SFMM Thrill Shot Pricing Is...

Wednesday, August 15, 2001 9:54 PM
...Now $10! This lowered from an original price of twenty something dollars was it? A price cut more than half the original pricng? This IS not Six Flags...
Wednesday, August 15, 2001 9:57 PM
when i was there yesterday, it was $15. did they cut it overnight?

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Wednesday, August 15, 2001 10:24 PM
Wasn't it $18 for two shots?
Thursday, August 16, 2001 8:25 AM
I wonder why both Cedar Point and Six Flags Magic Mountain have been cutting prices. I've heard both are doing very well in bringing in the crowds.

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Thursday, August 16, 2001 9:37 AM
Simple economics probably. The number of riders is somewhat determined by the cost. There is a point where you maximize revenue by balancing the cost with the number of riders, and that point is probably $10.
Thursday, August 16, 2001 9:50 AM
that sounds right?

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