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Saturday, June 14, 2003 5:43 PM
Robocoaster's avatar Walking from the front to the back of this park sucks. There. I stated the obvious, again:). I was there on Friday, May 30th, before opening so I too could participate in the famous "running of the fools". I mean really, what were we thinking? Oh yeah, now I remember; get in, get out, get to Holiday World.

Still, the spectacle was amusing. As I'm sure a lot of you know, this park stradles (apparantly a sport in Kentucky) a thru-fare of some type. So to pass over the road, you have to pick a path with ridiculously low mobility. Jiminy Glick's arteries have better circulation (no offense intended to JG). Getting from Chang to Thunder Run in under 5 is like a freakish immunity challenge. OK, enough cheese with my whine:). In no particular order (can't remember anyway):

Chang; I like Vortex at PGA and love RR at SFMM, and was looking forward to this; boy what a let down. It just simply doesn't hold up to the others; and that's admitting that Vortex isn't all that. I can deal with the head-banging, but I also found the ride to be a bit boring. I'm probably jaded-n-spoiled. If I had never ridden a stand-up, I might've warmed up to it. B-

Hellevator; A different kind of intensity than a giant drop. Drop rides are quickly becoming my favorite flats. A-

Thunder Run; So after we leave the station, as the train hits the lift, my bar goes up a full click. Not cool. At all. I know the ride ops (note to self-- these were great ride-ops! CP's were great also, but this crew beat even them in the friendliest dept.) double checked the restraint before leaving the station, so I was seriously freaked here; was it going to go up more!! Needless to say, I hung on for dear life during the duration of this ride and opted not to re-ride. I mentioned this to the ops as I was getting out of the train, much to the dismay of the lady taking my spot. Upon learning that it went up only a single "click", the op said that it was normal. Normal?!?!? What the..... Anyway, another person in our group, Themedesigner I think, also had the same thing happen. Since when is this normal?.... The terror somewhat got in the way of the experience, so I'll decline to grade this thing, although everyone else seemed to be having a grand time...

Greeeeez'd Latnin' didn't open until after I left; oh well.

Road Runner Express; And I thought the Klondike Gold Rusher at WW/EV was brutal. That is tame compared to this absolutely brutal mouse. The longest wait of the day, just to get severly bruised. B+

Twisted Twins: Stella is definatley the more uptight, straight-laced of the two; no real surprises here, yet immenently servicable. Lola, on the otherhand, like the song that shares it's namesake, likes to takes things a bit wilder, with some unexpected surprises. At least I think so (I hope I don't have them mixed-up). Stella B- & Lola A-

Mile High Falls; I haven't taken the plunge yet, so this 90 ft high sucker is the tallest outdoor Chutes I've ridden. Wow!! Awesome!! After the boat hits the bottom, there's a few surreal moments when water completely encompasses the boat, yet your dry (for now). I looked behind me, to the front, both sides, and then looked up to see a dome of H20 hovering above us. You couldn't see anything else except the boat and it's occupants, as if we were in a cocoon of water. And then 2 seconds later it all came tumbling down! It doesn't matter where you sit on this ride; everyone gets soaked! To add insult to injury, the boat then passes under the bridge, where all the water that got shot forward onto it now comes streaming off both sides to be sure there isn't any dry spot left on your clothing. Beware!! A+

Roller Skater; What's a park w/o a C-W stop? Not made for me, so grading these is fruitless. Kinda like auditing a course (except you do get a credit:))

T2; P.U.:( Perhaps with better padding it wouldn't be so bad, but it made me realize just how much I appreciated Serial Thriller at WoA. Not all SLCs perform the same, that's for darn sure. C-

My first visits to HW, IB, MiA, KW, and CP (3 days) are still being processed and will arrive shortly.

If only I had trademarked my screen name....$$$$
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Saturday, June 14, 2003 10:13 PM
nasai's avatar Nice job Rob. :) I think I'll just let you speak your mind, and comment on it instead. I can't seem to write quite so succinctly, anyway. Glad I was with you for a lot of your trip. Just wish I could have accompanied you to CP. Then again, I beat you to TTD anyway... ;)
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