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Friday, July 6, 2001 3:16 PM
My second day had me first at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. I had 5 hours at the park, which was luckily enough to ride everything of interest.

The park isn't exactly pretty, but it's not ugly. I had heard this is one of the worst parks in America, and although it has some operational problems, there are some fantastic thrill rides. Well worth a visit, ESPECIALLY if you have a Six Flags Season Pass. (Just love that deal...) Hellavator was the longest wait of the trip at 50 minutes, and the line was not very long at all. Several break downs and 2 sides running, the first half hour of operation! Still one of the more gut-wrenching drop rides I've been on, especially compared to the team drop on PKI's Drop Zone..

Anyways, the coasters!

Roadrunner Express - (Back)

My second wild mouse was slightly dissapointing, nothing compared to a Reverchron spinning mouse. Still some zippy fun, and it's got those always laugh-inducing suicide turns. No shade gave me a headache before boarding though...

Chang - (3 Very front)

Not quite as good as the Riddler, but leaps and bounds past Mantis. The first half is a mirrored, larger Mantis, sans le Trim Brake, which has the first 3 inversions as powerful as CP's B&M once was. The first drop seemed steeper as well. In my opinion, though, the second half is where this ride takes off. The drop off the brake run and first corkscrew are standard, but then Chang takes a unique twist around the diving loop. Rising above the pull-out, the train dives to ground level, banks harder, and drops into a shallow well of rocks. Kind of an small overbanked double dip, sort of. Following a round, smooth corkscrew, it finishes with a slightly more forgiving turn up into the brakes, like Riddler.

Twisted Sisters - (Back seat)

Wow, what a first drop! Looked so decieving, and had those Gerstlauer trains I despise. Suprisingly good, although the right side was the one closed ride on the entire trip..

Thunder Run - (Somewhere in the middle, very front)
Starts off with more of a bang than any other coaster I can think of. Especially in the front, the 3 incredibly fast speed hills deliver ejecting airtime from start to finish, and the curve off the first drop is surprisingly smooth. The rest of the ride is fast, with a couple more airtime pops, but not quite as powerful as the first half. Still one of my favorite wooden coasters!

T² - (Back)

The seemingly blood-stained black track was unnerving, but America's first SLC is surprisingly enjoyable. As with several SLCs, there is several close footchoppers, and some trenches to navigate, but here, the queue is under the ride, providing some extra visuals. My 2nd favorite SLC, only to SFDL's Mind Eraser.

Then I was off to Holiday World, which proved to change my opinions of wooden coasters once again...

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