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Sunday, July 14, 2002 7:32 PM

Just got back from a day and a half trip to Magic Mountain, which was my first time. This was also my third coaster riding trip. The others were to Ohio last year (CP, SFWOA, and PKI) and northern California (SFMW, PGA, and SCBB). I went with my dad who is a likes coaster and understands how they work but doesn't love them. He has gone on all my previous triups with me.

We left P-Town (Portland, Or) on Friday evening but our plane to Burbank was delayed about 40 minutes. This was a problem since the rental car places at the Burbank airport close at 11pm. Our flight got in at 10:40 and we barely made it to the rental car place in time.

We drove the 20 minutes to SFMM and our hotel, the Hilton Garden Inn. This hotel sucked. The rooms were fine and the lobby was nice but our key card wouldn't open our door. So my dad went back to the lobby and got new ones and it still didn't work. The manager came up and said that the key slider thingy was broken and needed a new battery. We asked for another room but the were booked. The lady was rude acting like it wasn't her problem and did nothing to help the situation. She even was placing the blame on us. So now we could not leave the room unless one of us stayed behind.

We woke up on saturday and left our door open to go downstairs to buy our tickets for the park so we didn't have to wait in ticket booth line. Geuss what. The lady said you can't buy tickets unless you have a Magic Mounatin package, which includes a room and two tickets. Now my dad was pretty mad since he told them on the phone that we were going to Magic Mountain and they did not mention this deal. My dad complained so much, that they didn't charge us for the room on friday and we could buy tickets for the park.

So far the trip was going bad but it was looking up becuase we were heading to the park. WOW! X is huge right next to where you drive in to the pay for parking. I just gawked at it and took lots of pictures. Too bad it wasn't running but I knew it wouldn't be. They opened parking at 9:20 and the gates at 9:55. Knowing that the crowd would head to Deja Vu we set of for...

Goliath: 8.5/10

3 rides ( front, back, middle)

The coaster was a walk-on saturday morning and it was everything I expected and a little more. I like the front seat best for its visuals. The first drop was amazing and so was the head-chopper effect through the tunnel. All three rides my dad wouldn't keep his hands up for fear of losing them. The airtime hill was also very good. And the helix is as intense as everyone says it is. My dad's vision got blurry during it. This coaster lands at my #2 spot behind Millenium Force. It would score higher if was longer and had an extra bunny hop or to after the block brake. We next walked up the large hill to...

Superman:The Escape 4/10-1 ride

Let me put it straight forward, if I had to wait any amount time for this ride I would have been very pissed off. At least it was a walk-on for the back seat. The launch felt weak and it sure didn't feel like 6 and a half seconds of weightlessness. It got a 4 for the veiw it provided. And why is located in Samuri Summit. I know it was probably the only place to put it but why call is Superman then. Next up was...

Riddlers Revenge: 7/10- 1 ride front seat

My dad hates standups, but I think there OK. This was my third standup after Vortex(PGA) and Mantis. The ride was a walk-on for the front seat. For some reason I liked Mantis a bit more becuase it felt more intense. The elements on Riddler felt to large to provide any high G's. The ride was better than decent though. I should also mention now that the temperature was over 95 and we were sweating alot. Next we went to...

Batman:The Ride- 7.5/10- 3 rides

This was my third Invert after Top Gun(PGA) and Raptor. The qeue line is themed well and the ride did not dissapoint. Everyone says it is quick but intense and I agree. The ride was very intense especially through the corkscrew area. I was impressed but not as much as Raptor. We then strolled to...

Goldrusher: 4.5/10- 1 ride

The ride was another walk-on ( I geuss everyone is still at Deja Vu) for the front seat. I liked the way it uses its terrain and the finale helix is fun.

Colossus: 5/10- 1 ride

Another walk on for front. Ride offered good views of Goliath and some nice drops, but thats it. It was not racing. We next hit...

Psyclone: 3/10- 1 ride

The ride was to rough to enjoy and I wanted off as soon as we went down the first drop. The ride was bad, but not to the quality of badness as Grizzly(PGA). Checked on Deja Vu's line but it was large so we went to...

