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Arrived at 11:00am and went straight to X 2 - haven't ridden since the update. Waited around hour 15. Pretty much the same ride, but the soundtrack is pretty cool. Going dowwwwwnnnnnnnnnn :)

Seeing that the park was pretty crowded, we got the regular Flashpass. Queued up Tatsu and got something to eat before going to ride. Have to say, I thought Tatsu was BRILLIANT! Talk about using location to it's best advantage. What looks like a small lift hill - you get to the top and your are freaking crazy high in the air - very unnerving on the flyer train. The whole course was amazing and the loop was HUGE. I've been on the Superman's but Tatsu blows them all out of the water. Definitely best surprise of the day.

Next was Terminator Salvation - which rocked. Very fast and relentless. Sound track was fun too.

Deju Vu & Superman out for the count till March.

Riddler only had one train running and was not on FlashPass so we skipped, which is unfortunate, cause for a standup, it's my fave. In the interest of time, we skipped Batman too - been on most of them.

Goliath was next and it's still a great ride. I'm a big fan of height and speed and this guy delivers both in spades.

Scream was new to me and was expecting much of the same floorless layout/ride. Ride was a little bumpy, but the freaky kind of Immelman/heartline thing in the middle of the ride was very cool. Great surprise.

Colassus for nostalgia - I was at Magic Mountain when this was the biggest :) Always have to ride once.

With the FlashPass, waited less than 15 minutes in each station. Beautfiul weather and family made for a very fun day. Park was clean and the ops were truly having fun with the dispatches and seemed to be having a great time. Now that I live in CA again, I will definitely be going back Need some more Tatsu!

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Sounds like sending the 3rd Riddler train to Great Adventure may not have been the greatest idea since now if 1 Riddler train has a problem or has to have annual maintenance, they are forced to go to 1 train operations.

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How many trains did Chang have and how many made it to GAdv.?

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Chang had 2 trains, and 3 total are at Great Adventure

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3 trains for Chang? Didn't Cedar Point discover that 2 was plenty for Mantis, even with a crew going top speed? (Largely because of guest confusion).

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I don't know, Andy. I somehow don't think that the Chang guests had to follow the same rigid loading procedure that the Mantis guest did.

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I'm completely confused about something. Terminator's soundtrack that you referred to (I'm assuming that you are talking about the in car speaker system) didn't even last for one year. In all the cars I have been in recently, the speaker panel is not even there anymore, they have been replaced with a bolted on metal plate.

Is there a chance that one of the cars they are using still has the sound system intact and you got to ride it, or is there something I'm misunderstanding about your description.

For the life of me, I can't figure out why they got rid of the soundtrack so quickly.

I sat in the very back seat - could have sworn that I heard music playing. The ride was so intense and fast that maybe I imagined it :) ?

Either way the ride ROCKED!

It's a great ride! Love it's speed!

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