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Thursday, April 19, 2001 3:47 PM
Well Woke up 4:30 in the morning for the big drive to SFMM. Got to the park at 9:20. I got real pumped while waiting in line to pay for parking to see Viper Gretting us. There were a lot of cars in the area but I knew it wouldn't be crowded. Got a great parking spot next to Colossus. When we left our car we heard a loud buzzer going off then we were gretted with the first test run of Superman, boy it ran real well almost to the brakes! Then took the tram to by tickets They mentioned X to open in JULY. Then into the metal ditectors which disturbed me they seemed not to be paying much attenion to people or the metal ditectors my phone should of set it off but it did not and I took it out to show them but they didn't even look at me and I walked right in! Well into what I call the holding pen with the gates holdng everyone back. Park is opened no ones running, BUT me and my sister, I took Soggy's advice and went to the orient express they were still cleaning the area and were like shocked we went to ride we had it all to ourselfs and it was a very good transportation system to me becuase I used it 4 times going up and down the hill. Well were up and we unload and NO ONE is at Samuri Summit. Run to Superman through the very nicly themed Ice Cave to the area were they auotmatic doors open there were about 5 people in there all waiting for the front. I belive we were the second train of the day in the front row! I was so excited. I never had ridden this before and was really nervious. The Superman song plays quietly then BAM! You are off! As I was being pushed into my seat and screaming for my life I couldn't belvie the speed we must be going up the hill now but no we go FASTER to 100 MPH with this huge tower standing in our way. I couldn't belive we were going up there. Hangtime at top is OK but that doesn't matter this ride is awesome!!! Then walked onto the back Not as good but still incredible. This ride might were itself out or be a front seat ride, Better than almost any coaster in the park I think.

2 Laps:
1st:Row 1 10/10
2nd:back 9/10

Then it was down the huge hill to another empty area onto My favorite ride RIDDLER'S REVENGE! I could of rode about 5 times but I waited about 15 minutes for the front row due to real bad stacking. Got on and had an OK ride. I was real dissapointed! WHAT HAPPEND??! Something was wrong hear I keep a stright face on my favorite coaster in the front row were everyone said you had to ride! Well the ride must of been real cold or the brakes were on to hard [ they weren't last time] I can see how this ride may be getting rough but its no were near painfull. But later in the day as you will see in this report, the ride redeemed itself ;)

1st, Row 1 7/10

Onto Batman Ran right through the greatly themed queue. It was real cool as me and my sister ran through the queue becuase they were playing like an action scence music in the sewer part real loud and me and my sister felt like we were being chased! Got to station, DOW! the batman pre video has been changed to a big blue screen that says Video 1. ;) I have a new rule for B&M invert's after riding Top Gun at PGA in the front row I will now ride em all in the front! So of course waited for front when I could of walked on three times. I noticed that the lights dim when the train leaves and that ride op that yells: STAND BY! real loud out of no were, preety cool. Well as I got on these like crazy ladies got on and started to yell and screm at the top of there lungs while we were still in the station. GP can get on my nerves sometime. Well I was blown away by it! Better than the last visit to the mountain and blows my Favorite coaster at my home park Top Gun out of the water! I teard up cause of g's and I heard my face get pulled back big time! I can't belive how fast this ride goes into the last corkscrew[ best inversion on ride! It's out of nowere!] and the brakes! The ride is going at preety much Max speed and I saw the end of the ride and I took cover for a HUGE headbang but NONE! Man B&M rule!

1st ride 10/10

Went to ride might Clossus in back row same story here with lines, waited about 5 minutes
Our train had some funny people in it, I love the first drop from the back you never really know when yer gonna go! For fright fest they should also turn the brakes off cause they just ruin the ride! The ride is good in the begging but the brakes stop all the potential fun you can have over the last bunny hops. Then rode in front exact same thing.

1st ride: Back 7/10
2nd ride: Front 7/10

Saw Goldrusher Rode it, Ok ride werid spriral drop for finale.