Revolution: 5.5/10- 1 ride

The ride could be good if they would take the OTSR's off. And why do they need a OTSR and a lap bar? When they installed the OTSR's couldn't they have took out the lap bars? Oh well. This ride, like Goldrusher uses its terrain to its advantage as well. Next we had lunch at the Panda Express near the bridge to X. The food was good but was pricy. $9 for a meal. Viper's line was too long and we thought our luck has finally worn out. We walked around into Bugs Bunny Land and rode...

Canyon Blaster Kiddie Coaster: 3/10

The model is the same as the Kiddie Coaster at Oaks Park but built the opposite way. I was surprised they let us ride with no problem. We then wandered to...

Goliath Jr. - no rides.

There is a height limit for this Kiddie coaster but not for Canyon Blaster.

By now we were exhausted from the heat and went back to the hotel. The hotel fixed our door key after we asked them for the third time. Hoping the crowds would be we down we left back to the park at 6:30. We first rode...

Viper: 6/10 - 1 ride

The ride was decent but to much head banging for me. I was surprised that after our ride my dad said that it was just like Vortex at Kings Island. I told him they were designed by the same company and he said that made sense. We next checked on Ninja but it was still closed. Deja Vu had a huge line. So we went to Batman again. The next hour or so we just walke around the park taking pictures becuase most of the ride qeues were full and we didn't feel like waiting. We then got our Twicket (return for a 2nd day for $5) from the Fast Pass booth and left the park and went to bed.

The next morning we headed out to the park with one goal in mind. Get to Deja Vu before the Crowds. At the gate we signed our twickets and were off running. My dad has been a runner his whole life and in college he was ranked 3rd in the nation for his age group. Running was easy for him but a little harder for me since I don't run. Especially going over part of the hill on our way to Deja Vu. We ended up being the 2nd and 3rd persons in line for the ride. They didn't open the ride until 10:30, but a large mob of people cut us off so we couldn't get the front.

Deja Vu: 8/10 - 1 ride-3rd car thingy

Deja Vu impressed me alot. Looking at the ride the day before we both said it shouldn't be any better then Invertigo or Faceoff. Wrong. The vertical spike make the ride. Being carried up the back is very scary becuase you can't tell when your going to the drop. Through the course and up the second tower is also scary becuase you don't no when the pulley is going to grab you. The ride would have rated better if the transtions were a bit smoother. When you level out from vertical towers the train is a little shaky. My dad loved it and said it was his favorite coaster ever! After this we rerode Goliath and Batman before we had to leave to the airport.

Overall I was impressed with the park. I added 11 new coasters to my track record which is now at 72. One thing I like was the misters in alot of the qeues of rides. Goliath has them through almost the whole qeue. This really helps cool you off. The staff was friendly but not up to the quality of Cedar Point. Loading times weren't bad but not great. Most of the crews were doing a decent job dipatching trains. Riddler, Goliath, Batman, an Viper all were running two trains. The park has lots of shade which also helps on hot days. The landscaping is done well and the park has some nicely themed areas.

Things I didn't like about the park was there was to much garbage especially on Saturday night. It was disgusting in Batman's qeue. The bathrooms weren't horrid but most of the sinks were leaking. Also there were to many line jumpers. I hate it when walk past everyone who have been waiting to meet up with their friends. Plus there was three coasters closed. Ninja, Flashback, and X. I didn't expect X to be open or Flashback but I wonder what was wrong with Ninja? By they way, how often does Flashback run? You rarely read about it in a trip report.

I rate the park a 7.5/10. If they improve in a few areas this great park will become even better. Also, I think their next coaster should be wood since the don't have any good wood now. Maybe a GCI or an Intamin woodie.

Thanks for reading.

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*** This post was edited by hunter11 on 7/14/2002. ***

Sunday, July 14, 2002 7:46 PM
Good TR!

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Sunday, July 14, 2002 7:48 PM

On Goliath I like to sit in the back and watch everyone bring their hands down in the tunnel and on the helix. I'm the only one I've ever seen who keeps their hands up the whole time. Ok, well, not on the brakes.

Phyclone is very bumpy. I remember the first time i went on it. I stuck my hand up and i was flying everyware in the seat and i couldnt get my hands back on the bar.

