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Thursday, August 2, 2001 12:17 PM
Well here is my first trip report! This tuesday I went off to my new home park (just moved) that I've been to twice before. So my dad dropped me off about 12:45 and bought me a season pass (wooohooo). I walked throught the gates, and went straight to prossessing (sp?). So I got it prossessed, and went over to buy some fast lanes (I feel like the only one who knows about it, I saw maybe 2 other people all day with it, and I hear nothing about it on the net). Normally I would only buy one or two but I had extra money to burn and most rides aren't worth too much of a wait (not to mention surprisingly large crowds), I bought THREE! (should have only bought 2, with short lines later in the day). But anyway, off to the Hellevator.

Hellevator:This is a surprisingly good freefall for its size, 15 stories. Great air time if you don't have your restraint pulled down all the way.

8 Drops


Notes: Sections 5 and 1 fall the most before braking. If you go in the mid-afternoon and you have a fast lane the guy will NOT PUNCH YOUR CARD AND LET YOU STAY ON AS MUCH AS YOU WANT! I love that and hate it....its not supposed to be done.

Ok, after that I headed over to:

Road Runner Express, a great wild mouse. Sure, it doesn't measure up to spinning mouses, but for the tight turns at the top you get a great view. And as you're recovering from the last turn, here comes the next. Nice speed and airtime, although you do hit the brakes pretty hard.

6 Laps


Now I went on to the (dun dun dun dun) bridce of death, doom, and destruction. Walked on past the tempting frozen fruit drinks, past the ferris wheel, and to the exit of:

Chang (newbies, the exit's end is in a souvenier shop). With fast lane you can pick any seat but front row or back row. I picked 4th row, hoping to minimize head banging. So we dispatched after a ride op asked a lady 5 times waiting in line to "please do not sit on the hand rail". Overall its a great stand up, everything a stand up should. I guess since I'm so small thats why I get so hurt on it.

1 Lap

6/10, only because of the pain I experience, otherwie it would be 9.

So after Chang, I took the short walk over to:

T2, the first SLC in the world. Picked 2nd row, one of the roughest (back is smoothest). Also early in the day is the time to ride, as I noticed, it is a lot smoother than later. This SLC definantly has its rough spots, but still very exciting, very intense, and a very good ride.

3 Laps


Over to Twisted Sisters. When I got there they were only running the blue side, so I picked the back (they let you sit anywhere for fast lane on every ride except T2, Chang, and sometimes the Hellevator). Pretty good, despite the very tight turns. Wish they had dividers. Also do not like the sounds on the ride, like loose screws, but despite that, very high speed, good wooden ride.

Blue side: 1 Lap, back row. 6/10

Pink side: 3 Laps, front row, much better, 7.5/10.

And the last ride I'm going to review is my favorite ride in the park, Thunder Run. Hi, my name is Patrick, and I'm an air time junkie. And this is the coaster for me, so many bunny hops I can't count em all! Every single one is full of airtime, no matter where ya sit! Ooooh this coaster is so under rated. During the off season they need to add a new train and transfer track though.

7 Laps


Overall I had a great time at SFKK, this park is bashed way too much. The litter problem is slim to none. The employees were GREAT. I had such a good time with the employees here, more than any other place! All they need is one more breakthrough coaster like Deja Vu, a floorless, or dark ride coaster like FoF to make this park spectacular. Stop the bashing of SFKK, every park has its problems, EVERY PARK. Its how they deal with it that makes a difference and I, for one, am impressed.

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