What to do now? well Goliath had built itself a line oberseving this from Colossus, let's got do Reveloution and Viper. Got to Reveloution had a line didn't look too bad and they have the TV's in the queue so let's ride!

was on the ride in about 20 minutes. I felt like a prisoner in all those restraints plus I stapled my self not knowing the ops preety much let you lower your restrait[ I did this on almost every ride :( ) Good ride not rough, not smooth, The brakes more than anything screw this ride, My sister even said after the first drop, " Hey don't put on the brakes!" [ she is not an enthusiast] When this ride really built itself up it would slow down, but still a good ride could still be one of the world's best though.

1st:Back of train 8/10

Then to Viper wow big line here I freaked scence I had only seen one all day! All the way to the greatest coaster's ever built monument [ 2nd one by the X bridge.] I knew we had about 45 minutes to wait but hey It not bad and is a good ride. As we got close to the station they decided to add a third train. Well too late but it's ok for future rides in the day. The ride was slow transfering a new train and the ops warmed the train up at least 2 times before they re opened the ride about 10 minutes later. I didn't know that they had now had you make your desision to ride in the front, middle or back, way at the entrace of the building. I didn't want the front I was tired of waiting. This ride really shocked me! I thought it was ok last time but now it rocked! I think they raised the hight requirement to 48' to 54' Good idea if your short you will be obliterated from this ride's roughness. You might accually need the OTSR's in the Boomerang and Corkscrews. I really leaned on it through them. Worth about the hour wait.

1st ride: back of train, 9/10

I conviced my sister to ride Ninja. We got up there via Orient express and got in a line which for some reason is always there. She hates the ride, I think it is OK so I tried it. I like how you can accually heat and see the TV's in the line made it go quick, unlike Viper and Reveloution were you can't hear them and over half are off I rode in the back row for extra swinging action I can never feel the swining on suspendeds. An ok Ride worth 1 lap a visit if you have time.

Back row: 7/10

Well I really wanted to ride Flashback because of sheer couriosity. I knew it would close before the park did so I went over to it on the way to Goliath. No line at all and got up ther and got to the second row with no desire for the front. I knew I was in for a rough ride when THE LIFTHILL WAS ROUGH! When the train connected to the chain the train like bobbed and gave a nice little jolt. The ride REALLY suprised me and the harpin drops are real cool I was having an awesome time till the first real rough spot. I was preety shure it is when the train dives in to the drop my head hid the evil OTSR HARD I wanted off the ride and feared for my life! Before the ride I said to myself I would fight this ride to keep my head back, I slakced of for a second and paid a steep price. Second real big bump wasn't as bad but I had it! I would not let this coaster beat me! I had to hold on as hard as I could and hold my head back. I won but it took some of the fun out of the ride when I was busy fighting it. I liked the ride alot but the roughness might not get it too many rides from me. I accually had a tad of a headace and my ears were red. First time I was really affected by roughness. I though all the guys complaing about FOF were wimps but now I know and understand your complaints!

2nd row , 8/10

Well on to Golitath. Line spilled out of queue but was only about 30 minutes due to them openeing NONE of the cutbacks in the huge queue just one line to the station. I was really excited. The first drop is what makes this ride great. The second is real fun but not scary at all due to the first and the swooping track even though its 200ft. Third drop was cool maybe a tad of airtime [ I was stapled dow!] The ride after that is just plan fun. The brakes were defently increaed from July. It made the Blowfelx slower but due to this the g's were on you longer and I started to black out.

5th row 9/10

My mom and sister were off to check in at the hotel, well a coaster nut like me will not stop riding to check into a hotel so I headed over the what I call B&M backlot to Batman and Riddler. I hung out in Gotham city then went to my new #1 invert Batman I was in a near full queue for Batman[ the cutbacks were not used howver] The themimg and music made the line go real fast. What else? front row ride. Still same exact awesome ride!

2nd ride: 1st row 10/10

I always wanted to try Grider Gearworks were you stand in a big circle and the ride goes up in a 45 digree angle. Real cool I liked it alot. Esspecally the g's it was like trying to move in a swamp. Then after the ride was over my opinion of the ride completly changed. I was sick! I went to sit down to wait for my mom and sister they were there soon went to Freefall I always wanted to ride a freefall ride and esspecially Intamin 1st generation ones. There was alot of trains running and the ride was short and so was the line but it just wasn't moving! Now I know why the capacity sucks for these. Meanwhile during this line I was getting sicker and sicker at one point I was on my hands and knee's I thought it was proten time! Then as I got closer to the ride The fear off being drop suddenly then thrown on my back built up and I was fine! Man this ride was real cool! I was afraid the ride would really be unpleaseant when I was thrown to my back. Cool ride! I don't know If I will ever graduate to a 2nd gnereation though! If Intamin made these real high like the ones today they would be awesome! But the lines would be huge. PS is the elevator system the same type In Millinium Force's lifthill?

