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I'll be out in LA area for work end of January - and am planning an inaugural visit to Magic Mountain -

I've searched the weather sites, and what not to get the feel for the climate -

But, I've not seen anything with a reliable attendance figure estimate for the Sat/Sunday "after" MLK day - Has anyone been that can comment on that period?

I see they sell a flash pass - but I'd rather not drop a Ben Franklin if not needed in advance...

Any California natives out there who can offer advice?

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I was there late January this year. At one point around Noon I was standing on the midway back by Apocalypse and did a 360 and did not see a single person other then those working the rides. I got as many rerides as I wanted on ALL of the coasters that were open.

You should check with the park as to what rides may be down for maintenance. I missed Colussus and Deja Vu.

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Thank you Dave - I think that is what I was assuming - but I won't be back out to LA in the near future - You may have saved me some coin!

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From what I recall, Ninja (suspended) is kinda weather-tempermental as well - but the park should be fairly empty when you go. Remember to ride INSIDE seats on X2... ;)

The end of January is relatively chilly, but by Southern California standards (hovering between a low of 50 to a high of 65 degrees). But there are some days where highs can hit up to 70 or higher, but no warmer than 80. You shouldn't expect any precipitation in late January, although it could possibly occur during your visit (unlikely, though). Overcast skies and gloom is a high possiblity.

Ninja is definitely temperature-tempermental and will often not operate when temps drop below a certain level.

Other notes:

1. The park's Log Jammer flume had its final operating day yesterday and is slated for demolition in the near future. (not like you'd want to hop on a water ride in January, I'm assuming)

2. You missed Deja Vu! The ride is already partially dismantled in preparation for its relocation to Massachusetts.

3. Although Magic Mountain is technically a "year-round" park, be mindful that the park is in weekend-only operation during this time of year as it is the off-season. They resume daily-operation in the month of March. As a result, some rides, including major coasters may be closed for routine maintenance.

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We're pushing temps in the 50's right now where I live, and soon to be the 40's. I'm already crying about putting the RV away for the year, as well as my motorcycle very soon. I'll take 50 in January any day over 10 in Michigan.

Thanks for the informative update - Looking forward to this "off season" trip, it will be a nice break in the Cedar point off season.

As I've renewed my Platinum pass - I will hit Knotts up as well, Looks like I may skip Disney, but I've been to Orlando 5 times.

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