SFMM Fright Fest & 09 season pass

hello everyone!
I'm always checking up on coaster buzz and rcdb, and just became a member finally!

i have a question that hopefully someone can help me with. I'm planning on going to SFMM on halloween for Fright fest as I do every year... So i went onto their site, and they advertise if you buy a 2009 season pass right now, you get the rest of 08 for free including this falls Fright fest.

So i went to purchase the 09 pass, and when you "pick a park" MM isnt there... Is there a reason SF didnt put MM on this list?


Probably because SFMM is the only SF park that is open year round. So if they sold 2009 season passes and gave them access to the park for the rest of the year it would be giving away a 1/4 of their season for free rather than just a few weekends. Expect SFMM to start that deal at/after Thanksgiving.

--George H

Magic Mountain never begins selling the next season's passes until they make a ride/attraction announcement. This is usually done in mid-late November.

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