SFKK 10/1 can you say ERT?

First visit ever to this park. Park open 10A-5P T-storms night before and after, but very nice day, sunny and a high of 75* Heroes day at the park, recognizing those who serve in the armed forces, police, fire, ems. Thank you all for your service!

25 people waiting to get in at gate opening. All rides today would be walk-ons except Tin Lizzies, only running 5 cars. Great job by employee working the crowd to get us excited.

Road Runner, on first car out, meh 4/10

Greezed Lightning, first train out, nice and surprisingly smooth, 8/10

Chang, What headbanging/other pain? 2nd train out, train to self! re-ride X2 without getting off, 10/10

T2, What headbanging? I did feel pain in a more sensitive area once or twice when the train slowed down during inversions, re-ride, 9/10

Thunder run, bumpy but nice airtime, 7/10

Twisted sisters, rough, credit to ops running an empty train to get the head on passes, 3/10

Roller Skater, fast for a kiddie coaster, nice landscaping for close calls, 5/10

Enterprise, my first! Wow, X2 rides in row. Expected rougher because round-ups usually don't have the force to keep me against the wall at the top. 10/10

Hellevator, nice view, drop, and scare, 8/10

Basically repeated Chang and T2 for rest of day. Expensive subway for lunch. Hard to find open food stands in back of park due to end of season. most of the front food stands had junk food.

I think the park needs a couple of more flat rides. I know it lost Chaos and a Top Spin? needs something near T2. Water park closed meaning a long walk between T2 and thunder run. They need to open the gates and fence a walkway thru. Overall a nice visit to a nice park. Looking forward to another visit.

I remember my first trip to SFKK back in 2002. I had a great time on all the coasters. I bought my season pass from there a couple of years in a row so I've been there several times. I have not visited during the last two years so I'll have to get back sometime.

The park is really nice with a lot of nice landscaping and interesting things to look at. Thunder Run was the ride that I loved though. I rode it 6 times in a row during my first visit. Sadly it only operates one train so some days the line is quite slow.

My band "The Cedar Kings". "Ordinary Day" a trip report in song.

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coasterb said:
Expensive subway for lunch. Hard to find open food stands in back of park due to end of season.

It was like that during the summer last year too, my gf and I were there and hungry, wanting to spend money and ended up just leaving the park all together.

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Same experience earlier this year. No waits, good fun, but left with fistfuls of dollars because most games and food were closed.

Nice enough little park.

(although I think T2 jarred your memory of the ride ;) )

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No Break Dance? That's ride's out of control.

Welcome back, red train, how was your ride?!
^Break Dance is definitely the cant-miss flat ride at that park. Disorienting , out of control, and fun.

So, it was a nice day weather wise, a weekend, and I am assuming Fright Fest has started but yet the park is still dead?

That is not good.

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

T2 was not a "mind eraser" :)

I can ride breakdance at my state fair, and a similar ride at the county fair.

Nope, it was the last regular day before fright fest. Thats the main reason I went, to avoid all that "holiday buzz", and as a bonus, avoiding the crowd.

Is it usually a quiet park, similar to the crowds at GL, or closer to an even smaller park?

BTW, they were having a nice sale of t-shirts. It was 1/2 off for the looney toons on roller coaster shirts. I immagine they will be on sale for the rest of the month.

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