SFMM 8/15/04 - Hot And Fun !

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Went to SFMM for my first time this year, preparing for the worst after reading all these posts about how trashy the park is e.t.c.

Got there at 10 AM, first improvement I saw was the no bags security express line, what a great idea, just walked right in, also all the entrancegate lines were staffed! What?!?! We were in by 10.01 AM

As I already knew that X wont open at 10 AM and Riddler/Batman only run 1 train, I decided to start my day in the back, while everyone was running to X, i walked calmly to Deja Vu, nobody was there, walk on

I love this ride, just hanging at 90 degrees waiting for the train to release is a thrill! Not to rough for me either, but except for Psyclone, I like a little rattle on my coasters 9/10

Next Riddler, walk on, still nobody was on that side of the park, walk on, I like the look of Riddler, the pacing and that it is so long, it is almost to smooth for me though, almost seemed like I am on a simulator ride, no matter though, great ride, no waiting in line, i gave it a 8/10

Batman, Walk On, been on it 1000 times and still love it, it runs like it just opend yesterday 8/10

Went over to Scream for my first Scream ride in the front(1 Train wait), wow, what a difference this makes. The front row is the only way to get the "Floorless:" Effect. LOOOOOVED IT! 9/10

From Scream I saw how the parkinglot is filling up, this will be a packed day and it was only 11 AM, so off to Goliath, as I was not sure of they run 1 or 2 trains

Goliath: 2 Trains, maybe 15 minute wait. Of course I love this ride, but the midcoursebreak is deffiniately stronger than in the past years, the helix still owns though, I just with it would be a little longer, maybe one or two elements, still 8/10

By now, the park was getting packed and I walked over to Viper, this was probably the first time in 5 years I saw a line going out of the Viper Building, but I knew, even with 2 trains running, capacity is great and we probably did not wait more than 20/25 minutes!
I prepared for a rough ride, but it wasen't , it was great, my friend I went with claimed this to be his favorite ride in the park! 8/10

Off to X, I thought , what the heck, I am at Magic Mountain, I have to ride it plus we went on so many coasters and it was not even 12.30 PM!
Probably waited 1 1/2 and the whole time X never broke down(What?!?!?) 2 Trains and the crew cranked out trains probably every 3 minutes!!!

Another improvement , they have people standing at the entrance of the station, letting only a small amount in, which helps the flow in the confusing station.
It made for such an improvement in the lineflow and at the station! Bravo SFMM!

By now it was hot, went to Kathy's Kettle, had a double cheesburger meal for me and my friend, after a little priceshock ($24 for 2 combos), enjoyed the burger, did they changed the beef or something, it was a great burger, juicy and fresh, WTF, is this really Six Flags food I enjoy?!?!?

It was hot, so we went to see the Hot Ice Show, man, I expected the worst, but I was lusting for the air conditioned inside theater.
Guess what, the show is pretty good, not cheesy at all and they could actually skate! Plus seing pro's skate to Eminem 8 Mile is something to see!!!

I was strolling thru the park and have to say that i see no trash all over, how many people described it here, I liked that they have a lot more food selections, like the italian panini eastery by Psyclone and a gourmet mexican spot at the old mc donalds building (but $7.99 for one taco, rice and beans?!?!? Nahhhh...)

Next Psyclone, man, when this ride opend, it was my favorite ride at the park, but please SFMM, give this ride some loving. I am surprised we heard of no lawsuits yet, I dont mind roughness, but when you see half the riders exiting in pain, you know something is wrong! 1/10

Log Jammer was closed(why?), went on Splashdown, guess Arrowhead is not sponsering the ride anymore, it was ok

Went on Ninja, always nice and smooth and a minimal wait (2 Trains)

Afterwards I was pretty tired, the days I spent 10 AM - Midnight at the park are over, I was tired by 7 PM, was lusting for a beer , lol, plus I know a Beerbust place that offers $5 All You Drink Beer Spot from 5-10PM and I thought I got my day worth at the Mountain

Went on good old Revolution on my way out, first row, no wait and I just wish they would take off the brakes, dont even mind the over the shoulder restraints, but the pacing of the ride just sucks thanks to the trimmbrakes

To summ this all up(wow, you are really still reading this?!?!), I had a great time at the park and SFMM is nowere as bad as it seemed from reading these Messageboards! Of course, there is always room for improvements, but I for one love this place, next year I will get a season pass again!!!

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Wow, I didn't realize Deja Vu was open daily now. I thought it was still broken. Well at least 2/3 are up...funny thing is my credit is actually on the SFOG one that is closed now. It is a shame that Batman and Riddler only have one train (NO EXCUSE :( ), especially Riddler because it has three. Maybe, just maybe next year will see Superman reopen and them get those trains back on the others. *** Edited 8/17/2004 2:43:17 AM UTC by Willh51***
I went there on saturday (8/14). You are so lucky to ride DejaVU and Riddler. We got there around 12 and the lines for those rides were 2 hrs and 2:45 hrs wait, and about 2 hrs for about everything else. Had to get the fast pass for Goliath, Colossus, Scream and Viper. Besides the memory card of my digicam going nuts, not being able to ride those 2 coasters was the low point of my trip. Waited 3 hours for X. But it was soooo worth it. Its the best coaster Ive ever been on. That park is huge, and beyond packed! Colossus is one of the worst wooden coasters Ive been on. Besides the drops, it had nothing else to offer. Im from New York and on my next trip to cali I will have to go back, preferably on a weekday. By the way, they were doing tests on Superman: The Escape around 1130 pm that day. That thing sounded like a fighter jet zooming in from the sky. It looked awesome. Anyone have news that this ride will finally be back to normal operation? *** Edited 8/17/2004 6:04:48 PM UTC by coy***
^It is open buddy.

I feel sorry for people who need to wait in line. Nothing like riding every coaster in the park by 1pm when you walk in the park at 10:)

Colossus has its moments when its fun...i like it best during Fright Fest when they use the Psyclone Trains and have it running backwards...and in the dark!

...and such

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