SFMM 2/15

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I thought I'd throw together a quick TR, if for no other reason then to inform people on the status of the park.

X was testing two trains while we stood at the entrance. And, 20 minutes after the gates are opened, we're in the front row! This ride is everything it's reported to be; one of a kind, and some of the coolest elements ever created. The potentional is unreal. However, the loading and unloading process is a mess, as is (apparently) the software - "ArrowVision", according to the op I was talking to, is the monitoring software. I asked what the PLC's they were running, but that was beyond her expertise. The thing seems to be loaded with glitches and is way over-complicated. It wigged out once in the morning and three or four times in our two hour wait for our evening ride. It sounds like typical American over-engineering to me.

Anyway, the park was fairily busy.

A 30 min. wait for Deja Vu. Two great drops.

1 train wat for Psyclone.

30 min for S:TE. I still like the sustained air on this thing, even though it's subtle.

1 hour for RR, two trains. They don't care if you sit or stand on this thing. They just lock it down and let it go. Wierd...

1 hour for Batman, one train, slow ops.

45 min for Goliath, two trains. Good ride, maybe too smooth?

Flashback was a walk on. It is now my wife's most-hated coaster. This ride flat out sucks.

Viper was a 3 train wait, running two trains. Just another overgrown Arrow looper.

Ninja and Collosus were down.

There's that. We're heading out to get breakfast and spend a couple more hours there today.

Thanks for reading.

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