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Thursday, February 14, 2002 2:06 PM
Six Flags Magic Mountain-Sunday, February 10th, 2002.

I headed out to the park in cargo pants and a t-shirt, taking advantage of the nice weather. I arrived at the park at 9:45, 15 minutes before the park opened. As you head up the drive to the park your first glimse of the park is the one thing I went there to go on, X. Just looking at this ride testing made me so excited. We payed $7 for parking, and parked our car. As I got out of the car, I heard my favorite sound in the world, the sound of a lift hill. It then hit me that I was actually there. I walked over to the ticket booth, and paid $25 for admission. If your wondering why so cheap, I had discount tickets (save $17). I waited a few minutes, watching the coasters test. The gates then opened, and the running of the bulls had begun. I wasn't the first one to get in, but I got in with in 2 minutes. Then, I ran. I ran pretty fast, probably more of a jog. I entered Baja Ridge, and ran across the bridge, to the ride they call X. I must have passed up half an hour while I ran because many other walked. I entered the line, getting a good view of Viper.
After waiting 13 minutes, my moment had come. I entered the extremely comfy trains, pulling my harness down to a nice height, and closing my butterfly harness. Once everyone was in, the seats rotated about 45 degrees. The ops then came around and checked everyone's harness, making sure it was tight. The trains then exited the station, leaving the riders facing backwards. The trains go through a small turn, then heading up the lift hill. I had the best view of the park, at least that what I thought. You could see everything from the lift. It was so nice. As the trains reached the top of the lift, I started to get a bit nervous. Down a little dip, and into the first drop. The seats rotated forward, until you were facing 215 ft. straight down, very sweet. I don't want to ruin the rest of the ride, really not knowing what direction you will turn and all, so I wont say anymore, except that it was unbelievably smooth, and sorry Magnum, this one takes the top of my favorite coaster list.
After being on the best coaster I had ever been on in my life, I knew right then my money was well spent. I walked over the bridge again, and headed back into Baja Ridge, facing my next challenge, Viper. The line was a bit longer than what I thought it might be, but I only waited about 10 minutes. Great view of the park from there too, sit on the left side of the train. Viper was smoother than what I would have thought, and I enjoyed everything except the poorly placed brakes. Other than that, it was a fun ride. The next challenge would then be Deja Vu, but the challenge wasn't met. Sadly, "Delay Ja Vu" was closed due to mechanical problems. Since Psyclone was right there, I decided to take a ride, big mistake. This ride just flat out sucked. There was no way anything could have made it better, unless of course they redesigned it. This thing was just horrible. It is poorly designed, rickety (rickety like Mean Streak), and was just no fun. I was slammed into the side of the train, and my shoulder was a bit sore the rest of the day. First time I have ever gotten hurt on a coaster. Never again will I go on that.
Next target- Riddler's Revenge. This ride was sweet. The best stand up I have been on, but not that much better than Mantis (it lost some points because Mantis has such a better 1st drop). I walked right on this one, and they even let me stay on a second time around because there was no one in line. Very smooth ride. I just really enjoyed it. Only thing I really didn't like was when I got stuck on the lift for about 10 minutes my second time around, but it wasn't too bad. I was mad that Freefall was closed, but I figured that was because it was the off-season. Did I figure right? Oh well, my next coaster, Batman, the other B&M coaster at SFMM. What can I say, its Batman. I sat in the front row. Pretty fun, but doesn't top Raptor. It was about noon, and I was getting hungry. I decided to eat at the mooseburger lodge, but that was after I got two rides on Colossus and two rides on Goliath. Both rides were walk ons. I was really suprised at Colossus, gotta love the air time. Sadly, it was really the only coaster that had a lot of air. Goliath was next, and I was plesently suprised at how short the line was. I seemed to almost walk on to everything that day, except for X, Batman, and Viper. After my second time around on Goliath, not much air, great view, too many Gs, but smooth.
Mooseburgerlodge- I liked this restaurant. The menu wasn't that big, but they had food that I liked, so it didn't bother me. My cousin and her boyfriend both got the buffet, which looked good, but I got the crossiant. It was suprising at how fast they got the food to you, I enjoyed it. The happy birthday songs got annoying though. I skipped Flashback, for obvious reasons. I kept walking, noticing that my stomach wasn't feeling so good, I think I ate too much. I decided a gentle ride would be good, so I got on the Grand Carousel. Its a carousel, not much to say there. I saw Revolution, and decided that was next. Seats weren't that comfy, restraints were odd. Anyways, it was pretty smooth. I thought it was cool at how they had all those safety warnings and stuff before it went into the loop. I wanted to get a ride on the Orient Express, but since I wanted to check out if Deja Vu was open yet, I walked. Deja was open, but with an hour and a half line to two hour line, I couldn't tell how long it was. The train hadn't gone in ten minutes, so I decided the wait deffinitly wasn't worth it. Oh, just a side note that I decided to add in because I just remembered, Thrillshot was closed. Walking up that hill up to Samuri Summit is tough on a hot day like that, but I did it anyways. I headed to the Superman line. They were only running one side, the right side, so I had to wait about 5 minutes, wasn't bad wait. I was dissapointed with superman though, I thought it would have massive amounts of airtime. Frankly, it hardly had any. The best part IMO was the launch. I really didn't like Superman that much. I wanted to go on a easy going ride next, so I made my way up another hill to Ninja. This line was the longest line I had waited for so far. About 20 minutes. I thought Ninja was fun, nice landscaping around it, but what really ruined the ride for me was the finish, going up a lift hill at the end of a coaster isn't my idea of "fun". Sky Tower was closed too.
Gold Rusher-the parks first Roller Coaster. For being the first coaster in the park, I thought it was pretty good. You may think im crazy or a bit odd, but I thought it was better than S:UE. I rode Riddler's Revenge after that, for the 3rd time that day. The line was still really short. I liked the station music, more than X's station music anyways. After that, I grabbed another walk-on ride on Colossus, and then went on the one coaster that I avoided before, Flashback. This was another "Big Mistake". I can't believe how horrible this coaster is. First off, the design just sucks. It was horrible. Ahh crap, bloody nose. This ride was just horrible. It was very rough too. It was getting dark, about 5 o clock, and I wanted to get on one more ride, I wanted to ride X again. I waited about an hour, give or take about five minutes or so. This ride was much different the second time around though, it had some major additude, and I didn't like it. I got on the train, the same way as I had before, but something was different, at the time I couldn't tell what. I sat in the same side as before (the left), I sat in the same row as before (5th from the front), and I sat in the same seat as before (outside). I thought the ride would be the same, but how wrong I was. As we headed up the lift, I noticed that is seemed a bit bumpyer than before. As we headed down the little dip, I then realized it was a lot bumpier than before. It was extremely rough! I couldn't believe it! It was so smooth before, but then it was just very very very very rough. The rotations, everything, ton of headbanging (even though the seats were nice and padded), I just could not believe it. The worst part was it that the whole train was shaking violently, a bit out of control. We skidded through the brakes, coming to a sudden halt. Not fun at all, even though I pasted a fake smile for the on ride photo. Sure it was still my number one coaster, based on the first ride. If I based it on the second ride, maybe number 50. It was rougher than Psyclone and Flashback combined. I bought an "X" t-shirt just as I was heading out. I had fun, but deffinitly wasn't the best park IMO.

