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Two weeks ago me and my family went to Magic Mountain. It was sunday the 6th. Wegot there around 12 and me and my sister left my Dad his gf and my little sister.

We first went to Viper it was a great ride 8/10 makes me miss Shockwave. After that we looked around for x then we finnaly found it. but there was a 1 train op and the wait was long so we didnt wait I was very dissapointed.

Then we walked over to riddlers revenge. We waited about 30 min. This is my favorite stand up over Iron Wolf, and Change. Very good and smoth ride 10/10.

Next up was Scream, I finnaly got to ride it. I expected a long wait, we got there it was a 2 train wait for the back row. This was my first floorless coaster. I really hope SFGam gets one of these in the future. I give this ride a 10/10. This was one of the main rides I wanted to ride.

After that we walked over to Golith. I thought this was going to be a long wait but it wasnt only a 2 train wait. We sat in the back row. This was a fantastic ride. This is my favorite hyper coaster. I give it a 10/10.

We left the park around 4 and that pissed me off. I didnt really like this park i give it a 7/10

SFMW 8/10

We got to the park and we saw some Shows first. The first thing we saw was the Butterfly thing. It was pretty boring but my little sister seemed to enjoy it. Next we walked over and saw the Seal or sealion show it wasnt that bad but I got sunburned while watching it. Then later on we went to the Dolphine show. It wasnt that great.

After the Dolphine show We walked over to Medusa. This was a great ride we waited 2 trains for the last row i sat on the left out side seat. Ive wanted to ride this ride for so long now. This was a fantastic ride Floorless coaster are really awsome. I give it a 10/10. Once we got off I went on it again with my dads gf, this time we went for the second row 10 min wait, this was better then the last seat but it was alittle rougher. Second ride 10/10

Next up I took my little sister on Cobra. It was a fun little ride she seemed to like it so it was all good. 5/10

We the walked over to roar. This was a very good woodie, I still thing that Viper is better. I liked the tunnel that was pretty cool. We waited about 15 min I sat in the 2nd row by my self goodride. 7/10

Next up was Zonga. I couldnt wait to ride this. We waited about 20 min with a one trian opperation. I was up next and I let two girls cut in front of me so i could be on the same train as my dad and his gf. these black kids were like 8 and they started swearing at me. They were freaking out cause they werent gonna ride it with there friends. THen i told them let someone cut them then they can ride and they still kept being little ****s. I wanted to hit them but id get arrested or something. It wouldnt look good a 16 year old kid hitting a 8 year old. Then they called me a hater and they just pissed me off. So finnaly i got on the ride This was a very good ride but alittle bumpy. The gs were amazing. I give this ride a 8/10. Well those are my trip reports. Oh i give this park a 8/10. V2 was closed i really wanted to ride it and I skipped Kong cause it looked like T2 at SFKK and that one I didnt like.

these black kids were like 8 and they started swearing at me. They were freaking out cause they werent gonna ride it with there friends.
What does race have to do with it?


I was thinking the same thing.

And you need to learn to use spell checker. Or read more.

Also, you went on 7/6 and 7/10 not 8/6 8/10. You could have just said kids. Not black kids. Does it make it different or something?

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Yeah I know I screw up the dates. Im sorry if i affended anyone by saying black kids I should have just said kids. I didnt realize about the dates untill after I wrote the TR. And sorry again for saying black kids.

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