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Wednesday, May 29, 2002 4:44 PM
What do you mean we are going to Magic Mountain on Memorial Day weekend?!?!?!?!?!

This thought raced through my mind as I found out I was going to Magic Mountain on this weekend. Two years ago I had visited Magic Mountain on Memorial Day weekend, it was packed!!!!!!! There was a hour wait just to get into the parking lot, Riddler's Revenge, and Batman had 2 hour waits, and it was packed, and a mad house. I was expecting the same exact thing to happen this weekend. Since I could either go this weekend, or a LONG time from now, I was forced to pick this weekend.

1:00 A.M. is not a good hour for me

Since there was no time difference between us and CA. like usual, I had to wake up an hour earlier. Getting ready for the long trip, I ended up going to sleep at 10:00, only to have too be woken up when I overslept my alarm. Hurrying, I quickly got ready, and was out the door.

Magic Mountain PKWY ½ mile

As I entered the park, I was amazed, there wasn't as long of a line as I thought there would be. There was one downside though, some of the booths where you pay to park (name slips me), weren’t open, so there were people going into the empty lanes, thinking they are so smart, only to have to cut in to the lines of us patient people, who have at least half a brain. Luckily all of the booths were open on the second day.

Deja Vu, here I come!!!!!!

Since we arrived kind of late, I knew the line for X was already way too long, and since I rode it in late Feb. it was no big loss. However I haven't been on Déjà Vu, since it has been closed every time I have been there. I took Orient Express up the mountain, (love this ride), through Samurai Summit, Finally we reached Cyclone Bay. There were employees blocking the entrance of the ride, not a good sign, but I knew that I was fine and it would open a little later.

I headed over to Psyclone, it wasn’t open yet, so we decided to wait, they were sending some of the crew out on a test run, once the train got back, and they said energetically “Psyclone is now open!!!!”, everyone was silent, you could tell most of them had that “we are only riding this because Déjà Vu isn’t open yet” kind of expressions on their faces. I like this ride it may not be smooth, or fast, but in the back car, the drops are good, especially the first one, and flying into the structure sure is something.

After finishing up Psyclone, we headed back over to Déjà Vu, and wait, we talked to a couple of people, and it was strange, the female employee who was guarding the entrance, looks EXACTLY like one of my friends, guess they don’t call it Déjà vu for nothing . Well 4 test runs later we finally enter the line. As we walk up the ramp, I could see it was assigned seating, I was kind of mad, because I really wanted back, because I enjoy the back on other Boomerangs. Well right as we were about to tell the employee who looks just like my friend (her name was Lauren by the way), how many people were in our group, she stops us; we just missed the first train. But everything was okay, because she asked us if we wanted front or back, and I immediately responded “back”, and she responded “good choice”.

The gates opened, and I sat down in the seat, buckled my seat belt, pulled down my restraint, and hooked the seat belt to it, and was ready to go. I was beginning to get really nervous, they finished checking everyone’s restraints, and my heart started to race, the floor dropped, and I was hauled up that spike. The ground got farther away, and I was falling against my restraint. Then all of a sudden, you stop for a second, and then you are released. It is a rush; you start to float, only to be forced down into your restraint. Forward was great, it all went by fast. Then we began to head up the second spike, only to get released, and man that loop is intense, my head was getting pushed forward, we crept through the boomerang, and went up the first spike, where we caught on the lifting cart, and slowly moved back into the station. Déjà Vu is a real winner, and I only had to wait 20 mins. It also appears Magic Mountain worked out a lot of the bumps, because I didn’t see it break down once while I was at the park both days.

Next we headed over to Arrowhead Splashdown, I like log flumes, I like Log Jammer better, but this one loads quicker, and the line moves quickly. It really bangs you around a lot, but it really didn’t matter to me.

After a refreshing ride on Arrowhead Splashdown, we headed over to Goldrusher, I like how both Log Jammer, and Goldrusher interwind, it is always fun to wave to the people on Log Jammer. This ride has three really good parts, the drop on the water, the turn under Superman, and the lateral filled helix. This ride really speeds up at night, and the crowd really likes it, people were cheering when we hit the brake run.

We next strolled over to Freefall, this had a really short wait, I can handle any other freefall rides, but these 1st generation freefalls make me nervous. The restraint was tight on my shoulders, and I thought that it would cause me some pain, we the drop went well, but when you make that quick stop after you hit the brakes, my shoulders flew into the restraint. Oh well, I rode it numerous times during the day. I still don’t see why Magic Mountain doesn’t have a taller, and more modern freefall tower, it is an X-treme park after all

I then head over to Batman; it has a sort wait, about 10 mins, the line started in the middle of the storm drain. Intense ride as usual, I still like the one at SFGAm better, because it was my first inverted.

