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We arrived at our hotel all the way from Chicago at about 8:30PM, let me tell you that is one long a$$ drive (over 2000 miles). After we got settled we went to the park hoping to ride X, however we arrived at the entrance of X at 9:05 and there was a sign that said, "you must be in line by 9:00 to ride," I was upset.

Oh well there are plenty of other coasters to go on. We headed up to the summit of the park and went on Ninja. Would have been 5 minutes but they were only running one train why?!?! We waited 15 minutes. This was my first time since last time I was here it was closed. I was very impressed but I still think that Top Gun at PKI was better. 8/10

Next we went on Superman, after going on Dragster earlier this season, this is nothing. 6/10

By this time we had time for only one more ride. We decided to go on Goliath. Again only one train!!! We waited 25 minutes. Awesome ride. I think that Raging Bull backseat still delivers more. If it weren't for the trims though this would be better that the Bull. 9/10

We left the park and got some rest.

Woke up at about 11:00, got ready and made it to the park by 1:00. Went straight to X. This is where my frustrations really began. We noticed that the sign out front said 3-4 hours when full, so I looked and it wasn't full so I figured 2 hours. Boy was I wrong. At this time I was unaware that there was only one train operation. When I found out it was one train operation I became very frustrated. What really made me mad was that there was two train op the night before. I couldn't think of any real reason to only have one train operating. We ended up waiting for 3 and 1/2 hours. Since I came last time at Christmas this thing has gotten rough. Still the coolest expierience on any coaster I've had. 10/10

Next we went to Riddler's Revenge. This is by far the best Stand-up. At least they had two train op but they should have been running three. 9/10

We proceeded to DejaVu, but of course it was broken just like the one at SFGAM. We skipped Psyclone because last time I was here all I remember is pain. What went wrong here, it is basically the same thing as Viper at SFGAM and Viper is a thousand times better.

Skipped Batman because it's the same thing as SFGAM's except their's is the original and it is better. Plus it looked like it only had one train running.

Skipped Gold Rusher, not a big fan of mine trains, went on it at Christmas and it wasn't that great.

We proceeded to Scream. Again only two train op. Waited 45 minutes. What is wrong with this park. This is one intense floorless. It seemed really bumpy, not rough, for a brand new B&M. Kraken is still my favorite floorless, then Batman: Knight Flight, then this. 9/10

Went to colossus, this really upset me. Only one side was running with only one train!! WTF!! What should have been 5 minutes was 20. Good ride though. 7/10

Took one last ride on Goliath. Two train op, why not three?!? 45 minutes. 9/10

We ate at Mooseburger Lodge, I think there is one of these at SFGAM. Good food. Still overpriced though. 7/10

We went to Roaring rapids and Logger's Run or whatever it is called. By this time it was 8:40. We went to X to see if they put a second train on, nope of course not. We were not going to wait another three and a half hours.

We went on Ninja again. ONE TRAIN OP!!! 15 minutes. 8/10

Ran for one more ride on Scream. 20minutes still only two trains. 9/10

Overall I believe that the ride selection here is really nice but the park operation managers need to head over to SFGAM for some training. All the rides at SFGAM are run at full capacity. The American Eagle no matter what the line is runs both sides with two trains on each. The only coaster that is not run at full capacity is the Demon. It has three trains but they rarley, unless it is extremely busy, run them all. Taking this trip really made me appreciate SFGAM alot more. SFGAM is the absolute best SF park out there and I have been to the majority of them. The only other big SF park I have yet to visit is SFGADV.

Well my overall vist here was good. 8/10
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What the hell? Why are they running one train on the majority of their coasters in Mid frickin' July?

Man, I would have been pretty upset with that parks operations, too had I been there.

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it seems when they run one...you're pissed....

when they run 2...youre pissed...

just remember this is six flags, 3 train op isnt in their vocab

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Dude, good thing you didn't go to Marine World, or you really would have been pissed off.

And I would I like to state I like the Batman in California the best. (It is the fastest one too!)

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The funny thing is I did go to SFMW, and I was pissed. I'm just spoiled with SFGAM, they run everything to full capacity, except Demon.
I was at the park yesterday (7/25/03) and I must agree that I shared the same frustrations. The only thing is that I did not even attempt to stop by X (I have ridden it numerous times before and was not in the mood to find a 3-4 hour wait when I get there).

Scream! was running 2 trains, which is acceptable as the actual line that was formed inside the queue was actually quite small and moved quite fast.

However, Goliath and The Riddler's Revenge ran two trains, with almost a 90% full queue. Batman The Ride was running one of its two trains. Goliath, RRv, BTR should have been running at full capacity. The biggest frustration of the day was waiting in line for RRv. This has been the slowest I've seen this ride's line move ever; the trains were dispatched as slowly as an X/Perilous Plunge train, and it wasn't excusable.

What I don't understand is that my last visit during Spring was that almost (excluding Colossus, it always runs one side, and Superman, the same) every coaster was running to its full capacity. Yes, name it - Ninja, Goldrusher, Batman, Goliath, The Riddler's Revenge, Scream!, Psyclone, Revolution, and Viper.

It pisses me off to think that during the supposedly much crowded summer days are dealt with off-season style operations. It's not like each ride was incredibly understaffed. Goliath, Riddler, Scream!, and Batman had an average of 6 employees working the rides.

There are no excuses for these types of operations on coasters. Due to this I believe that SFGAM is a better park, if only we had X over here. I can only dream!
I hear ya coasterman. I felt the same frustration at SFKK a couple of days ago. 4 of their premier coasters were on 1-train operation. Chang, which is a 4,000 ft plus standup was running 1 train thus making the line crawl. T2 also was running 1 train and made the line move slow. Twisted Twins ran only Lolla and that was only with 1 train. Thunder Run was on 1 train and to top that off, the ride-ops on this coaster were taking their sweet time dispatching.

I , just like you, am fortunate to have SFGAm as my homepark. They (for the most part), run their coasters at full capacity. Demon is capable of running 3 trains, but to me , its not necessary. The track length on this coaster is so short that 2 trains is sufficient.
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Oh yes... SFKK..... My aunt lives right next to the place and thats where I get my pass every year. This has to be one of, if not the worst SF park in terms of operations.

Chitown, I do agree that there is no reason to run 3 trains on Demon however I have seen it run three.

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