SFMM 12/4/04

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So the bf & i decided to fly to SFMM for a day trip from TX...

We arrived at the park at about noon, headed straight for X. We make it about 10 minutes in line, it breaks (shocker, right?) THey have it up and running in 10 minutes, we finally make it to the right loading station, about two trains left before we ride, it breaks again (this is where I really wanted to cry, after a 3 hours plane flight, I just REALLY wanted to ride it ONCE)! We get on (woo hoo)! This ride gets a lot of crap thrown at it, but I loved it, a bit rough towards the very ending, but overall a great ride (btw, we got first row, man, the first drop is intense up front)!

*Superman: only right side running, about 20min wait

*Deja Vu: Close to an hour or so wait, was too long of a line, figured we could ride it at another park, or the next time we go to MM)

*Riddler: What to say?! after a quick 20 min wait, we were on (Row 4, 1 & 2) great ride! The train was running fast, smooth, and there was some great air time. I was blown by the first loop and the 45degree loop, right now, one of my top two stand up coasters.

*Revolution: A classic! Walk-on, car 3 first row. Would def get on it over and over, esp if it's a walk on!

*Gold Rusher: This little thing packs a great punch! I was amazed at what a great ride this was!

Overall, I really like this park. It was wicked crowded, evidently the sight Failed to update there events page, so we went thinking it would be decently crowded; OH NO! It was cheerleader time! :( *grr* It was a nightmare of LOUD girls, oy!

The only thing I really didn't like was the fact that 6 Flags doesn't have an across the board way of doing Q bot. I would much rather have the Q-Bot system (like our home park of SFOT) vs. the FastPass System!

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I agree with you about Riddler...that is one sweet coaster...

Why nothing about Goliath? I really liked that one, too...

--George H

Yes...Riddler and X are both awesome rides, despite the many unfortunate bareakdowns of X.
We opted not to ride Goliath for the mere fact that SFOT has Titan, and it was too crowded to try to wait. If it were less crowded we figured we would've done it, but with only two days (which turned to one, Sunday was a windy/rainy day)! :( we ended up skipping Goliath.

Be yourself, eveyone else is taken...

You didn't get on Scream! either?
I went to SFMM a 2 years ago and I tried to like it, I really did, bbut I just couldn't. Maybe it was the letdown that X was closed, maybe it was the fact that Ninja was down too, maybe it was the fact that it was just so dern hot...I just couldn't enjoy myself. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean I still didn't have a few highlights...Deja-Vu was one of the highlights of my California trip. It was surprisingly open all day and running great. It was mostly those verticle drops that got me the most, great ride that I'd almost take over my Two Face at SFA if only the GIB ran more reliably. Riddler's Revenge was also incredible, absolutly amazing for a stand up coaster. Goliath...meh...Viper...meh...Revolution...would be better with just the lapbars, but overall...meh. Riddler's Revenge and Deja-vu though..VERY nice.

If you can't stand the heights, get out of the line.

Since when did Superman:TE open back up?

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