After Batman, we go over to Colossus, a one train wait; I sat in the last seat of the second to last car. I like this ride, it has short waits, and when sitting in the back, you get pulled over the drops; I just wish they didn’t have the brakes on the ride; it would improve the last part of the ride.

My last ride before I headed out for dinner was Revolution, I want to like this ride, but those dang OTSR, they kill the ride the most. Amazingly this had the longest wait of all of the coasters so far, 30 mins.

I headed out to dinner, then when I returned, I saw a shocking sight THEY WERE RACING COLOSSUS, not just once, but repeatedly.

I rode some rides, and then decided to go on Roaring Rapids, I haven’t been on this for a while, and it was dark, but I didn’t see any waterfalls, or any effects besides just rapids, but we still got soaked. 5 times during the ride we hit a major rapid, a rapid which produces a huge splash that rises over the seat, and not only soaks the person who is sitting by the openings in between the seats, but 1/3 of the boat. I was totally horrified during my ride on Roaring Rapids, it is a water ride, but you would not believe the ididots that freak out when they get wet. It was really dark on the river, and we hit the first major rapid, and it provided a huge splash, and these two dumb@$$es got hit with water, and they freaked out, undid their seatbelts, and stood up, even while we were hitting major rapids, luckily there was an employee nearby, and he yelled at them. These people really make me mad.I mean why freak out when you get hit by water. Maybe the 5 or so signs telling you that you were going to get wet didn't turn on that burnt out lightbulb in you head, or maybe the fact that you can see people coming off the ride SOAKING WET, AND WRINGING OUT THEIR CLOTHES. Some people are ididots.

Next we headed to Ninja, I really like this ride, sure it is short, but it is exciting, the line was very short compared to usual, a 2 train wait, and it was dark out, so it was even more thrilling, infact, the person I was with didn’t even realize that the track by Arrowhead Splashdown was Ninja’s.

I rode some of the same rides, then finished off the night with Goliath, this was the longest wait of the day, around 40 mins. We were entertained however by the fireworks that go off for Looney Tunes Nights .I love this ride, it has a lot of forces, both positive, and negative, and the line is themed nicely., but it was slightly ruined, the lights were on in the tunnel, and we had to sit out on the brake run for FOREVER, the 3rd train even train even hit the brake run before the 1st train left.

Since when has Disneyland been in Valencia???

On our way back to our car, we passed a tram, which was waiting for the next tram to pass, after having a long day, we were treated to the hip teen song “It’s a Small World”, sung by the wonderful tram guides, yes not only can you hear it in Anaheim, you can hear it here also.

What is up with me and oversleeping????????

The battery in my watch went dead, so I had to go without knowing the time for part of the day. I awoke only to find it dark outside, thinking it was early, I decided to go back to sleep. When I awoke again, I turned on the T.V., and it was 9:00 !!!!!!!!I quickly got ready, and arrived at the park just after 9:30, luckily all of the parking booths were open, so lines moved quicker.

I entered the park, and my friend had to go into the shops really quick. He told me to go ride something, since it was cold outside, and me being the sane person I am, I decided to go to Log Jammer. There was no like what so ever, they were cycling tons of empty boats. I rode it twice by myself and every time they announced over the loud speaker that there was a single rider riding, I don’t know why, can anyone explain? I ended up getting three rides on Log Jammer.

Next we headed over to Goliath, really short waits, I rode it three times, the longest wait was a 3 train wait. Great ride as usual, but it is one long queue to go through when you are in a hurry, oh well, don’t we all need a workout sometimes. I went on some more rides, all the lines were short, only having 3 coasters that were left to go on our list to go, we decided to head to…………

2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? Viper! Viper! Yay Viper!!!!!!!!!!

Viper had a pretty short line, around 30 mins. I really like Viper, it is much better than Shockwave at my former home park, SFGAm, and that dive under the lift at the end is a nice touch. The best part was the employees. There was this one female employee, and she got everyone pumped, there was even a Viper fan car on one train, filled with four people chanting, and clapping, and yelling, all for you guessed it… Viper, it was pretty funny.

Superman the Escape, the only ride at SFMM where you can get sports updates.

