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I went on an FBLA trip to Irvine. We decided to stay the first night at Valencia, so we may go to SFMM for our first ever time. We left Arbuckle at 6:30 and drove the 6 hour drive to SFMM. Our advisor dropped us off at the drop of area at 1:00, and my brother and I got out our coupon and purchased our tickets. The park looked empty, and we got even more excited. We went all the way down to Goliath and found out that the line was 1 hour long. Due to this inconvenience we walked all the way back to Guest relations to purchase our Fast Lanes. We decided to hit our first ride of the day.

Rating: 1-10 (10 being best, 1 being lowest)

Hurts: Where the ride will hurt you.

Recommendation: Who I recommend the ride for.

Wait: The longest I waited to ride.


Rating: 6.5/10
Hurts: your head.
Recommendation: People looking for a great ride with a strong head.
Wait: 3 minutes.

This ride is big. The loop is very tall. We sat in the back seat and started up the lift. Before we reached the top back seat is flung down the first 188 foot head banging drop. The loops were not as great as I expected, we never really felt any forces. I loved the mid course brake run because we got some air. We crawled trough the double barrel butterfly element and the double corkscrew was kind of slow. We got a last turn back into the station and finished off the ride.

Next we saw that Revolution was running, so we decided to ride.


Rating: 8/10
Hurts: Your head.
Recommendation: Anyone looking for an intense loop and surprising hills.
Wait: 7 minutes.

There was only one train running out of three, although it didn’t affect the wait. We chose back seat. Going up the chains, I thought the loop was after the first drop, but it isn’t. The lift was not very high, but since the ride is on uneven terrain, the drop was pretty long. We went up and did another drop, followed by another, and we started to wonder, where’s the loop? Until finally, we reached the top of a hill and were braked, we saw a sign, which notes to keep your head back against the restraint, and we began the drop into the loop. This has to be the best loop in existence. The forces on it are so strong. After the loop we encountered a couple more hills with drops, and a helix ended the ride. What makes this ride great is the fact that it is so well hidden by trees, but what kept this ride from being better were the restraints. Why can’t SFMM give this ride only lapbars? It will improve the ride greatly.

We decided to finally head towards Goliath.


Rating: 9/10
Hurts: none.
Recommendation: Someone who wants to experience a hyper coaster.
Wait: 20 minutes (Fast Lane)

We chose to use Fast Lane for this ride because the line was a little long. We chose to sit in the middle. I like how comfortable this ride was. Thank God for lapbars only on this one. The lift doesn’t seem that high, and we approached the top faster than I thought we would. Somehow, this drop was not very thrilling. I didn’t feel a thing. The turn over Colossus is great. My favorite part is the next hill with airtime! I just couldn’t stay in my seat! The mid course brake run provides a little airtime. The helix was the most dramatic part of the ride. I don’t know how much G forces the helix has, but I couldn’t even keep my hands in the air! Before we knew it we were back in the station. This is a great ride, with both positive and negative g’s.

We strolled over to Gotham City to find the spinning flat ride Gear Works. Not much to say about this one. We got in line for Batman: The ride and found out that the line is much longer than expected and this ride does not accept Fast Lane so we skipped it. Headed along to the Movie District and found Free Fall testing, but they never opened it. We just decided to hit Riddler’s Revenge.


Rating: 7/10
Hurts: Your upper leg.
Recommendation: People who do not like sitting down.
Wait: 15 minutes (Fast Lane)

Standing up on a coaster isn’t the best thing. It wasn’t very comfortable. I really enjoyed the line because they played some good dance music and had some cool lighting effects. We sat in the very last row. This ride is fun going up the lift because I love the view right before the little dip. The drop is amazing. It is more thrilling than Goliath’s first drop. The loop is ordinary. The diving loops are great because they gave me just a second of weightlessness. There’s nothing really special about the inclined loop. The mid course brake run is fun because my body got forced forward as soon as we were braked, then backwards when we went down. I was completely stuck to my seat during the corkscrew. The bunny was wonderful and provided me with some airtime. We ended the ride with a last corkscrew and hit the brakes. Once again, I was forced forward. I couldn’t focus on the ride as much as I focused on the pain on my upper leg. Overall, it is still a B&M stand up, far better than Vortex at PGA, so it is still a great ride.

After this, we checked back with Free Fall, which was testing, and we found out that it wouldn’t open soon. So we just skipped it. Looking at our map, we saw that Superman: The Escape was near by. So we took the long uphill walk to it.


Rating: 8/10
Hurts: none.
Recommendation: Anyone who wants to get launched fast, and like weightlessness.
Wait: 20 minutes.

We entered the darkened line. It was hard to tell if you are going to bump someone because it is so dark. As soon as we found everyone, we were already in the room where you choose your seat. Only the left train was running, so loading capacities were pretty slow. Finally, after waiting 20 minutes, we boarded the train. After we were strapped in and checked, the launch began! This is an amazing launch, very fast! As soon as we reached the top and began to fall back, we experienced the weightlessness. After floating for about 5 seconds, we landed back in our seat, were braked, and were back in the station. The only problem from this ride was that it is very short, after the launch, before you even know it, your back in the station.

Walking around, we saw the skycoaster and the slingshot, although we didn’t have the money, so we skipped them, and headed to Déjà vu.


