SFKK 5-09-01 8th Grade field trip

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Thursday, May 10, 2001 2:45 PM
Today, my school went to Six Flags along with many other schools throughout the state of Kentucky. I had origanlly planned to hit the Hellevator first before I rode anything else, but it looked like everyone else got there before me so I decided to hit the Chang.

Chang- 4 Rides, 3 front seat walk-ons
Well, I went to the Chang for about a 15 minute wait. As for the ride, lets just say this thing was booking!!! It went faster then I have ever felt it go before. Every ride on this was fantastic. Lots of G-forces in the Inclined Loop, and the turn before the Brake Run. As the day went on, the 15 minute line went down to walk-ons!!! :)

T2- 4 rides, 2 front seat walk-ons.
Early Last season when I rode this, T2 was butt kicking rough. It didnt feel good at all. But later during the season it got smoother, way smoother. Well I hate to say it but it has gotten bad to being rough as it used to be. Which was a real bummer. But I still enjoyed the ride though.

Twisted Sisters- 3 rides
Only one side was working today, and that was the red side. (I forget which side is Stella and which side is Lola) TS was very fun today, with alot of speed hitting the corners. Another Walk-on.

Thunder Run- 3 rides
I have never felt so much airtime in my life!! I love this coaster. And apparently everyone else because this coaster actually had a line! The first couple of hills are packed with airtime, so when you take a trip to SFKK, be sure to hit Thunder Run!!!

Well, I returned to the Hellevator to see another huge line! Around 30 minutes, and my Charter bus was about to leave! Darn, oh well maybe on my next trip I will ride it. Until next time Aaron R signing off.

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