SFKK to become just a waterpark?

Not saying it will, but I am just thinking that is the route this park is going with the latest developments in the last couple of years. Here is what I have noticed.

1. Opening day this year is May 10th. Over a month later then past opening days. More inline with the waterparks opening.

2. Pricing is reduced to 26.99 for one day admission.

3. Waterpark has changed names to Wildwater Kingdom.

4. Last 2 years of the parks additions/expansions have been with the waterpark. No additions with the ride park.

5. A whole section of the rides area won't open this year.

6. Jay Thomas was brought to this park to turn it around but is now at SFMM. If a waterpark only place is about to happen, Jay is better suited to move to another park to enhance it.

7. Recent Kentucky law states you have to be 18 to operate an amusement ride. Makes things harder to staff rides.

Maybe I am looking to much into this, but it just seems they are gearing up to just have this park as a waterpark.

Your thoughts.

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Hmmm. Interesting. How about this... what if they just continue to reduce focus on the Theme park rides in the back half of the park, until the park ends up with a 'wet' side and a 'dry' side (meaning the existing front half of the park. The only losses if they were to get rid of the dry rides in the back half would be Chang and Thunder Road (and PBR, but that could actually remain as part of the waterpark a'la the chute the chutes at Noah's Ark waterpark)). So they keep a good assortment of non-spectacular family/kiddie rides and use the space freed up in the back half of the park for waterpark expansion or sell it off.
I wonder how that all would work with their agreement with the state fair people?
Makes a lot of sense to me, more sense than going waterpark only.

But the bigger question to me is, what are you doing pondering this at 2:55 in the morning?
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Probably couldn't sleep. There are people ot there fantasizing about wether a zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes.

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It's not Wildwater Kingdom it's Splashwater Kingdom. I'd imagine Wildwater Kingdom is copyrighted by Cedar Fair.

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Maybe SF management will simply wake up the day after the last day of the season and think, "Gosh, we should convert the whole place to waterpark-only." And lo, like magic it will be so.

Okay, okay, you can put away the flamethrowers. I just had to mention it.

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Ooooh... a waterslide with flamethrowers, that'd be COOL!

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I like the whole "Dry Side" & "Wet Side" idea.

I'd say go for it! The waterpark has easily become our favorite reason to go to SFKK, and if you go on any busier summer day the waterpark is almost always packed to capacity anyway. Go ahead and strip the waterpark side, who's actually going to miss T2? And while I always have liked Chang, many others don't care much for it...so would it be missed too much? Could it be relocated for that matter?

They've been letting Thunder Run go to crap for 2-3 years now, so couldn't they sell/relocate it too? If they wanted to keep a kid-friendly coaster, Roller Skater could be moved across the road fairly easy. I personally wouldn't care what they do to the Twisted Twins, no huge loss there anyway. Keep the chute-the-chutes ride if it can be repaired, (it was closed pretty much all of last season).

Just don't touch my Greezed Lightnin'! I just thought too that maybe they could shoot for something like Columbus Zoo is doing with a wet/dry waterpark. Maybe take that viking ship over to the waterpark side and add some water theming/effects to it.

I don't know, just having fun thinking about possibilities for the future.

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Ensign Smith said:
Maybe SF management will simply wake up the day after the last day of the season and think, "Gosh, we should convert the whole place to waterpark-only." And lo, like magic it will be so.

Okay, okay, you can put away the flamethrowers. I just had to mention it.


Geauga Lake is doing it, so why would it be magic if SFKK did it? It just crossed my mind with all that has been happening with the park the last couple of years.

Although the idea of making it all waterpark at the back end would make more sense.

We shall see.

Themedesigner: when its Saturday night, you are a night owl, and you tipped a few cold ones, then yes, you ponder this stuff at 2:55 in the morning. :)

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I don't see this happening.

First of all, SFKK is a cash cow. It was before the STOP accident, and it still is now.

The May 10th opening was a result of the long-lasting trials and removal of STOP. Other parks opened yesterday too (CEDAR POINT). BTW, has anyone been to SFKK the past couple days and can tell us what replaced the tower?

The price was reduced because of the lack of Spring Break operations (which they received many complaints for).

The recent waterpark additions were placed because 3 years ago, that place sucked...badly.

The Northwest Territory section is not opening because of the MHF rehab, and the removal of Twisted Twins (who didn't see that coming?)

All of that, PLUS, this move would be incredibly stupid. Think about it, the #2 waterpark in the country is ONE HOUR away!

That's all I've got. Dare to challenge me again? ;)

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If it really was a cash cow, why are they eliminating a whole section of the park?
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To cut on operating expenses. You may doubt it, but SFKK is more profitable than larger parks in the chain such as SFMM and SFGAdv.
What section (and what rides) are closed this year?
Another variable that has not been mentioned is that it's the site of the Kentucky State Fair. They augment the park rides with a carnival( usually Cumberland Valley Shows) plus all the usual state fair stuff. Some where in the back of my mind is the fact that SF doesn't own the land, only the rides, etc, or possibly it's only an operating contract.
The closure of the Twisted Twins/Mile High Falls section, according to SF, only for this season for renovation and looking into new attractions.
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I think the park is trying to stay more inline with it's nearest competitor, Holiday World by offering many water attractions.

SFKK was a bit overbuilt in terms of dry rides, and i believe they are focusing oon making the waterpark the main draw and gearing to add to the ride park very soon.

Boy, doesn't that sound like something I would have said about Geauga Lake a year ago.

john peck said:...and i believe they are focusing on making the waterpark the main draw.

That would definitely be the safer decision IMO, it already is the main draw, (esp. during the hot summer days). You'll practically be shoulder-to-shoulder in the waterpark, and have plenty of room and considerably shorter waits for the rides.

Don't underestimate this waterpark. With Mega Wedgie coming this season, Deluge last season, the Pro-Slide Tornado the season before. To me, their trying to make a case for their existence. I love Splashin' Safari @ HW, but personally Deluge rocked anything I ride at SS. Then there's Penguin's Blizzard River, and I got soaked more on that ride than any other raft I can remember. If they can keep it running, and keep it accessible to the waterpark, it's an awesome ride.

By the way, if you're ever bored, go to SFKK's website, find the park map and see how many rides/attractions you can find that have been added/removed since the last time that map was updated! After all I said above in support of the park, I even have to say that this is pathetic.

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Well, the new entrance area looks...nice...:(
I think they are trying to sell the park, and keep those attractions that are "being renovated" still up, but they don't want to operate them (to save money) so when they get a new owner, they could operate them.

I went to the website, and general admission is $39.99. I have no idea what you are talking about for $26.99.


They put a waterpark attraction in to entice anyone that would want to buy the park.

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I always wondered why they never renamed T2 into "Batman" Looks like they missed a good opportunity there.
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That whole thing is weird. They built the stadium behind T2, painted it black, and (I believe) there was word that the ride was indeed to be rebranded as Batman. My memory may be a bit vague. But of course nothing came of it.

People refer to it as Batman pretty often. Or did when I was living in KY.

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