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Ok, I made my way down to SFMM on sunday hoping to beet the saterday croud me and my friend jay. Well no luck we arived around 9am and parking wasint to bad but ticket lines were over an houer and a half we hade to pay a guy 15$ to let us cut the line. We made are way over to X no later than 9:40 and the line was over 2 houers we waited even tho we have ridden it before. We were really hopping that Flashback would be open because its the only ride we have not ridden and of corse it wasent. After X we went to viper it was about 11:30 and the lines were 3 houers we passed. Scream our next stop! 2 houer lines but we waited. For lunch we stoped at a burger place 15 minet lines their! the fright fest wast that good but we mostly went for the rides (they were mobed!) Superman next on out list and it was about 1 and a half houer wait it was about 4 when we got off it. we where looking for 1 more good ride to pack up the day Goliath! line was over 3 houers but its one of our favorit rides (jay wanted to go on X agine but the line was over 4 houers)it was 7:45 gitting off that then we desided to go home. Never seen the park so mobed!

lesson learned NEVER GO TO FRIGHT FEST!

So what did you expect?
well i didnt expect that many lines iv never hade to wait in lines over 1 and a half houer for scream! and viper was wicked long i love that ride to superman avarge is about 45 min i wanted to ride batman but jay got sleepy waitng in lines!

I tried to make your post legible. It's still pretty bad.

I made my way down to SFMM on Sunday hoping to beet the Saturday crowd. It was just my friend Jay and I. Well no luck. We arrived around 9am and parking wasn’t too bad. The ticket lines, however, were over an hour and a half. We had to pay a guy $15 to let us cut the line.

We first made are way over to X no later than 9:40 and the line was over 2 hours. We waited even though we had ridden it before. We were really hoping that Flashback would be open because it’s the only ride we have not ridden. Of course it was closed.

After X we went to Viper. It was about 11:30 and the line was 3 hours. We passed. Scream was our next stop. 2 hour lines but we waited. For lunch we stopped at a burger place. It was a 15 minute line there!

The Fright Fest was good but we mostly went for the rides (they were mobbed). Superman was next on our list and it was about a 1 ½ hour wait. It was about 4 when we got off of it.

We were looking for one more good ride to end the day with. That ride was Goliath! The line was over 3 hours but it's one of our favorite rides (Jay wanted to go on X again but the line was over 4 hours). It was 7:45 when we got off. We decided it was time to go home. We’ve never seen the park so mobbed!

Lesson learned: NEVER GO TO FRIGHT FEST!

That took me a whopping 30 seconds to use spell check and an additional two minutes to edit it. It's really not that hard and certainly not that much to ask.

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dont got word on this comp sorry lol

Not having Word is no excuse for not having basic English skills. You went to / go to school, right?

As for the crowd and lack of capacity at the park, I'm really not suprised.

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dont got word on this comp sorry lol

Huh? Please use proper spelling and grammar. Complete sentences would be nice, too.

He can't, Moosh. He dont got word on this com--er, I mean, he doesn't have Microsoft Word on that computer. Because, you know, Microsoft Word instantly makes everything you write logical, grammatical, and properly spelled. Ahh the magic of Microsoft!

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Thank god Microsoft Word came along and saved the world from bad grammar and spelling! How did we survive before it?
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Do they even TEACH proper grammar and spelling in schools anymore?

I am beginning to worry. I don't have kids but if I did I would consider teaching them at home.

Anyway, I didn't realize I could actually pay someone to "cut" in front of them. I will remember that next time instead of buying a Qbot. ;-) Actually I would accept $15 for someone to cut in front of me! At least they are paying for their rudeness and disrespect.

Does SFMM have Qbots? I never noticed.


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Yeah, but Tina, unless they paid $15 to everyone in front of them and not just the doofus who actually accepted it, then they were cutting without any right in front of a bunch of other people.

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What's 'Agine'?

Tina: I wonder the same thing about grammar. My girlfriends kid goes to a private school and I've seen the reports he writes. In a word, terrible. He gave the same excuse: No spell check, no Word, yadda yadda yadda.
I questioned his english teacher about this. Her response was weak: Have you tried teaching these kids?
I said, 'no, isn't that your job?' which of course leads to: I don't get paid enough for this... I told her to quit.

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I think this is the "Word" he was referring to.

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You can't always blame schools for students' poor grammar. I'm only 17 and I at least THINK that my English is legible. I know other people in my school who have taken the same classes as me that don't know what an adjective is, because they don't pay attention. I'm a pretty... lazy student (for the record i'm not cutting class, I just have two absent teachers because of a field trip :D), I often do the minimum amount of work required, but just paying attention in class is usually enough to learn things like spelling and grammar. Typos are one thing, but spelling hour "houer" more than 3 times in one post... unless English is your second language and you've only been speaking it for a year, there's absolutely no excuse for that. *** Edited 10/19/2005 1:17:44 PM UTC by Joecoasterguy***
Of course, if teachers didn't have to be worried about being sued for failing a kid "for failing to meet the minimum passing requirements" then this whole thing would be avoided.

The second grade would have about 800 kids in it (most over the age of 12) but at least we wouldn't be letting people skate past without learning anything.

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I agree with you whole heartedly! Please write your congressperson to speak your mind. I already have. Teachers are doing the best they can with what they have to work with. So much emphasis is put on standardized tests (which are multiple choice, so they aren't very good anyway) that teachers at the elementary level cannot teach necessities.

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No child left behind????? (end of rant)

Ok to get on topic here:

I wonder about this. The two Six Flags parks in the probably biggest drawing regions had issues with long lines during the last weekend. Could it be a combination of the special events (Fright Fest) and recent weather. I know on the east coast we had about 10 days of rain and then the past weekend got real nice. I know because I spent the previous weekend getting soaked at Phoenix Phall Phunfest that the crowd that day seemed non existent compared to the previous year. Then Saturday, a very nice weather day, SFGAdv was slammed with people.

Best plan I would think for these days is to get there for opening ride the coasters early since the crowd seems to pick up as the day goes on. Then at night do the Fright Fest stuff even though those lines will be long also. Also if the park has a fastlane/Q-bot system I definitely recommend using it. Since as the day moves on the crowds do pick up. I know at GAdv the Hayride is part of the Q-Bot ride list but the other Fright Fest attractions are not. Just go and plan on being in lines and pick your times to do things.

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Watch the tram car please....
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Winningfreak said:
dont got word on this comp sorry lol
Don't got English in your head either. "LOL!"

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