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I went to SFMM on the first Sunday in June. It was a very fun time and almost everything was open except for the Sky Tower and the monorail. Some friends and I got there at 10:00 and decided to go on Deja Vu first.

Deja Vu - We were the first ones there and when it opened got on the first train of the day. It was incredibly smooth, suprising for a Vekoma boomerang coaster. I didn't think it would be as intense as it was on those vertical spikes. Definately one of my favorites.

Riddler's Revenge - Waited about five minutes as most people were still waiting for X. The Revenge was just as good as I remembered it: fast, intense, and smooth.

Batman: The Ride - waited about 2 minutes and finally got on the back row since I had never ridden it in the back. It was much more intense than the front.

Goliath - Waited 1 hour. I can't get enough of this ride. It has been my favorite since it opened and I can't get enough of this ride. Great airtime and positive g's.

Colossus - Walk-on. Colossus was a fun ride but it would be better if they would run both sides but then again, I can't remember the last time they ran both sides.

Superman The Escape - Waited 5 - 10 minutes. Went in the front row for the first time(first time I haven't seen it have a long line) and could definatly see better than the other rows. It was a fun ride, but not one of my favorites.

Ninja - Waited 5 minutes. This is a fun ride and one of my favorite suspended coasters. I guess it's the fact that the ride isn't inturrupted by a second lift hill.

Viper - Waited 30 minutes. This ride, to me, is getting rougher each time I ride it. It's a fun ride, just a little too rough in some parts.

Decided to go eat lunch at Panda Express. Had some good Chionese food. Then we went to go on

X - Waited 4.5 hours. I have some questions. First, why are they only running one train. Second, what is the point of someone telling you what side to go on. Thought we had reached the end of the line which was only 2 hours. Then we got to wait for another 2.5 hours, most of the time moving one step forward. Anyways, we went for the front and were completly amazed by this ride. The first drop is definatly the best drop I have ever been on, and I've been on quite a few (Millennium Force included). The rest of the ride, though short, was amazing. The second rave turn and the back flip leading up to it. X is definatly the best ride I have ever been on. Everything about the ride is great. I think the roughness on the flips add to the scare factor of the ride.

We then went on a few more rides and then left. One thing that I found amusing was that blocking the entrance to Thrill Shot was a sign saying Sorry, due to current weather conditions, this attraction is closed. Is it ever going to open or are they going to take it out. It is a waste if they just have it sit there closed. Anyways, that was my day at SFMM, one of my best days there.

There are a variety of rumors floating around as to why they are only running one train. Stress fractures in the seats supporting arms is the most common one, though I've also heard of various other maitanance issues with the trains. As it sits right now, they really only have one train that they can run, with the second not being available and the third one being scrapped a long time back for parts. Hopefully they'll get another one in soon so that they can fix the capacity issues some.

Thrillshot is also getting retrofitted from what I've been told. A wild guess, but I would think that it would open in the next month. Honestly, I'm actually kind of surprised that it's not open yet, since they were working on it the last couple of visits I've made. Hopefully soon.

Looks like you got a bunch in for going on a Sunday to. I won't touch the park on a summer weekend because of the crowds. Great report.

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