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A little late, I know, but what the heck. Problem is, I've got two TR's to do now, 'cause I went on the 9th as well, but I'll leave that for later. As is, I have to kill time at work until my batch job finishes, so why not write a TR?

This was the first trip in a number of years for 3 of my friends, two of which, Jay and Melanie, had just signed up for season passes. They're barely more than a single day admission, so they were both sold instantly when they found the passes online. The other, Rob, didn't know if he was going until the day beforehand, so he had to buy a ticket.

We got there and Rob got into the ticket line while I walked with Jay & Melanie to the Season Ticket processing booth. Oddly enough, Rob was done before we were, I think there was an entire family (a good 6 or 7 of 'em) getting their passes right in front of us, so it was a bit of a wait. We got at the park at about 10:15, we probably made it in the gate about 10:50.

X - single train: Melanie decided that she wouldn't be able to handle the day if she didn't get X out of the way first. She was absolutely terrified of it, which made it all the more fun for the rest of us, of course. Unfortunately, they still hadn't added a second train (though judging by Lord Gonchar's TR, they *were* running two trains on Saturday), but the wait wasn't too bad. We got sent to the right side of the station, and as usual, everyone piled up right at the row queue for the back row. We snuck around and headed to the front row queue, about a 9 train wait or so. All told, the entire wait was about an hour and a half. Not great, but I've waited longer for X in the past.

Jay & Melanie went before us, and I've never seen someone so scared. When the seats tilted back before dispatch, she shut her eyes hard, clenched her entire body, and refused to acknowledge anyone else nor move. Jay tells me she also spewed out a series of obscenities the likes of which we have never heard while going down the first drop.

The train came back into the station to see Melanie getting off the ride, jumping up and down and giggling. Jay also had a big 'ol grin.

Rob's and my turn now, I took the inside so he could get the fun of the head/arm/leg choppers on the outside seat. As fun as ever (unlike Gonchar, I *LOVE* X, it's definitely my favorite coaster out there), but it seemed quite a bit slower. The G's didn't seem nearly as strong climbing through the first Raven turn, and it was most decidedly slower through the second Raven turn. Normally that element just whips you ferociously down to the ground, it was much more of a float into the drop this time. I'm wondering if they did something to slow the ride down (I didn't detect any trim braking), and that's why it valleyed a few weeks ago?

My fears about X being anti-climactic were unwarranted, thankfully, as we headed over to Goliath.

Goliath - two trains: We skipped Flashback on the way over to Goliath, and waited for the front row. It was a walk-on for every other row, we had about a 7 train wait for the front. Only Rob & I had ridden it before, and Melanie rode grabbing on for dear life, but they all loved it, especially the helix. That seems to give everyone the biggest kick. Go fig!

Colossus - two trains: Wow, two trains! What else to say though? Jay and I enjoyed ourselves, Melanie and Rob both thought it was way too rough and didn't seem to have a good time at all. Noted to myself that we probably shouldn't even bother getting on Psyclone then.

Batman - single train: Jay's favorite ride there before this trip, and didn't disappoint. The heartline seemed to be the hit of this ride for everyone. I think we rode in the back row. Felt faster than usual too, lots of G's...good times!

Riddler's Revenge - two trains: Finally back to two trains! Despite the 'nad busting action that this coaster presents, everyone seemed to really like it. As usual, presented the best view of Scream construction in the park, though nobody seems to share my love of the short ~90 degree banked turn right before the MCBR. I dunno what it is about that element, but I just love the way it feels...it's probably a racecar-y type thing, which just puts it into two of my favorite categories. This is still one of my top three coasters in the park, with Goliath & X being the other two.

Then we ate. The burgers there aren't horrible, though the fries could use a little less flava salt. Man, that'll make you thirsty. Since the food area is right next to Gold Rusher, it seemed like a logical coaster to aid in digestion.

