SFMM - What's open?

Hey gang,

Newbie here wondering if anyone knows if Magic Mountain has most rides open - since they don't seem to want us to know.

ANy rides down for maintenance, or anyone been there lately and have an idea what they'll have open on a holiday in Feb?

Is there a way to tell on the site or a number to call? I have the park info #.

We have the opportunity to go Monday 2/18, but don't want to make the trip (planes, trains, automobiles, hotels) if we can't get thrilled! LOVE THIS PARK!



If they aren't posting anything on their website, you definitely want to give them a call as it seems February is the month when they close the most rides for routine maintenance.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

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Superman has been down for Full Throttle construction. I was there in Dec and everything else was open but I'd call to get a current list of the maintainence schedule for the month.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

Thx all - I called and they said NOTHING is out except two water rides closed for the winter.

Helpful at the information number.


Usually all the coasters are open at SFMM, even during offseason. You will encounter one train operations on rides like Apocalypse and Riddler as the second train is in rehab.

Superman is also currently open, could be closed though during your visit as vertical construction for Full Throttle should be starting soon.(Goldrusher could be closed aswell for construction)

We went for the first time to SFMM in January... Amazing trip. All but Superman was open. Walk-on everything, including X2. Could not ask for a better time to go, especially when we only had one day to do the entire park on our trip.

Here are photos from that day, you can see just how dead it was:


They ran 2 trains on everything that day as well, except Riddler.

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Yeah I think my next trip will be in the winter as well. Weekdays with no lines make me happy.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

I'm hoping to get back to LA in the future and visit here. Your pics were amazing!

I really enjoyed looking at those pics, SFMM looks great these days. I was there many many years ago and was so disappointed as the place was pretty much a dump. If I were to visit now I think I'd pick up around 8 new rides, so that's how long it's been...
Winter weekdays seem to be the way to go, but we got caught really bad once on some random Tuesday in January at Disneyland. Same at Knott's a few days later, we found maybe 50 cars in the lot that morning (yay!) only to turn the corner and see 1500 school busses. (oh...) So you never know. I reckon SFMM is far enough away, though, that it has a whole different type of visitor than those parks to the south.
I noticed winter coats and hats on some people there. Was it cold? Or did the Californians just think it was cold? I had that experience a couple weeks ago in Orlando, where I was glad to wear shorts and a T-shirt on a 65 degree day while the locals at the theme parks were dressed for skiing. It was 19 degrees and snow was falling when I left Ohio, so that 65 was feeling pretty good to me!
Thanks again, SteveWoA, for posting the pics.

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