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Wednesday, July 4, 2001 8:50 AM
Well i'm back from the BEST Six Flags Magic Mountain Trip EVER! Here's how it went. We got to the park and entered at approximately 12:05 in the after noon. Not too bad of a ride there. 2 hours. Anyways, once my girlfriend and I got inside the park, we headed toward GOLIATH. I was shocked at how short the line was for it. less than 15 minutes. But that changed in about a minute. One of the trains wasn't working right or something and so they had to take it off and bring on the extra train. That took about 10 minutes but it was an awesome thing seeing it do that. We were right next to the station watching it move. Finally, they started to let people ride again and after that, the line went by fast. Since it was my girlfriends first time at Six Flags Magic Mountain, I wanted to make it her best trip ever there. So we waited for the front row. Only a 4 minute wait:) I got the right seat that way I could get some great pics of X and Deja Vu. We got to the top and I took like 3 pics then I felt us going down a bit, so I took the cam and got an awesome pic of the tunnel. That ride rocked. After we got off and got out heads back together, we headed toward Colossus to get pics of the X trains. I got the left side this time and took around 3 or 4 pics and just enjoyed the rest of the ride. Only a 3 minute wait for it BTW. I have never really liked Colossus. Got off that and headed toward Batman:The Ride. I was thinking a 15 to 20 minute wait. On the way to the ride, I noticed that ACME Atom Smasher was just about to start. I yelled at the Ride-Op, "WAIT!" We ran up the queue and got on. I wanted to get on it before they take it out if the rumors are true. Got off that and as we walked through the exit, I noticed that the little girl ahead of me peeded her pants! SICK! OK, now on to B:TR. Got in line and took some pics of it, got near the sewer pipe entrance and I said "Oh my god." I have never seen Batman's line that short, it started on the second step. We got to the top of the stairs and all of a sudden...MUSIC?!? They are now playing music in the line for B:TR:) That made it a lot better. We got front row and got an awesome view of X and Riddlers. Deja Vu was still kinda hard to see. Got off that and we headed toward the almighty Gold Rusher. Got front row on that. 2 minute wait. LOVE THAT RIDE!OK, so now my GF wanted to go on TRR but she didn't feel too good so we headed toward the open...McDonalds? Yes McDonalds is open at SFMM now:)We got water for 60 cents. Pretty good price for like a super size cup of water. We needed it too. It had to have been easily over 100. After that, we headed toward Psyclone. Got there and saw that it wasn't open:( So I went to the little gate that they had, jumped up on it and took some great station pics of Deja Vu. Then a construction worker passed by, "Hey is Psyclone opening today?" I asked. He said in 30 minutes. So we decided to go ride Ninja fast. Ran up one of the many long hills SFMM has and got to Ninja. Not a bad wait, 5 minutes total for the front. YOU HAVE TO GET FRONT ON THIS! It's freaky at times. OK so we got off that and headed toward Superman The Escape just because it was right there. Got in the 25 minute long line and then these hillbillies got up behind us and lit one up. My gf turned around and asked them to please put that away and they did so that was good. We were the last peeps to get in the tunnel on the group, anyone who has gone to SFMM...you know what I mean. They wait like 10 minutes and let a certain amount of peeps in and stop the line again that way the line isn't packed inside. Got on and I was just to put my cam in postition and they took it away! NOOOOOOO! I was pissed. I wanted to take a pic of Superman at the top. Anyways, we went and it is now my gf's fav. ride there. Got off and headed toward Riddlers. About a 15 minute wait and got front row, that was really fun. Got off and then made a REALLY bad desicsion. We went on Spin Out. Now it didn't get to me but to my gf, u know what happens on those kinda rides. Except it wasn't during the ride, it was after we got off and went on Psyclone. I think that made it worse, then u know what happened on the way up to Viper. Too bad, no more kisses 4 a while now. BTW, Psyclone is running really smooth IMO. We got front row on a 2 minute wait. I took some more great Deja Vu pics from there. So while she was sitting on one of the Panda Express tables, I went to the X bridge and took some pics, THAT THING IS HUGE! You should see it. It's like a billion times more bigger in real life. The Station is massive. And half of the Raven Turn was done by the time we left. But back to the rides, went on Viper. Front row, 1 minute wait. Got some great pics of X on it. And some really original Viper and X pics too. I'll show ya them ASAP. Got on that twice and went on Revolution while she waited.Front row no line, then onto Goliath again. But we made a stop in BBW. We took a pic of me and Wacko! That rocked. Got a pic of Goliath Jr. then onto Goliath. We had a 10 minute wait and got on the last seats. Once again, look backwards on any coaster if you are on the last seat. Seeing the track go behind you and going through the helix and tunnel kicked ***. Got off and went on a walk on B:TR. Last row, kinda better than the front. The back to Riddlers. Back row. No wait. After we got off that, we ran to S:TE and went on it again. 2'ND row, 10 minute long line. And while waiting in line. I saw that GOLIATH had stopped at the TOP of the lift. It was there for about 10 minutes! Then it was almost time to go meet her mom and go home. So we ran to Goliath to ride it 1 more time. Got on the middle that time. Got off and ran to Flags fast. I got this really cool black X shirt. It has the X logo on the left in a weird feeling way, not cotton. and then the X tain in the middle and Six FLags Magic Mountain on the right. only $18.35 with tax. After I got that, we found her mom and went home. That was the best time I had ever had at Six Flags Magic Mountain.
Wednesday, July 4, 2001 9:39 AM
Next time if you could add some line breaks it makes it a lot easier to read. Thanks.

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