SFMM Sept. 9 2004

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I do have to say that this day spent at the park was the least crowded I have ever seen it in my 15 years of going to this park. We went on Batman, Riddlers, Goliath, Deja, X, Colossus, Scream, Freefall, Pirateship, Viper, and Revoluction. I had never had the opportunity to reride coasters by just staying on the train, but they were letting us do that on every coaster, aside from X. Although, even for X, if you got back in line after riding, you could be 5 trains from the front of the line, or get on the next train if you rode as a single rider.

X was getting delayed a bit as we waited for it. We started 6 trains from the front of the line, it shutdown for 5 min. after one train left the staion, then shut down again after we were 2 trains from the front, and then after about 20 min, we finally got on for 3 rides (we went back to ride as singles). I think X was up and running at about 11 AM.

The Deja crew was pretty funny. They were running a train once every 8 or 9 min and were just laughing into the microphones and singing even. It was kind of nice to have a break though between rides, we were just sitting in the front of the train relaxing, waiting for them to get the train ready to run through the course.

Pretty sweet DAY!

althouh my head head never hurt that much after a day of roller coasters, I think due to the excessive rides in a short time period. All and all, my best day spent at the Mountain yet, gotta love the un-crowd.

Why the hell did it take 8 to 9 minutes between dispatches? That's crazy...maybe if they put as much energy into dispatching as they did singing it wouldnt be so bad. 2 or 3 minutes ok, maybe 5 if they are short staffed, but 9 minutes, thats only 6 dispatches an hour

...and such

Seems to me at this point that park is pretty much running itself. It's almost like a game to see how far into the ground that can run this place. Universal? Cedar Fair? Someone please save this park!
I'd rather have Paramount "save the park". The worst thing about CF owning Geauga Lake is that in lowers a competition aspect that gives a reason for the park to add new rides regularly. I guess Universal wouldn't be bad since it would be more of the thrill/coaster park compared to the Studios park. I wouldn't mind a Busch Gardens on the left coaster either. Magic Mountain *is* a huge part of Six Flags to me though and I hope (which I know doesn't help a thing) that the park will get its act together. :^\


Actually, they could have been dispatching more Deja trains, although they were waiting to fill them up, that was most of the delay, plus all the backpacks, etc. need to be stored away and the orange seatbelts buckled, they were being a little lazy, but I'd say rightfully so, as there was nobody at the ride.

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