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Sunday, April 6, 2003 8:47 PM
coasterqueenTRN's avatar Had a great (cold and eventually rainy) day at SFKK! This was my first time visiting this park since 2000 and I was glad to finally get my first coaster fix of the season.

The first thing we did was Hellevator, and it felt AWESOME!

After getting my pass processed we headed over to Thunder Run. MY GOD this thing is kicking ass more than ever! The park was desolate all day long so Thunder Run provided many re-rides. :-) This thing was in airtime overdrive today! The Road Runner Express was also a blast, and is a very cool mousey.

Unfortunatley T2, the Twins, and the Rollerskater did not operate at all, but we did manage to get one ride on Chang when they opened it about an hour and a half before the park closed! lol.

About 3/4 the flats were up and running, although we got stuck on the Rainbow for about 15 minutes. Chaos and the Break Dance were just insane as always!

Got my 2nd Sling Shot ride ($10 a pop was more than well worth it!) MY GOD it felt great to get that RUSH! It was much needed.

The Dino Island 2 thingy was fun, although I think I will always be partial to the 7th Portal.

We ended the day with about 7 rides on Hellavator, before the rain got to be too much.

GL is looking SWEET! I was kind of bummed that it wasn't up and running yet, but I will be back soon! :-) It will be worth the 4 hour drive from Charleston. Were there any other Buzzers or enthusiats there today?


Feel The Adrenaline....

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