SFKK Mother's Day

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Monday, May 13, 2002 11:22 AM

Well, we used our season passes and brought 2 friends free. It was a beautiful day, no rain but overcast and humid. Went straight to Thunder Run. I love the air time on this, only not as much this day as the day we had our passes processed. Then went to Twisted Sisters....sorry Twisted Twins and rode the blue side first then the pink. They were OK, I'm not really into the lateral G's too much. Then to T2. All the coasters were only running one train, so this line was the longest so far. We waited for about a half an hour, the ones before this were all walk-ons. The kids were complaining of the lines....they are so spoiled! and have no idea what it means to really wait to ride something. Anyway....T2 was fun. I was a little nervous...my first inverted of the season....I almost have anxiety attacks before boarding and then I'm fine! So I kept my head on the padded part of the harness, the right side and I had no headbanging.....I was glad. Then to Chang. This thing is a monster! I love that drop standing up! I try to "sit" towards the end of the ride so the G's don't hurt my legs, and it worked. No crampy feeling at all this time. After eating an expensive lunch we rode the Dino Island thing. This borders on makin me sick.....am i getting old or what? Ended the day with Hellavator. I love that...but it is so short!! After Drop Zone even my 9 year old was like "this ain't nothin!" Looking forward to our first trip to SFGam later this summer. The kids rode Break Dance and the Rainbow too....but no spin and spews for us old folks......



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