After Viper, we headed up to Superman the Escape, the line was about 40 mins, and was pretty boring, until an announcement cam on over the loudspeakers, and what do you know, it was updates from the Lakers vs. kings game, Lakers were loosing, and everyone was booing. He made it clear that “S:TE is the only ride at SFMM where you can get Lakers updates every half hour”. As for the ride, naturally I headed for the front row, and I never realized the lack of leg room. The ride went the usual, it was fun, and we went higher than most other people, which wasn’t close to the brakes.

After S:TE I continued to ride more rides, I went to Riddler's Revenge late in the day, and it had a long line, so I skipped it. I stopped to watch Looney Tunes Nights, the parade was pretty cool, but it is a nightmare before it starts, they have ropes on the side of the walkways, and you have to walk behind them, and it can get a little crowded. I left the park at around 9:45

In all, I really had a nice time at SFMM I never seem to be able to go without something wacky, or drop dead funny going on, it is really a lively park., it is a nice park, and it has nice little details which add to it, I just wish Six Flags would live the park up to its potential. You can also see some old remains of old rides, like a footer from eagle’s flight by Batman Action theater, the old Dragon station, right by ninja’s lift, the old El Bumpo lake, and structures

The employees were great, they weren’t slow, well except on Goldrusher, but it really didn’t matter, it is not like there was a line or anything, is there ever???? They were also really nice, they had a lot of smiles on their faces, and I always saw people going around with their brooms, and dust pans cleaning up. They also know how to pump us up, I was having a mini marathon on Psyclone, it was really late, and they were letting us re-ride over, and over, and one ride the tunnel was pitch black, and the ride operator flicked the work lights on and off, it provided a really cool effect.

Flashback was closed all day, both days, they didn’t open it after the Hurricane Harbor closed, like they sometimes do, no big loss. Ninja wasn’t running till later in the day, even though it was warm by noon. Déjà vu was running great both days, I can’t say the same for X, considering I didn’t go on it, I also didn’t see it much. There was also a night concert going on at the Golden Bear Theater on Sat., didn’t know what it was though. Also, on the building right by Flashback, as you exit the line, on the back of the blue building, by a door, it has a sign that says “ this ride is proudly sponsored by Lifesavers Kickerz “, It got me a little confused. All of the rides were running great, I didn’t see any break down. Metro, Tidal Wave, and Skytower were closed. I still don’t know why tidal Wave is down for so long, I thought it would have been open considering it was a major weekend. I was also mad Sky tower wasn’t open, I really like to go up there and look around. Also, what is up with that ninja shop up by Skytower, I have never seen it open, it looks like it has been closed forever

I really like SFMM, and I am hoping to return soon

Welcome one and all, y'all come have a ball!
Things a bear-y fine, ridin' on the old Knott's bear-y line!

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002 4:50 PM
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! My eyes. turn of the bold and make some paragraphs. I cant read it.
Wednesday, May 29, 2002 4:51 PM

Sounds like you had a good time! Glad to hear that they are racing Colossus. As for the "Ninja Store," it is now only used for one of the mazes during Fright Fest in October. Skytower is usually closed due to understaffing.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2002 4:52 PM
I am so sorry, I had it all nicely laid out, but somehow when I submitted it, everything got WAY messed up, I fixed it now. Enjoy :)

Welcome one and all, y'all come have a ball!
Things a bear-y fine, ridin' on the old Knott's bear-y line!

Wednesday, May 29, 2002 5:08 PM
Much better.
Wednesday, May 29, 2002 8:23 PM

Sounds great!! Can't wait to visit (hopefully in 03')! What's with the recent racing, appearently from people i've talked to up here, American Eagle has been racing much more recently as well.

X Looks Awesome! Oh Yea!!

Thursday, May 30, 2002 9:18 PM


when they say "single rider" on Log Jammer they are letting the ops on the course of the ride know that there is only one person in that log so that they dont think it originally had more that jumped out.

Thursday, May 30, 2002 11:50 PM
Just out of curiousity did you see what the lines for X were like.

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Friday, May 31, 2002 4:17 PM

Oh, no i didn't see the lines, but I think i saw it streatch to just before the enterence of the bridge. Sorry, i really didn't seem too intersted in X, because i knew it was going to be crowded.

EDIT: some people over at Westcoaster have reported that the ride line was around 6-7 hours!!!!!!!!!

Welcome one and all, y'all come have a ball!
Things a bear-y fine, ridin' on the old Knott's bear-y line!

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