SFKK, 5/31/02

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Sunday, June 2, 2002 7:15 PM

The park was fairly empty so lines were minimal. Overall I thought it was a fairly well ran park. It was clean and everything looked well. This was based on 2 hours in the park which still seemed enough for me. We hit the coasters in this order

Road Runner Express (Wild Mouse )..... This was fun, heavily braked though not so much that it slowed it down to much but they were on hard which mad for painful stops. (B-)

Banshee, err Mantis, err Chang! ....I don't really like stand ups, well not ones at amusement parks. The ones at the comedy clubs can be good. This ride seemed better than Banshee which isn't saying much in my book. Basically Less painful and less headbanging epseaclly after the midcourse. Added stuff at the end did not do much for me. Still not a fan (C+)

T2 (Vekoma SLC)... This one was rough and jerky. Felt like it was stalling and starting up again in the inversions, basically like me driving stick ;). Not fun at all (D)

Twisted Twins or Dee Snyders Revenge..... Very disappointed. Good air on the first drop and some quick turns but that was it. Ride was for the most part just kinda meandered around. The trains were near empty though so that may have effected the performance. They were racing though which surprised me, props for KK doing this on an empty day. Rode all over on both sides not leaving the platform. Dueling did not add much for me here(B- Both Sides)

Thunder Run.....Summers and Dinn besting a CCI in the same park? Liked the turnaround and the first few hops, caught some nice air. After that it was your typical run around straight and do nothing. Nothing great but still a fun ride, if only the 2nd half has something besides nothing. (B)

Not much to do here. Not a bad park but nothing I would go out of my way for unless they get an "A" caliber ride.

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Sunday, June 2, 2002 9:02 PM
Cool TR! In addition the park does have a nice Drop tower from Intamin. They need something like an Impulse bad.
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