SFMM Superman ... in reverse ... my take ... and mini trip to park.

Yea, haven't been on here in a long while. Life sometimes sucks.

Went to SFMM in May this year with my close family. We didn't as a group get to ride everything in the park (Johnny Rockets) was the SLOWEST park food I've ever had ... by at least 5 times slower ... it took over an hour to get 3 burgers... with only 4/5 people in front of me.

BTW, they were the SECOND SLOWEST EVER at Six Flags Fiesta Texas ... and we were the FIRST and only in line ... ACK!!!

(I won't ever try a Johnny Rockets again.)

So, since I had the free time, and my family didn't, I purchased a season pass so I could hit up the few rides I couldn't make on the first day (mostly due to the stupid long burger delay).

Ninja seems to be enjoyed by a certain crowd. Line was to long the first day, and still to long the second day for the ride. The Que, and ride, is showing it's lack of maintenance. For as many people that seem to want to ride this, even in it's current state of neglect, I'd expect more from management to put more effort into maintenance on this ride.

Despite the lack of attention to detail, this ride flows around the mountain well and makes a "must do" ride if the line is short enough to tolerate.

Apocalypse is nearby Terminator or something. Actually, parts of the previous Terminator can still be seen; like parts of the monorail/tram ride that are still present. I liked Apocalypse, but the Que was weird, and I ended up walking back to the front, and it just didn't have anything special about it. I can't remember the name (Pysclone?) of the back breaking ride that was there before Terminator ... this is a much better ride then that. It just isn't a top tier ride.


What I noticed was that Superman was actually going most of the way up the tower! This was seemed to be timed with the drop ride of doom. We rode the drop ride of doom the previous day and the guy with rope let us in when Superman launched ... yes, it's that LOUD.

Then I noticed that the cars for Superman were reversed. I haven't been here for a while this might not be new news for here, but seeing the cars go almost to the top and BACKWARDS! was the sole reason for me coming back to the park.

When I took my first trip on Superman I was not impressed. It is not uncommon to drive 75/80 MPH on the highway. The extra mph were not noticed with nothing to visually reference.

Now, exactly how many of you have gone 100mph BACKWARDS, and WITH a visual reference?

The visual is what sold me on this being a must ride coaster.

When the car first took off all was good (but I wear glasses). As the speed picked up I felt I needed to take my right hand and plant it over-top of my glasses on my nose; I really believe I would have lost my glasses otherwise.

So you get this really weird 100mph reverse G launch and everything passes by you backwards at a much higher rate then normal and it then all of a sudden starts to slow down.

Then, you start to experience zero G and your eyes can tell that nothing is getting smaller or bigger and your ears are saying the G's are changing.

Then, if you stick your arms out you get to feel (well I think so but I've actually done it) like a skydiver on initial free fall.

The bottom line here, for me, is that I'll probably never ride this forwards ever again, but if it goings backwards on my next trip to SFMM I'm going to make it a "must ride".

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I definitely agree. I made my first trip to SFMM almost 4 years ago, and just went back for my 2nd visit. The first time, Superman was running forward, and I thought it was fun, but nothing to write home about.

This past trip, it was one of the better rides of the day. Flying down that track backward at 100 mph is a blast (no put intended) in itself. Then the visuals as you climb the tower are just beautiful. Here's to hoping they keep it running backwards.

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Wait I don't get what you mean by Ninja needing "maintenance." Could you explain?

Also, it's "queue."

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I rode Ninja last December and it was running great.

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Superman is one of my favorite rides, blasting out at 100mph and then going up the hill and staring back down at the ground is just one hell of a rush. A definite must anytime I go to the park.

I've never been on the ride, but I would've run it "backwards" from the beginning. I never understood the sense in sending riders 400 feet in the air with nothing but a view of the sky above. Face down has to be better.

I've also never understood going to Johnny Rockets at the park. Come to my local mall for it if you must go at all. It has to be better.

^^And a helluva lot cheaper.

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