Gold Rusher - single train: There really isn't all that much to say about this ride. I still haven't gotten to time it so I go by Superman when it launches, I doubt I ever will. We rode it mostly for nostalgia reasons, and to get banged around a bit :) Then we done headed over to Deja Vu.

Deja Vu - single train (obviously): Jay thought about it for a minute or two, but his stomach was bothering him, so he begged off. Melanie claimed that she was worried she'd lose her lunch on there too, though oddly enough she only ever said that when watching the train get pulled up the first tower. I reminded her that it wasn't nauseating at that part, but she said that was her story and she was sticking to it. I'm convinced it scared her off, though if she rode X, Deja Vu should be no problem at all.

So, it ended up being Rob & I riding, in one of the outside seats, so we were seperated by the majority of the train. Man, does that seating arrangement suck or what? Half of the pairs riding can't even see each other while riding.

We had a younger (20 or so) couple behind us who were freaking out a bit getting on the coaster, and sure enough, the ended up in the two center seats on the row behind us. And screamed. Like maniacs. It kinda added to the ride a bit...while climbing the second tower, I turned around to look at them and ask if they were okay, which left me greeted with saucer-like eyes, glazed over from terror, then a blood-curdling, eardrum-shattering scream when the sled let go. Heheheheh.

As usual, felt a bit nauseaous during the first backwards part, and, as usual, a bit banged up, especially through the cobra roll bit. I'd almost prefer that ride just to have the first lift, then stop. It'd probably be more enjoyable.

Up the hill we headed from there, and they wanted to see me play DDR (someone gave them the mistaken impression that I'm good), and I was able to hold my own well enough to build a small crowd. I was getting over a cold though, and Dead End Maniac killed me, I almost couldn't breathe by the end of it. Ouch!

After some serious recuperation, off to Viper.

Viper - two trains: Okay, two trains may be pushing it, as they were just sending one of them out empty each time. We had our first ride in the front row & second row, and it was great. Jay hadn't ever been taught any sort of defensive riding posture, and trying it, all of a sudden he loved the ride. It was still a bit rough, but not too bad, and everyone was happy enough with it to just run around and ride it again. Bad idea.

Second ride was far rougher than the first time. It HURT. Melanie got smacked around a good bit, and everyone agreed after that ride that they had had enough of Viper for one day.

Up top, I checked out the X line, and it was a bit longer than it was when we first rode it, I pegged it at near 2 hours, possibly more like 1:45, which would have put us on the train just after closing time. My cohorts and I decided that Goliath would be a better use of our time, and headed over there.

Goliath again: We went for the back row this time, Jay and I trying to avoid getting stapled so we could get some decent airtime off the first hill & the camelback. Oddly enough, we didn't have *any* problems with the ride-ops trying to staple us, not once did they even push down on the bars, they just yanked on the handle and were happy. It was pretty dang fun! Melanie worked up the nerve to ride with her hands in the air, and after three similar rides in a row (why can't they make it easier to re-enter the queue?!?), we'd had enough.

And that was the trip. My three friends are definitely more GP than I, and they all loved it. The employees were all more not easily noticed rather than rude or obnoxious, nothing making you feel at home, but nothing making you angry either. Park was clean, and fun was had by all.

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Tom Servo said:

I'd almost prefer that ride just to have the first lift, then stop. It'd probably be more enjoyable.

Amen to that.

You didn't enter the line for X a minute before closing?

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Naah, everyone was pretty hungry and Jay had this horrific obsession to going to a place called "Chuy's" for dinner. Admittedly, their chicken was pretty good, and the margaritas were also excellent, but still. However, Jay & Melanie both got season passes that day, so I think they assume that X will be ridden again.

I rode it in the right rear seat for the first time in a long time a bit ago, and GOOD LORD! I'd never ridden in that spot with no hands, and that scared the living heck out of me, the forces through some of those elements are amazingly powerful. They'll *have* to go back to give that a try :)

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