SFKK Question and Twisted Twins vanishing act

Hey guys, I'm new to the site so forgive me if I post something already posted before...

Dunno if anyone on here has seen but Twisted Twins is no longer listed on SFKK's website...just seems to me like in a park with as limited of a ride portfolio as it has, they wouldnt leave out a major coaster...

Anyho, is anyone fairly familiar with SFKK and what kinds of crowds it attracts? I am planning on going on May 30 this year, a Saturday. I dont know what their ride capacity is like..but I often hear bad things.. Would the waits be terrible or should I consider another day of the week?


When it comes to SF, their website shouldn't be takin seriously.

They tend to not uptade some things. I really don't think Twisted Twins is going anywhere.

As far as you visiting, you can go pretty much at anytime and not have to worry about massive crowds.

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Yep, the ride portion of SFKK usually has very light crowds, since the water park is the main draw in the summer season.

Of course, even with light crowds, sometimes the waits for coasters can get a bit long, since all their coasters (with the exception of Chang, RR Express and T2) are all one train operation. And sometimes, Chang and T2 are one train as well.

Make sure to get a backseat ride in Thunder Run. :)


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Interesting. When I was there mid summer, the rest of the park was pretty slammed, but that area back there was dead, and no one was riding the Twins. They were also in pretty terrible shape so it wouldn't surprise me at all if they dropped the ride from the lineup.

SFKK is sort of the diamond in the rough of the chain. Jay Thomas came in last year as GM and REALLY cleaned up the place. It was the best I'd ever seen it. Sadly he's moved on to SFMM this year.

I am hearing word on the street that the Northwest Territory area of the park is going to be closed this year so that would include the Twins. Take that with a grain of salt though as I'm not sure how credible the source is. I've never had to wait in extremely long lines...Chang was the longest I've ever waited and it was a max of about 45 mins with one train. Last year they were running 2 trains IIRC.

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The twins are a little boring and take up a ton of real estate. Kentucky Kingdom has such a limited area to work with so I wouldn't be shocked. Is there a way to connect the twins area with the water park?
When the rumor that the Northwest area of the park and Twins would be closed this year I went to Kentucky Kingdom's website to see if the Twins were listed ... and they were.

That was just a week ago so if they're gone now that's a pretty good sign the park doesn't want people showing up ready to ride them.


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The ride is on the park map...y'all are getting worked up over nothing.

Mamoosh said:
The ride is on the park map...y'all are getting worked up over nothing.

If you are refering to the park map online...it hasnt been updated since 2003 or so. It still has WORLDWIDE THRILLS!! in the bottom lefthand corner with the European six flags parks.

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Oh...thanks Snowboard. I still think it's just an error but then what do I know?...I thought that was a current map, lol ;)

Still, it seems every year we get these "(insert ride) is missing from (insert park)'s website" posts and it turns out to be nothing. But if this time it's actually in indication of a removal than I'll be the first to say "I was wrong."

What is SFKK's removal ride?

Edit: Superman

All the other parks are removing something. Why not SFKK? This must be the removal ride, or closed off ride until next year in which they build a new ride in it's place. I'm surprised he didn't say get rid of Greezed Lightning because it's a "maintenance problem". I wonder why the stock is low????

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The Northwest Territory is closed this season. Splash Water falls is getting rehabbed and TT is closed also, so I have read on other sites.

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What other sites?

I find this rumor to be unlikely, since Six Flags isn't particularly attentive to updating their website. I find it especially unlikely that they would remove the Twins and Mile High Falls. Now if they're both going to be rehabbed, that might be believable, and I know I wouldn't mind if they did. That whole area of the park needs a face lift and something to attract people back there.

Chitown said:
When it comes to SF, their website shouldn't be takin seriously.

They tend to not uptade some things. I really don't think Twisted Twins is going anywhere.

Quite the contrary. This is where our natural assumptions of Six Flags and its old management still looks like it's prominent.

I've never seen Six Flags' websites been updated as frequently and kept up-to-date as they have since the new site overhaul under new management. For instance, Magic Mountain posts on their homepage if it intends to close early due to inclement weather. They never used to do this.

Their rides list was also updated regularly to reflect what was in operation and all. Before they even made the plans public that they planned to remove those 6 outdated attractions, they had already removed them on the website -- which was how the enthusiast community came to find out at first.

However, Twisted Twins being removed from the site is an interesting thing. We'll see what this is all about in due time.

Well...I seemed to have gotten an answer from SFKK about TT, Mile High, and Zepplin... This is the reply from my Email to SFKK

"Thank you for writing Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom! In response to your question submitted via the Six Flags website, Twisted Twins will not be operating during the 2008 season along with Mile High Falls, and Zeppelin. Thank you again for your inquiry! Please let me know if you have any other questions.Sincerely,Frank Doninger Frank DoningerOperations ManagerSix Flags Kentucky KingdomOffice: *** Edited 3/1/2008 7:41:21 PM UTC by snowboard83***

^ This really worries me. First SFGAdv closes their Old Country section, now SFKK closes their Northwest Territory section. This makes me worry that all the parks are going to have SBNO sections this year.

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Help me. I remember reading somewhere that another park was considering closing an entire themed area this season. SFGA?

If so, perhaps it's a sign of the times - a deliberate business decision to reduce operating expenses. We're all aware that parks are cutting corners here and there, and by closing an entire section they are able to save money. It reduces payroll, utilities, maintenance, insurance, etc. My guess is there's a line of thinking here that says it's easier on the PR side of things to close a section than to reduce the overall guest experience in the entire park. We all complain when we find a park understaffed, or an attraction or restaurant closed for no apparent reason- by walling off an entire section we can all just pretend it never existed and the rest of the park stands a better chance of functioning normally with proper staffing, etc.

In theory. In SFKK's case it might backfire. The park is on the smallish side to begin with, and the rides in question are visible from the road and the fairgrounds parking lot. I have a feeling that KK's customers are mainly local and repeats, and they will realize that for the same money spent they are getting less park.

It's another one of those head-scratcher/what-were-they-thinking things that we see repeatedly from Six Flags. Unless they are planning a year-long fabulous renovation of a neglected area of the park, (doubt it...) I'm pissed.

Oh well.

Thanks, SFGAm Shock Wave. We must've been typing at the same time.
So I emailed Frank Doninger back again and he got back to me right away. He seems like he really cares. I asked if any of the rides will be removed and this is the response i got...

"None of these rides are being removed. They will simply not be operating in
2008. Thank you again for writing Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom!


Frank Doninger
Operations Manager
Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom
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Ummm...posting the man's office phone number probably isn't a good idea. I'd edit that from your post.

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