Friday, February 15, 2002 6:33 PM
Nice trip report CPFan.  My coaster buddy and I were there the same day and we must have been shadowing you!!  We were on the same Riddler's train that got stuck going up the lift hill (around 11:15 a.m.), riding in the front.  I'll have to agree with you about 'X' -- after the sun goes down, it takes on a whole new personality.  We rode it three times that day - first ride in the morning, then around 2:30 p.m and then again about 6:15 p.m.  The night rides I have taken have all been 'rough' and completely different than the day rides.  Too bad you didn't care for Superman -- we walked right on in the late afternoon and got some great air at the top of the tower (and FYI - they usually run only one side during the slower months).  Our wait for Deja Vu was only 45 minutes and that was around 4:00 p.m.
Saturday, February 16, 2002 6:49 AM
I have noticed bumpiness on X at night, but not until after the turnaround. The flip & twists and the 2nd raven turn are rough, but not horrible. The drop, 1st raven, backflip camelback and turnaround have always been smooth for me. I think one of the trains gives a bumpier ride too.

Too bad you missed Deja Vu. I think it is worth a 90 minute wait, since it's new. It's one of those "better than you thought it would be" rides.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2002 8:59 AM
I too am sorry you missed Deja Vu, CPFan. It is DEFINATELY a "better-than-expected" ride. IMO, it has the scariest element I have ever experience, the 90 degree hanging spike, twice. It IS NOT like the rear spike of S:UE, as S:UE hangs for 1/10th of a second and Deja Vu holds you for several seconds during its ascent, both to start and finish the ride.

Psyclone and Flashback - As stated by many others, these two rides truly are horrible and should be avoided at all costs. Believe the "hype".

You skipped the "orient express" and walk to Deja Vu. Another mistake. The Orient express isnt really a ride. It takes you from the merry-go-round up the hill to Ninja. (do you dont have to walk up from the back side of the hill. After Ninja and Superman, then head DOWN the hill to Deja Vu. :) maybe next time.

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