SFMM Fright Fest

Thursday, October 17, 2002 8:10 PM
All right, I've come for help in the past and it has been awesome, now I am at it agian! LOL! I am going with 4 other people in my family to SFMM i'm from Nocal and it's my 3rd time, first sence X and Deja. Now well as usual.. Help?? I'll be there all day this Saturday the 19th, in all liklyhood at opening. I know X never opens on time. I know it's usually worth it to wait it out, but not to me, my favorite rides are at SFMM and I don't go much and I want to ride them all! I know if I do this plan i'll get several early re rides. Here's the plan

Goliath couple rides, Colossus Backwards, B:TR, RR, Deja Vu if the line and opening time permits, then S:TE. Sfter that hopfully it won't be long and X will just be opening up, I have plans to hit everything else throughout the day. I won't be going into haunted houses, but the Bumper Cars and Blood Falls sound great at night. Any help is appreaciated! Plus, whats the best deal in the park for food? We're probibly going out to dinner, but lunch is different, and plans can change, I know the resturaunts are great, but any Buffets? :)

See THE ULTIMATE in Orlando TR'S! Right now in the TR fourm!


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