The I really wanted to give Riddler's Revenge another chance. The line was big but I didn't care. Shortly after I enterd I noticed no trains were going. I saw an empty one storm by and then I saw A train with people. After this I looked and saw a train on the lift hill, brake run and defently knew there was one in the station, YAHOO!! THREE TRAINS! I got to the station in about 20 minutes with a full queue. I started hearing my favorite coaster song and it was dusk now getting close to the night so the lights in the sation were now taking effect It's too bad only 2 of the question marks were working and the lights that dim and stuff were too. There was a lot of people in the station and It was like a night club ah yes this is the Riddler's Revenge I know! I thoght it was hillarious that when everyone would exit the ride and put the OTSR's up, the op would reset all the OTSR's and they music would shut off and the train would make a huge BOOM! It scared every one there, haha GP can be so much fun. Queue up for second row and noticed huge stacking going on. It was worse now than the begginging. 90% of the time there would be 2 trains on the brake run and one in the station! I got on board Rick after about a 35-40 minute wait and just sat there. I saw the lift hill go real slow and the ops did nothing for what I could see Just standing there for like 10 minutes. People wonderd then the problem was.. line cutters! WHAT? LINE CUTTERS MAKING A TRAIN AT THE STATION STACK! I know knew where I really was a Six Flag's park. At least one of the ride ops was hot! Well I was getting made not only was I standing there warped in a OTSR and having to try to get comfy on a bycicly from hell the trains, and track were getting real cold. The fact that it was windy and abotu 55 outside didn't help much. Well we go and YEAH this is the RR I know! The Corkscrew over the Queue was awesome! I have no idea why this ride ruled. I guess it was cold in the morning or the fact I just rode Superman. Lots of fun. ! Went for Superman and Vip as last 2 rides of day, well going up the hill Superman's line was way outside the cave and due to slow loading there would be probibly an hour wait, nah lets do viper oh what> Reveloution with a tiny line? Lets do it! Same ride from the same seat I think real fun.

2nd ride: 8/10

Well me and my sister really wanted to get souviner's and hoped we would have enough time to ride Viper and still get shirt's. Well Viper had no line until the station!!!! Yahoo! I noticed the ride was still in 3 train operation. Man I think that should be a permanit fix for this ride after noon. The front row had a big line so I went for second after about 5 minutes. Still incredible! One thing was that Viper's midcouse was on so hard I got airtime on them.

2nd ride second row: 9/10

Got a Goliath shirt and then looked at it and relized the ride in the backround was S:ROS. dah! Oh well nice shirt! Here are some obervations I noticed.

The park really need to focous on music this is one of the reasons that makes PGA better than SFMW! I mean it was not much the first time and even less now! Batman, Goliath and the Viper area had no music. Only front of park and Smarui Summit had it. Goliath seems to have cricket's chirping now and Batman was nothing. Also Baja Ridege is basically gone. All there is , is Viper. The eating area was being distoyed and the mouse ride is gone. Viper is getting a new photo botth to, good move!
Speaking of which The onride photos seemed to be not working today. There weren't too many open. Also the fishtank type things at the other end were you exit RR is gone! Too bad well thanks for reading and thanks for all help this was an awesome day!

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Thursday, April 19, 2001 4:37 PM
Just imagine how awesome this park will be when they have Deja Vu and X installed.

What is life with out coasters, geniuses, and/or SFA
Thursday, April 19, 2001 5:28 PM
Great report! I really wish I could have been there with you!
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Saturday, April 21, 2001 7:55 AM
Great report. What they did to revolution sucks though. I've never ridden it but it disturbs me everytime I hear about what happened to that coaster mainly because of how much I love sooperdooperlooper.

"Nippy!! Where the hell are ya?"

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