Flashback ive been on two times in different trips. You didnt miss anything it has more head bangers that viper, and they hurt a lot more. if Flashback is ever open its after 6pm or so because of the water park, its right next to it and I guess its to loud or something.

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Sunday, July 14, 2002 7:58 PM

I also thought it was funny seing everyone bring their hands down. I kept mine up after my first ride.

Sunday, July 14, 2002 10:09 PM
Your so lucky you made some awesome choices the way you hit the rides! Glad you had fun, Thanks for the update, looks like DV, might not be a good chocie to run to first cause of the ride never opening on time.

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Sunday, July 14, 2002 10:36 PM
Yeah sweet TR. I wish we'd get some good wood. Am I the only one who doesn't think Viper has as much headbaning as everyone says they do. Oh well. I think I heard the reason Flashback is always closed is because of Hurricane Harbor, cause the coaster is noisy. But yeah you didn't miss anything Glad you had a good time.

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Monday, July 15, 2002 6:30 AM
Nice TR! I want to go on a Deja VU!


Monday, July 15, 2002 12:54 PM

Plus there was three coasters closed. Ninja, Flashback, and X. I didn't expect X to be open or Flashback but I wonder what was wrong with Ninja?

I'm begining to think there is something wrong with Ninja too or it does generally have a lot of breakdowns now and again,basiclly when I went to the park back in June, Ninja was closed all day on June 3rd and I must say I was quite disapointed, because its definatly one of the best Arrow Suspended Coasters out there(2nd Place behind Big Bad Wolf in my books), however I then went back to the park on June 4th, and luckly Ninja was open all day,. So Basiclly I'm beginning to wonder if Ninja is only open on a rotation system where it would only be open certain days???? It would definatly explain the point of the ride being Open Tuesday but not on Monday, but then it doesnt explain the fact why it was closed all weekend so it is quite puzzling??? I wonder if there is a SFMM worker on these boards that could answer our query????

By they way, how often does Flashback run? You rarely read about it in a trip report.

I've heard it only runs for about 3-4 weeks of the entire season in the Winter Time, apparently its because the ride is very noisy, and staff and customers were complaing about the noise of the ride while in the Water Park area, and so Flashback will only operate when the water park is closed????

Monday, July 15, 2002 1:08 PM

Fairly spot on review of the quality (or lack of) in Magic Mountain's coasters. And three coasters down, how about that - typical SFMM operations.

(disgruntled that I've been to that park on about 4 days and have yet to ride Flashback for my count)

Monday, July 15, 2002 1:11 PM
gotta go in dead winter to be sure in getting on flashback. jan-feb ive noticed are the best months to visit.

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Monday, July 15, 2002 2:32 PM
Thanks for the comments

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Monday, July 15, 2002 6:20 PM

hunter11 said:

I wonder what was wrong with Ninja?

I wish I could tell you, but that ride confuses me, when i went to Magic Mountain back in Feb. they said it was closed because it was too cold, and it needed to reach atleast 65 degrees, made sense. But I returned in mid-May, and it was warm, and beautiful out, and they still used a too cold excuse, but there were mechanics working on one of the cars, but luckily it was open later in the day, like at 5. My guess is it was having mechanical difficulties, but that ride confuses me.

About flashback, if you are really lucky, they will open it after the waterpark closes for the night, but it rarely happens. Normally it just runs during the winter.

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Monday, July 15, 2002 10:40 PM

Nice TR. Hey lbwmobster, I agree, when I rode Viper back in June I noticed hardly any headbanging, that ride was flying the day I rode it, very under rated coaster in my opinion. Out of the 4 timed I've been to Magic Mountain, only once were they running Flashback, and that was back in '95. My opinon as I remember it (7 years ago) differs from a lot of others, I enjoy the ride, I kind of remember headbanging, but I was prepared because my brother who went on it before me said it bangs your head and it gave him whiplash, but I love the uniqueness of the coaster. Does anyone know if it will be operating in early November?

I would have to agree with your dad on Deja Vu, it is my favorite coaster in the park (yet to ride X), it surpassed all expectations, I loved every second of it.

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