SMC is involved? Banners surely don't mention anything about the ride RETURNING.

2) Yes, the rumors have been there that something would happen, and that RMC would most likely be involved, but do we have confirmation? "Iron Colossus"?

3) The elephant in the room. It's currently a Racing coaster. Assuming 1 and 2 are confirmed, does it return as a Racing coater? a near complete new build?

I honestly see the current profile as being more of a hindrance rather than a plus for RMC to work with. If it's not a racing coater, is there any reason to not tear it down (what kind of goofy profile/silhouette would a single track, on a racing structure frame look like?). If it is a racing coaster, what parts of the latter half of the ride are really worth salvaging assuming you increase the height and use the first turnaround? (guessing as that would be the only reason to save the current structure).

If it's a single track coaster, do you make it one ride with two parts? (essentially using the current lift hill twice, once using each former "side"?

Basically using the lift as a second block (e.g. The Beast, The Bat (first former arrow suspended at Kings Island)?

2 years ago I would have said, yes, Iron Colossus. Now after seeing Goliath at SFGAm, I'm not sure I see the upside in saving much of what Colossus currently is. Instead, a new build would seem more likely to be the smarter path.


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I'm bringin' it back, yo.

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You will be seeing those banners at SFNE soon for the last rides on Cyclone. The only difference is that we know for sure that RMC is involved in that project as there are orange survey markers all around the ride that say RMC on them! As far as Colossus goes no one really knows what they have planned for it. Maybe SFMM wants a record breaking wingrider to beat GK? lol

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Aqua trax!? High five!

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CreditWh0re said:

is there any reason to not tear it down



kpjb said:

CreditWh0re said:

is there any reason to not tear it down


(in case there is any confusion, please note the context of my original comment. I'm not advocating tearing Colossus down.)

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I may be in the minority (here, and other places as well) but I really liked Colossus. Years ago there was an ACE convention at SFMM and while everyone was lined up for morning ERT on that newfangled Batman the Ride I went over to Colossus where there was nary a soul and rode it over and over. That was even after it had been altered (the first time) and a lot of the airtime had been tamed. I still liked it.

Come to think of it, I did the same thing on that trip with Revolution. I didn't have to get out of my seat while everyone else was crowded onto Viper.

Lots of negative feedback on their facebook page. Let's hope this is a marketing ploy like when they were going to remove Whizzer at Great America. The inverting wooden coaster fad will get old quickly. It's a good idea to take a bad ride like Texas Giant or Rattler and covert it, but Colussus is still a good ride with high capacity. It just needs love, not conversion if thats the plan.

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Colossus is a good ride??

Hell, half of that ride is I-Beams anyway, why not finish the job and make it an RMC?

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High capacity doesn't matter much when the ride isn't super popular with guests, isn't highly marketable (anymore), and is very expensive to run and maintain.

Everything about a RMC conversion make sense here. I'm just hoping that they either keep it as a racer....or loop the tracks together. If you kept the track lengths they have now, that would be 8,650 feet of track. Ok, that's less likely, but would still be cool. Given the intensity of most RMC rides I think that might be a little too much for some folks.

I've heard Hot Wheels theme.

Most of the Facebook complaints are people who are assuming the ride will be torn down. They have no idea what's coming...

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