SFMM Revolution - 2016 rennovation

Best news of all to come out of this morning's Six Flags announcements;


Yay! No more %$#& OTSRs!!!


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This is indeed good news. Didn't someone here mention this just the other day? Should've wished instead for a million dollars instead.

Other SF announcements of note:

Roar into Joker
Bizarro back into Superman (<??)
Several, many, Fireball "coasters" (I'm shocked!)
Two more Justice League rides
Some interesting flats, especially for SFoT. Is that Catwoman ride I see a 2nd gen Enterprise?
And of course, Total Mayhem.

Let the complaining begin, (oops, I see it already has...) but I think this looks like a pretty good year for SF overall.

Edit to correct: SFoT is getting a giant pendulum and it's SFFT that will have the interesting flats. Sorry.

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I feel like new trains and a refurb for Revolution have been rumored as long as roller coaster rumors have existed.

Very excited for this regardless. I've only been on the coaster once but I definitely felt like, based on the amazing layout, it could be one of my favoritest coasters in the world, if only they could fix the trains.

And soop it up some. Ok, a lot. If it was allowed to run full out like it did back in the day it truly could be awesome.

I don't get to California often, but eons ago when ACE had a Con in Cali there was an evening ERT that included Viper and Revolution. I didn't care much for Viper, I had ridden the Chicago version so many times, so I headed by myself over to Revolution. There was only a handful of enthusiasts on the platform so I was able to ride it over and over. True, the ride kind of sucked and I had to ride defensively, but I was glad to be sitting on an original with such a storied history. The layout was awesome, I could see the lost potential there, and I was sad I had missed out on the original.

Hopefully this will be just what the ride needs.

I never had a problem with the otsr's on revolution.

Disk-os and super loops are my favorite coasters.

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