Rating: 9/10
Hurts: none.
Recommendation: Anyone, wanting to take the Invertigo model to the next level.
Wait: 25 minutes.

This ride looks thrilling while waiting in line and seeing some trains go by. After waiting for a while, we were assigned our seats. I believe it was the third to the last train. We got the outer seats. Coming on that first lift at a 90 degree angle is one of the scariest things I have ever experienced. Before we dropped, we heard a noise of air and down we went. This drop is amazing. The inversions were pretty slow, but that didn’t bother me. For some reason, going up the trains straight up was also pretty thrilling. Now the drop going down backwards is the best! I was weightless like I was on S: UE. My body completely floated all the way till I reached the bottom. Once again, the inversions were slow. To finish off the ride, I was slowly going down 90 degrees again into the station from the first tower. I can’t wait to ride this again someday!

Since we were in the area, we decided to hit Psyclone.


Rating: 5/10
Hurts: Everywhere.
Recommendation: Anyone wanting to be tossed around on a wooden coaster.
Wait: 3 minutes.

We arrived at the station surprised to see that there was no one in line. We had to wait in the train for 3 minutes till there were enough people on board. The tunnel on this ride was wonderful. We approached the lift and I got a good view of the ride’s layout. Finally, we reached the top. I expected a straight drop, but it is a twisting drop. I got banged and tossed all over the place on this ride. I just wanted it to end so badly. Once back in the station, I was relieved to get off that train.

After the ride, we headed all the way to the front of the park to hit X.


Rating: 8/10
Hurts: Your shins.
Recommendation: Anyone who wants to flip over and over while going on a coaster.
Wait: 40 minutes (Fast Lane)

Going through this line, I really saw how it could be up to 4 hours long. The queue line was packed! Once finally in the station, we got a locker and put in our cameras. The seats are very weird. The restraints are big and comfortable. Going up the lift, the seats rock. Finally we got to the top and all of a sudden, we flip forward. The drop is breathtaking. We went through it very fast. The flip right before we reach the bottom is so thrilling! Even the Raven loop provided lots of thrills. This ride has airtime. My legs flew up very fast, but then came back and hit the train very hard. I never knew exactly what was coming next, and before I knew it, the ride was over. This is one scary ride. So many thrills. The only downfall is when my legs hit the train. Boy did that hurt! Well I can’t wait till I can enjoy this again.

After finally riding X we got on Viper and decided to leave it alone due to the head banging. So we got on Revolution again for another great ride. With only 20 minutes left before the park closed, we went to Goliath and got on it 5 times in a row with no wait! It was amazing. Our last ride on Goliath ended the day and we picked up some more maps before leaving the park. What a great trip for only 5 hours.

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"enough is enough"-?

Great TR!!! You are so right about stand up coasters being uncomfortable. The last time I went to MM I rode RR and lets just say I will never ride it again. My seat locked while I was in a very uncomfortable position and it had my "personal area" for the rest of the day. Then the part when you hit the mid course brakes, all I could yell was "OOOWWW"!! After that I said "never again" to RR and any stand up coaster.
Ya, girls don't seem to be as uncomfortable as us guys do on stand up coasters.
How much do those fast lanes tickets cost?

Fifteen dollars for 4 line cuts. Although you really don't cut the whole line, you still got to wait a bit.

Thats fifteen per person right?
Yup, Great TR dude, glad you loved the mountain , that is one heck of a day for 5 hours!

X-Flight World's Only flying coaster!
Batwing World's only flying coaster!
S:UF World's only flying coaster! Don't you love SF ?

Cool, i gotta get to america soon to go to magic mountain.

This Season:
Flights on Air: 1
Escapes From Nemesis: 1
Drops into Oblivion: 1

RRv: Just bend your knees a little when you are getting into the seat. Don't stand straight!!! It will hurt...(I was walking as if I had rode a horse 300 miles for the rest of the day after my first trip).

Goliath: If you want a great ride down that first drop, sit in the very back right seat. AIRTIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And on the helix, many have greyed-out....

Viper: Try to sit in the middle of the cars. This is NOT one of those rides you can relax on, cause if you do you will be beaten. I personally like the slow butterfly and corkscrews cause of the floater air. I don't understand why everyone bangs their head, as I have never done that. If you couldn't tell, its my favorite steel.

Revolution: I friggin get more banging on this cursed ride than on Viper!!! I hate this ride, and I hate SF for putting those EVIL OTSR'S on that beautiful Schwartzkophf. Why? Why? The horror, the horror.....

S:TE: If you are expecting a long ride, don't go here. Just watch it run! You can see its a short ride.

B:TR: Too bad you didn't get on this G-machine. One of my fav's in the park.

Deja: Can't wait to ride @ CCXXV!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it doesn't have the banging of a boomerang....

X: I love that ride, my only complaint is the lines. I never has problem w/my legs. *shrugs*


Colossus: Was it open? I enjoy it for the tamed down, over braked woodie it is.

Psyclone: The way woodies are MEANT to be! You are supposed to get thrown around!!! Just imagine the CBCyclone....*drools*

Good TR, if you follow some of my tips, park would be even more enjoyable.

G's and helices. G's and helices. That's what I love! Formerly SFMMan.

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Thanks for the tips Mr. G-lix

http://sixflagsthrills.tripod.com/sixflagsthrills visit for some great thrills!
"enough is enough"-?

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