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My brother and I went to Magic Mountain the first day we were in LA. We couldnt really call ahead, but the sign witht he rides closed did not disencourage us, only Flashback, Deja Vu, and other minors. The rides are in no particuliar order:

Right when we entered the park we knew we had to do X. We couldnt really find it at first, but we quickly did the ride. There wasnt a long line at all, but since there was only one train running, it was about a 20 min wait. Great ride, my new favorite. The first ride is amazing and the rest of the ride continues to amaze.

We did Viper 3 times during the day. The first time we were front row. The 2,3, times we were middle. We rode them back to back. The ride is great. The drop gets so much speed and the inversions are really high. I didnt find it that rough. When we first did the ride, it had 1 train, but later it had 2.

We did Revolution as sort of a break. I expected the ride to be rough and unenjoyable, but it was the opposite. The ride was really smooth, to my surprise, and the loop was great. The one thing I didnt like was the harnesses, they were unnecessary.

We were really anxious to do Goliath. We did it twice in the day. The first time we were middle the second we were front row. After the first time, we didnt really find the ride that exciting and we didnt feel the speed of the ride, so we decided later on in the day, we would use our fastpass to go front row. IT WAS GREAT. The drop is so freaky, my eyes were tearing from the speed. The ehlix wasnt that intense, I just found it long. Overall, Goliath was really fun.

I really wanted to do Scream! since it would be my first floorless. We did it twice, first front row, second fifth row. The front row wasnt that great, the coaster didnt really live up to its name. The fifth row was much better, the ride seemed faster. Pretty good ride.

Riddler's Revenge had a long line all day and they wouldnt accept fast passes that day for it:@.we did it the middle since we did not feel like waiting longer for front row, since i twas running only one train. The ride was really fun but the wait made it not so enjoyable.

Colossus was really fun. We did the left side(Going up on the lift), the right was closed. The drops were really steep and the whole ride was great.

Psyclone was not enjoyable. It was so rough and unpleasant and the padding did nothing. To the left of the lift is a scrapyard, is that what it is? Meanwhile we saw Deja Vu, an amazing looking coaster but it was barred off with construction walls and was full of dust. Tisk, tisk.

We didnt ride Superman, since it was closed. The biggest disappointment of my life. I was really mad about that, it ruined part of my day. No one was working on it. But yet it was closed.

I enjoyed my day at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Except for the overpriced food, the rollercoasters closed, running one train on most of the ride and not being able to use your fast pass on RR, I had a good time. I must admit that I was expecting more...

Nice report. I remember when I went to SFMM back in March 2002. That is when X opened, or shuld I say re-opened, or whatever. X was great. The only ride I found that was not so great to me was Colossus. I thought it was a big let down for being such a big wooden coaster. But that was my opinion.

Deja Vu was closed for me too, but what I hear is that it won't run in cold weather.

Glad that you had a good time. I know I want to take another trip back out there and it might be this March.

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